Slime, it appears to be all around us.  Where are the Ghostbusters when we need them??? Have you noticed how easy it is to believe the worst of someone lately?  We see a news report passing through our social media feed and make an instant judgement if that is a good or bad person.  Some troll the post and make nasty comments as an anonymous reader, others scroll on by and still, more, just accept it as true, maybe with a quick read, likely not, and just file it away as a belief.

I wondered about this as I watched my world fall apart in 2023. I think we can all agree this past year has been something for the books…..At times, it absolutely hurt my feelings, other times I became angry, reactive, sad and ill because it was too much to handle.  It was all new territory but I also saw where my faith had been challenged, and in some instances, stolen.

This was a huge lesson for me.  For that, I am grateful, as I saw where I was giving away my power to someone who did not deserve it.  I sit and have to laugh at the absurdity of things that are being said about me.  I know the truth, and for those who really know me, they laugh along side of me.

I know I am not the only one having that experience.  Ever since the plandemic, it became an automatic response for people to believe what they wanted to, and the reason why is surprising to many.  In fact, Forbes Magazine just published an article about this very concern, describing why people choose ignorance over truth and it may shock you….because of selfishness.  People find it easier to just believe instead of discern.  Wow.  Critical thinking has disappeared from way too many folks.  Are you noticing that?

There is a disconnect from truth that has been insidiously growing unchecked.  I was asking my angelic realm team in meditation why this was so.  I was told that the current environment was cultured in order to easily sway people into believing untruths, it has been carefully groomed into those willing to participate.  Guess what?  You can disconnect from that energy.  I’ll share how further down.

It is especially concerning when it affects a Lightworker and is responsible, in part, for the False Lightworker Syndrome we are seeing currently.  You know the ones who speak of love and light, who refuse to do shadow work on themselves or acknowledge it is necessary.  They are the ones that may speak religious dogma or who are so obviously unable to think for themselves, instead they just spew the same untruths. Everything has to fall within a set of rules they have created to feel safe.  But are they?  Safe?  Or reasonable?

The messages of Living Life

Beware false lightworkers!

I recently had several sessions with one who described herself as a high light ‘galactic’ healer who spoke light language.  I was willing to financially support her work so I ordered several of her programs.  It became clear she was fake, her light language was repetitive, she used the same ‘light language’ over and over, like it was a memorized mantra.  At first I thought her light language was elegant, but the more I was working with her, the more I realized she had no clue.  She was a struggling ‘healer’ and it was sad to witness her as she fell into a pattern of betrayal for her own financial gain.  My discernment screamed at me to discard most of what she professed as absolute ‘galactic truth’ which was another hard lesson for me to learn this year.

Where Does Religion Fall Into Play Here?

That’s a delicate dance.  Some who fully immerse themselves in religious dogma would have you believe the all knowing, all powerful, all omniscient God wants slaves to a few selected chapters in a book that limits their ability to ask questions and seek deeper truths.  If you are living in fear, you might agree with that level of truth.  As well you may, as it may be the truth you came here to explore in this lifetime.  No judgement about any of that.

Just remember that does not make it necessarily true.  If we follow along blindly without ever asking deeper questions, are we not the same as a lamb being lead to slaughter?  I used to believe what I was taught when I was not spiritually awake and aware.  As I go deeper into my spiritual awareness, I see the world through that penthouse view the angels wrote about last year in the blogs. 

From that vantage point, I can see where some people are stuck, where others are falling into traps and where they are on their evolution scale for their soul.  We are all on the same journey.  And we have to remember that some come to this lifetime for the sole purpose of experiencing that separation so they can feel the negative feelings and learn from them.  Hopefully.

Are Baby Souls A Real Thing?

I had a few conversations with an acquaintance about her and her family being baby souls.  All that means is they have not been to earth before, they came for the purposes known to their souls, and often it can create a difficult life pattern with struggle, suffering and tragedy.  All of our souls were spawned at the same time, but not all came to earth.  So a baby soul is one who has lived many lives elsewhere but came to earth for the first time this incarnation.

But when someone holds themselves better than another, while behaving in a way that would put pain and suffering upon another in order to feel right or justified, there is no Godly benefit in that.  So much can be resolved if only people would be willing to talk to each other.  Not talk to be right, but talk to listen.  Seems like an oxymoron, but there is a method to that which we have lost our connection to.

Are You Dragging A Dirty Bone In From The Yard?

When you meditate or pray and you struggle to stay focused, where does your mind go?  Can you stay focused on the moment, on the breath, on the intention or do you end up with monkey mind, with your thoughts flitting here and there?  The same applies to our daily lives and how we interact with others.  If we can’t be quiet in our own minds, we will play the blame game, often unjustly.

I heard somewhere this wonderful explanation to help us stay focused to find the truth.  Anytime you find yourself holding negative emotions, whether it is about yourself, a family member or business associate, or perhaps you can’t stop worrying, try this. 

Take a breath and ask yourself if you are dragging a dirty bone into the house?  Is whatever your mind is trying to distract you by worth dragging that nasty stinky bone inside?  It is a distraction, designed by your ego to keep you from learning your power to discern the truth.  If you have to focus on cleaning up the mess from that dirty bone, you won’t have the energy to sit quietly and discern what is true and what is not.

Stay In Your Power

We all make assumptions and when I am not in my core power, I have done it too.  But I am quick to apologize as soon as I realize I’ve gone off track.  Others may be stuck cleaning up after that dirty bone and not willing to look up and see how easy it is to just toss it and clean the floor quickly.

This little tip has helped me to stay focused when I find myself drifting off on a tangent instead of paying attention to my meditation process as well as to any requirement for discernment of truth in a situation.  The more I say no to the dirty bone in the house, the more I find I am able to stay in the moment, in peace, in connection with my higher self.  It has given my healing  practice a new lease on life.

That new lease on life gives you a clearer understanding of what is true and what is sensationalized for your egos benefit.  We have to be willing to trace the threads of truth in anything we find ourselves believing.  Remember that old adage to consider the source?

Seems that ability to discern has been lost from too many.  So the next time you find yourself being swayed by someone else’s emotional baggage, ask yourself if they aren’t dragging a dirty bone into the house and pushing you into believing it is a juicy steak instead.

Like a little demon or gremlin we see in movies with sharp teeth latching onto something and chewing away at it, in real life, that is exactly what may be happening.  It doesn’t make it true, it only makes it their dirty bone.  What gets left behind from a dirty bone?  Is that what you want to believe is truth?

Make 2024 Your Time For A Fresh Reboot

As we move into the end of 2023, make some time to sit with all the dirty bones you dragged into your home.  Declutter from the inside out.  Spend some time asking yourself some hard questions and be willing to admit if you’ve been wrong.   I have found sometimes my apologies are not met with acceptance, but at least I know the truth and I can move on.   If someone else wants to keep gnawing on a dirty bone, that is no longer my concern.

Thanks for reading with me.  May 2024 bring each of you the most amazing insights and awareness of your incredible light.  Stand strong, with courage, but bend like a tree in the wind when necessary.