Can you trust the Angels?

Why do you need them to heal a physical concern?

What about the whole part where I don’t even believe in them?

“You’re worshiping Angels!

That’s wrong!

That’s a sin!

You should only talk directly to God.

How do you know a demon isn’t tricking you?

Why do you always harp on angels this, angels that. I just want to be healed!”

Everyone has an opinion on angels, even if they know nothing about them.  I admit, I was a closet angel helper for the many years I was working with energy medicine.  So why come out now and ask you to face your own fears and prejudices against healing outside the box like I’ve found through the Angelic Realm?

Just take a look at the record suicides, drug addiction, self destructive behaviors, wars, extreme hatred and constant finger pointing constantly going on around you.  If ever we needed to be reminded there is more good than you’re being told, about now seems past time to do so.

People have a reluctance to consider angelic realm healing work.  They may think it requires a conversion into a cult, or an atheist has no such belief that angels even exist.  Someone may come from a religious background that angels are not to be addressed, that you speak only and directly to God.  To do so is considered a violation of their concept of God.  But is it true or is it fear?

It is common to have a reaction of fear for any thing we don’t yet understand.  Sometimes people have been turned off by my talk of the angelic realm for a variety of reasons.  It makes some uncomfortable to think I can see right through their facades.

While I can, it is only when they hire me to do my work.  I can never ethically force my will on anyone, just as the angelic realm cannot, and we both will not do that.  In fact, there are times where I wish I could help someone but their soul is not willing, so I must walk away and allow them their own journey.

Some have told me they don’t want me knowing what they are thinking.  They mistakenly believe I am walking around wide open 24/7 sucking in everyone else’s thoughts and dirty deeds.  If I were to do that, I would lose my mind.

I don’t want to know what you are thinking!  I don’t want to see what you are doing in your life.  Just as the Angelic Realm needs to be invited in, so too, do I.  Unless I am being called to help someone in dire circumstances or in an emergency situation where I am put into a receiving mode for your information, I keep my tuner off.

Through my own experiences and on going lessons with the Angelic Realm, I have come to know the value of having my spiritual health be more important than my physical health in order to deeply and truly heal.

Clearing out the subconscious blockages, opening the pathways for deep, meaningful healing to occur is where I do my best work with the Angelic Realm.  I would only do so with permission.  Now you can scratch that off your list of reasons why we can’t be friends.

When you build a solid foundation with the Angelic Realm, which I encourage all of my readers to do, you will start thinking and living outside the box of traditional mores and begin to attract the healing you are striving for.

You’ll start to see these concerns stem from fear and fear, by its very nature will never tell you truth.  Fear blocks the truth because the energy of fear constricts all the processes of the body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The truth is Angels are everywhere.  If you would allow yourself to see them, you’d catch your breath at how many of these beautiful light beings surround and guide you on a daily basis.

Your Brain Tells You What To See

Science has shown we only see with our eyes what our brain believes to be true.  Please read that again.  If you do not have any belief in angels, you will more likely not see them, feel them around you or sense their guidance. In essence, your mind gets in the way.  This can quickly be summed up by the scientific mind that requires proof of existence but existence can never be proven because there is no belief it exists in the first place.

Science conducts experiments to prove God doesn’t exist.  Science conducts experiments to prove God does exist.  The Big Bang Theory suggests the Universe just exploded into existence.  Science fiction movies often explore the meaning of life from a science view point but are increasingly beginning to ask questions of a spiritual nature.

In the movie The DaVinci Code, taken from the book written by Dan Brown scientists are secretly working with the Vatican to prove the first God particle. Is it fact or fiction?

Science, some day, the Angels say, will finally prove the existence of God.  I ask you why wait when it is always up to you to make your own connection?  You will not be able to do so through any construction and design of the chaotic world, but through the stillness you run from.

In last weeks post the Angelic Realm addressed the need to start with a clean slate.  In essence, clear the clutter that social media and societal pressures have put out for you to absorb and toss them out.  Start fresh.  Get clear.  Get quiet.  That is a big step with no downside.

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Yes, I did just quote a violent movie.  Chances are you knew the phrase the second you read it, right?  That’s how conditioned we are through outside forces to mold our thoughts.

How much of our mind is cluttered with nonsense?  How much is filled with light?  How much is open to changing patterns, old beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck?  Clean the slate!  It is past time to make room for fresh energies, clear thinking and awareness.

When you want to build a relationship with the Angelic Realm, the mind must become quiet.  It is only in stillness, even if it is in the flash of a second, that truth and connection come through.  Until then, life will be a series of noises.

