Medical Intuitive ~ Reader or Healer?

At the beginning of my healing journey in 1998, when I was learning to heal myself from Multiple Sclerosis and later, Cancer, I relied mostly on technology with some Reiki and Energy Medicine mixed in. As I grew into my experiences and awareness of the Angels, I began to incorporate them into the technological aspect of my energy healing work. Eventually, this morphed into a full acceptance of the Angelic Realm as the sole source of healing and transformation. I call what I do simply “Intuitive” and I facilitate any “Healing” you may receive from the Angelic Realm by acting as a conduit to both receive angelic realm energy and open your energy fields to receive the angelic realm energies for healing. Calling myself a Healer is not accurate, since I am not the one doing the healing. It becomes an energetic agreement between you and the Angelic world. I refer to it as the Trinity of Synergy, a term I coined many years ago when I was teaching energy medicine. The Trinity of Synergy encompasses the client, the facilitator and the source of the healing energy itself and holds no religious intent or action.

When Angels Heal ~ And Why They Don’t Always…..

There was a time in my life when I was completely oblivious to how much the Angelic Realm was trying to reach me.  They were always around me, trying to get my attention, guiding me, keeping me safe, but I was clueless.  I had long before shut out my connection to...