Have you ever noticed when you have great moments of divine inspiration it usually came when you were sitting still, pondering your navel or staring blankly at an object.  Maybe you were napping and just dozing off when you got an idea or a clear message.

Your mind became quiet just long enough for the information to come through.  God, Inspiration, Divine Truth are things that can only come in stillness.

Are You Too Busy Or Are You Just Hiding?

Society teaches you to get busy.  Study hard, work hard, play hard, stay busy doing something.  Doing nothing but being still has become the equivalent of being lazy, self centered and unproductive.

Sure, sometimes that can be true if you have become slovenly in nature and stopped caring about the life you are creating, but more likely, if you’re like most folks, the idea of being still with your own thoughts terrifies you.   You make sure to stay busy in avoidance of facing your own thoughts.

You are essentially being taught to run from your true self.  It is time to start asking why.  What is there to gain by keeping you in fear?  Who wins there?

Could this be why there is so much false information spread around like wildfire through social media, mainstream media and the internet?  The more you can be kept off center and away from any self reflection, the more controllable your mind becomes.

Have you made what the Kardashians are doing more important than your child tugging on your pant leg begging for some one on one time?  Have you lost your ability to hear your own truth?  Social media reduces relationships to a few characters in a tweet or a selfie with your dinner or a snuggle with your pet becomes your focus instead of anything that truly matters for your soul.  Clean the slate.

This onslaught of misinformation, purposeful deception and outright lies will cause one to shut off the chaos it creates.  People instead will focus on things that do not matter without considering what forces of questionable morality choose to detract you from seeing truth.  You are the only one who can make a choice to stop it.  Take the time to start asking important questions.  When you discover how many lies you have mindlessly swallowed, you’ll wish you’d started years ago.

Truth empowers.  Fear controls.  Ignorance is never an excuse.

Stop Running

Isn’t it time to stop running and hiding from your own magnificence?

Angels by their very name means messengers from God, sent to help us.  God speaks to us however he can get our attention.  Moses heard God speak through a burning bush in the desert.  Mother Mary had Archangel Gabriel speak to her about her conception of Jesus.  He trumpeted the birth of Jesus to all who could hear.

Angels are found in every religious text.  That is no coincidence.  They bring the voice of God to life for us, if we will allow ourselves to be still long enough to hear them It is past time to take your nose out of your cell phone and stop giving our power away to forces of questionable character.

Give up the Fear of Missing Out the Angels discussed in last weeks blog.  Just give it up.  Start with 48 hours.  Then, when you see you did not implode, make it a week.  Don’t stop, you’ve got this.  NoMo FOMO!  Write that on your vision board.

You are not in this alone.  This is why I am talking up the Angelic Realm in 2020.  You have more loving guidance and the healing that comes with allowing them into your life than you can ever imagine.  However, you must understand clearly, all of God’s angels may only assist you if you call on them with purpose and an open heart.  They are not around you to play games, or be paraded about like a toy.

If an Angel of God enters your life, be humble, grateful and respectful for they come speaking to you for the one Supreme God, the I AM, the All That Is, whatever your name for the highest wisdom in the Universe may be.  If you have a relationship where you can hear the guiding voice of the one Supreme Being, make friends with his holy angels too.  They will help you.

It is not worshipping angels to honor their blessings in your life.  That is a fearful religious teaching that serves to keep you locked on only one way to have God in your life.  I will speak to any being of light, but more importantly, they speak to me.

We have conversations.  Some are jokesters, they come to make me laugh and not take life so seriously.  Some are protective, come to keep me safe, while some are here to teach me how to be a better person, a stronger healer, a clearer channel for divine grace to flow through their light and out my hands onto this page.  Who are you letting lead your soul?

Are You Praying On A One Way Street?

I have had people argue they pray every night, without fail and that is all that their idea of God requires of them.  The bare minimum.

Yes, that is wonderful, I always say, but are you having a conversation with God or are you just making a shopping list?  If all you do in your prayers is tell God what you want, but do not listen for guidance on how to get there, you are not having a relationship with God.

You are taking a one way subway line that goes to a central station where the Angelic Realm attempts to reach you with the answers through guidance and support.

Rejecting speaking with Angels as a sin or wrong is akin to refusing the boat and helicopter sent to rescue you during a flood because you are waiting for God to appear instead.  Your mind is leading you off the proverbial cliff.  

If you are so intent on only speaking with God, but have not done anything to be humble, loving or faithful, the only thing God can do is send you an angel to help you work on that.  Use the gifts of the Angelic Realm to lift you up to a level where you can be still. Stillness leads to answers.  It is a chance to get the mind out of the way.

How many times have you asked someone to be quiet for a moment so you can ‘hear yourself think?”

Be still and know I AM God.  Psalm 46:10   I had to look it up.  Like I said, I’m not a bible scholar, but I do hear the Angels and we do have many conversations.  Sometimes some information sticks.  They’re laughing with me right now.

If you have any encounter that does not feel right to you, do not engage.  Send it away.  You hold the power.  Dark Angels are discussed a bit further below.  Don’t skip reading that part please.

The Time An Angel Appeared To Me As A Homeless Person

People have encounters with angels every day in our world.  Some, like me, just have a little bit more awareness and practice developing a relationship with them than others.  Many years ago, while visiting family in another state, we had just left them after meeting for breakfast.

We were headed back to our RV to begin the long drive back home.  We pulled up to a stoplight at the off ramp from the freeway and sitting at my drivers window was an older man, holding a sign saying “Homeless, Hungry, Hopeless”

Normally I do not give money to people on street corners, more often than not, they are scammers, preying on your good heart.  My intuitive senses always guides me to the truth of the moment and while I may acknowledge their presence with a nod or a greeting, I’m not often moved to offer assistance unless I’m guided.

This time, however, when I glanced at this man, I knew he was different.  Unfortunately, having just spent our last bit of cash with the kids, I didn’t have much on me.  I had my husband dig around my purse for any change I did have.  A couple of bucks and a few coins was it, but I gave that all to him.

He grabbed my hand with both of his, his skin was soft, and I noted his nails were clean and trim.  When I looked up, his eyes were a piercing blue, they felt electric.  He broke into tears as he blessed me for seeing him.  I told him I wished I had more to give him, but he was profoundly grateful for the little I had handed over.

The light changed and cars were backed up behind me, so I wished him well and we left.  It haunted me though, I felt I should have done more, perhaps offered to take him for a meal.  I did not like feeling that I had walked away from an Angel.  I’m not a Bible scholar, but I do know Hebrews 13:2 “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”

I drove back to that intersection and he was gone.  I do know in my soul, without a doubt, I had been blessed by an Angel.

Angels Don’t Look Like Movie Stars

Humans have a limiting mindset on what angels ‘should’ look like in their head.  Hollywood movies have created a version of angels in human form, but when I see, sense and feel the angelic realm with me, it is an often indescribable energy.  They can appear as colored orbs that bounce and dance around me and often I catch them on camera as streaks of light, and sometimes a beautiful mist.

When Archangel Michael is connecting with me, his energy is very blissful.  I instantly know it is him, as no matter what I’m doing in the moment,  I am overcome by his presence and fear simply cannot reside.  It is an indescribable feeling of Love, Safety and Protection.  He has channeled a few messages to me in the past, his voice in my head is a clear vibration, I cannot describe the sound beyond that as earthly terms are severely inadequate.  With AA Michael, he fills me with knowing what truth is and he clears the clutter with his beautiful sword of light.  When you need to clear other peoples energies from your field, call on AA Michael for help.

When Archangel Raphael comes in to help me with healing work, his energy is a crisp and fresh.  I smell cigarette smoke as clearly as if he is blowing it in my face.  Many Reiki and Angel workers report smelling cigarette smoke but do not know why.  This is his signature when he appears for me.  Sometimes I’ll see an emerald green ray of light, like a piece of rainbow that is shining by itself, or I’ll simply hear him greet me.  He channeled a healing meditation I have made available for a special angel blessing.

Archangel Ariel comes in as a fresh breeze.  Her lightness and light zig zags down into my field from above, like a leaf being blown about before it lands on the ground.  Sometimes I hear her coming in on the wind or a gentle breeze will caress my face as she announces her arrival.  I see a golden pink light when she comes to help me with animals.  She escorts pets who are crossing over when I’m performing a Pet Spirit Release Ceremony for a client, or my own pets.  She leaves me always with a special blessing.

Archangel Ariel always assists me when working with animals.  Her protection and healing for animals carries an energy of pure light.  Just like air and wind itself.  I can feel her skipping around, happily tending to the animal kingdom with so much tenderness.  Call on her for help with your pets.  Then wait for the gentle breeze announcing her arrival before asking for her help.

When my last Greyhound was ready to cross the rainbow bridge, the rainy November day was making the outdoor sacred space a bit messy.  I requested she bring Harley, my sweet sweet boy who loved sleeping in the sunshine, a ray of sun as he transitioned,  Immediately the clouds parted, the sun shone on his sweet face as he drifted to sleep in my arms.  As the vet drove away with his body, Archangel Ariel had me look up and there was a cloud in the shape of a running dog.  It was a sign that he was already on the other side, running free from pain and old age.

Archangel Gabriel comes to me like water rushing over the creek rocks in my backyard.  His energy dances, sparkles, cleanses, purifies and energizes any space.  Archangel Gabriel appears as a golden globe of energy, very strong, very powerful yet very loving.  He often appears as a She for me, being in command of all aspects of feminine and masculine at the same time.  This is one angel I sometimes see in human form, though filled with beautiful light and with eyes so piercing you have no doubt you are in the presence of one of God’s Holy Angels.

When I hear Archangel Gabriel speak, it starts out as a screeching powerful vibration, one that is so strong that to be able to hear the words, one must truly be in a space of divine bliss or you miss the message and just hear noise.  You must be truly still to be in this presence of golden light.  Archangel Gabriel can help you with clearing stuck emotions and when you find yourself always being in reactive mode, call on AA Gabriel to help wash away those emotional chemicals that do not help lift you to a higher way of ‘being’ in your light.

Archangel Uriel is a channel for Earth energy herself with me.  His energy is powerful, very strong and yet light at the same time.  I see Ruby Red orbs of light with him and he has, on more than one occasion, lifted me off my feet.  I always break out in giggles and that breaks the connection, but some day, I hope to be able to stay in tune with his energy enough that I can fly.  Why not?

Archangel Uriel is who I call on when I seek to get grounded, connecting me to heaven and earth.  His power is channeled in the free meditation you receive for signing up for my newsletter.   Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael also channel their light through the meditation.  If you haven’t signed up to receive the newsletter, please click on the sign up form found to the right of this post and get yourself started with them.

Archangel Metatron  oversees the Archangels and reports directly back to God.  He is in charge of your evolution as a soul, helping you with the ascension into light and higher frequencies.  Archangel Metatron oversees every geometric pattern on this planet that makes up form in the physical world, and all of the geometric patterns that connects us to all things in the Universe.  When you look at a flower, you are seeing sacred geometry.  If you want to lift your space and invite angelic presence, surround yourself with flowers and plants.

Do you see 11:11 all the time?  This is a sure sign Archangel Metatron is around you, helping you make spiritual shifts into higher vibrational frequencies.  This can indicate that you are opening to clearing old energies that are blocking your ability to rise up out of the chaos, or it can be his attention is with you to help you find your strength to ask him for help.  Clean the slate so he can help you in truly meaningful ways.

I work with Archangel Metatron all the time, but I’ve only had one actual conversation with him.  I was caught off guard when his voiced boomed as I entered a sacred space while in meditation and he asked me what I was doing there.  I apologized for the unintended trespass of his holy space and he broke out into a deep belly laugh, reminding me very much of James Earl Jones deep baritone; Darth Vader for my younger readers.  He said “Just kidding.  How can I help you?” as he continued to chuckle.  We had a private conversation I won’t share here, but it was remarkable.

Many Levels To The Angelic Realm

My work first began in earnest with the Archangels and Jesus.  Over time and experience I began to get frustrated with this relationship because I was often told I knew what to do about something in my life when I truly had no clue what that meant.  I was asking for help because I was lost!  I did not appreciate being told I knew the answer when I clearly did not!

The truth is I did, but I was still stuck in my mind and my mind was leading me off a cliff.  It was blocking me from knowing that I knew what to do because the mind wants to control.  Society is designed to honor what the mind can do, but it is truly what the soul can do where we will gain our wisdom.

What I did learn is there are various levels to the Angelic Realm rarely discussed.  Some are not for public information, as the work they do is reserved for those who are truly ready.  That is a very small number and one I am not included in.  I am only aware of their existence but I do not have permission to know more than that.

Most people are at least aware of Guardian Angels.  These can be loved ones who have passed on and not necessarily an angelic being.  Grandparents, best friends, cousins, siblings often return in spirit to guard and protect.

They can make you aware of their presence through electronics.  A song comes on that reminds you of special moments with them, or a tv commercial or program has someone who looks just like them.

Maybe your cell phone rings with a call from their old number.  Or their favorite scent permeates the air all of a sudden, or they will send you people to help you in human form.  They are always watching out for you.

There are Cherubim, they are said to be the power for God’s chariot and somehow have been morphed into the small cupid looking idea of a small sweet angelic being.  I’ve not had any personal experience with the Cherubim.  They are said to be one of the levels of God’s holy angelic realm with great power and have four wings.  I sense it might be foolish to treat a Cherubim as anything other than a powerful being of light.

The Seraphim are six winged powerful angels.  The Seraphim are pure love energy, described in religious texts as burning with love for God.

There is an entire hierarchy of angels I won’t go into in this post and a realm that I work with that is not for public consumption yet.  I want you to understand just as there are levels and layers to life on earth, it is also with the Angelic Realm.  As you deserve to know more through your own commitment and relationship with your spiritual awareness, you will learn this.

Dark Angels Exist

We live on Earth.  Duality is what turns the gears of life here.  There is good/bad; yin/yang; positive/negative and light/dark.  So yes, there are dark Angels.  It is said Lucifer was God’s highest angel before he turned dark and wanted power for himself.  Dark forces are prolific in our government, having made evil agreements with other beings of darkness.  They are present in every organization that controls our financial system, healthcare, education and even in many religions and churches.

It is important for all of us to learn to discern without being fearful.  Fear will attract more darkness.  Fear cannot exist in the same moment as Love.  The Angelic Realm wants us to learn and practice how to become neutral about dark forces and instead fill your cells with Love.  That is where your power resides.  This is how you heal your physical body, and it takes a lot of practice if you’re stubborn like I was.

My lovely wonderful amazing Master Healing Angels had me experience a dark energy release in my own soul this past weekend so I could write this post for you at a level of personal awareness.  Make no mistake, when you decide you want a relationship with the Angelic Realm, you will have to change and you will wonder why you waited so long.

You will have to release your duality and let go of the dark ideas, thoughts and actions of your past.  This is what they purged from me over the weekend.  As I meditated I was filled with minuscule moments of time where I said something unkind, did something mean spirited or caused harm out of anger or loss of control of my emotions.

It was like a movie of all the bad moments, a life review while I was very much awake and aware, so that I could release them, forgive myself and allow the light of God to reign supreme over my existence.

I let them all play out as I released them, asked forgiveness and brought in light so darkness could not have room.  In the process, I had a healing from a chronic health issue.  I know it will never return because I did the work at a soul level.  That is what is so awesome about doing work with the Angelic Realm.

Getting to this place is a process and one I would not have so quickly achieved without the angelic assistance I so humbly accept and honor daily.  Nothing is more important than for you to begin to understand this too.

There is a war on for your soul.  Your spirit is being crushed under the weight of imagined wrongs that have no basis in truth.  Clean your slate.  Take a breath.  Start fresh.  Break the chains of the dark forces trying to scare you into compliance through fear and manipulation.  We’ll be addressing this next week.  You have the strength.  Just claim the courage.  Ask the Angels for help.  They will come.

Do not believe ANYONE who tells you the angels are not always going to come when you call.  Dark forces will masquerade as light and you have to become like Wonder Woman or Super Man, arms crossed at the chest, deflecting the bullshit left and right.  Lies will be dressed up as truth.  Your ability to drop into your stillness to discern truth might very well prove life saving.  

No one has a lock on the Angelic Realm or God but God.  The Supreme God will not be manipulated nor allow his holy angels to be.  But you have to wake up.  You start by cleaning the slate and stop buying into the lies.

It will take more than a paragraph to help you learn how to discern when you are being tricked by a dark angel or a dark force masquerading as angelic.  You have to start by first learning how to read your own signs for what is truth and what is not.

If you are intuitive, ask for information that will guide you to the truth of any thing.  If you are a dowser, ask your pendulum to show you how it identifies truth versus a lie.  When I used to dowse many years ago, if I asked about something and it was untruthful, my pendulum would swing from top left to bottom right.  Ask yours to show you, since you will have a relationship with your truth differently than I do.

Your gut is also a good measure, but people have become quite good at ignoring those signs.  You have to be willing to ask and listen for the answers, and gut feelings tend to be written off as nothing.  That is a mistake.

With God and his legion of Angels guiding us with the Light and the Truth, no darkness can defeat us.  There are many levels of truth.  Some truths you are able to understand now, some you will need to work on.  The danger lies in believing that any level is the only truth.  Truth is made known when you are ready to know it at the level you are able to know it.  That makes life pretty fascinating don’t you think?

No matter how far you make it in this life time with discerning truth, practice kindness, humility and allow the blessings of grace to find you.  Thanks for reading with me.