I have received much help from Suzan.  Her wisdom and attunement with the Angelic Realm have given me much to think about.  So frequently she has reminded me of what I already knew.  She always comes from a place of love, compassion and knowledge!


Carol Ann Clark

R.N. , Retired & lovin' it

I have been lucky enough to have Suzan in my life for over 25 years.  During that time I have watched her gather an unparalleled depth of knowledge and skills for use in a homeopathic and holistic approach, not only to her own life but, for use in her daily interaction with her grateful clients.  Suzan’s lifelong pursuit of honing her intuitive healing skills, now combined with her success in connection with the Angelic Realm, has ensured her place as a powerful healer in our world.  I have confidently recommended Suzan and her abilities to many friends over the years.  She has assisted me and members of my family countless times when we needed her help.  Suzan is the reason one of my wonderful pups reached the age of 17, instead of the 2 years we had been told by the specialist vet treating him. Thank you Suzan, for all you are and all you do, for me, my family, and your countless appreciative clients.

Peggy O Neal


Suzan is amazing! I have been struggling with some medical issues for a couple years and have had no answers go to every specialist out there. A friend asked me to talk to her and it was the best choice I ever made. Not only do i have so many answers now and am getting but, I also am so much more aware of the dangers of food and products we use and consume. She truly is an angel and has helped me and my family so much. Just going back and re-reading her emails and looking at her posts makes me see so much each time and makes me feel so much better. She was able to help me when i felt there was no way to get better. Her knowledge is amazing and if you have time just browse her posts and it will provide so much knowledge and information that will be so beneficial to you and those you love.

Jenna H.


I asked Suzan to do an Angel session on me because I started getting sick on Dec. 26, 2018. I had a swollen gland on the left side of my neck and very tender to the touch. I had no time to go to the doctor with company arriving on the 27th. Suzan did do an Angel session on the 27th, and by evening I was feeling so much better. I woke up on the 28th with no pain and swelling gone. I can’t explain it but I do believe that God can do anything. The Bible does talk about intercession… so now I believe that it’s more than prayer but also healing. It was an amazing experience.

Lois B.


I have a dog training and dog rescue business. There are times when I have had to reach out so I can understand just how to help them, make them feel needed and safe again. She has been right on every time…Suzan has helped me with 10+ dogs. Giving me answers that they could not tell me! This has allowed me to train them better, find just the right homes that they need and can flourish in. It has helped me understand some of their pain, rejection, broken hearts and allow them to heal. Suzan is a miracle….I love her and if you need someone to help you with a struggling animal or you believe your animal has something to say…she is the only one I would trust! I wish I could give her more stars!

Monique Smith

Business Owner, pawsitivecanineacademy.com

Suzan is an amazing healer! Her extensive education combined with her extraordinary intuitive abilities is powerful.  Suzan has been a solid support for me on many levels.

Rochelle Clark

Business Owner, TheArtofHealingTouch.com, Seattle, WA

Unsure where to even start or if there are words to describe what this Wonderful Talented Woman has meant in my life…She has guided me both mentally and physically through many health and emotional issues and saved my life numerous times. Her intuitive talent and many aspects of training mix to manifest a truly “angelic healing” experience. All of this is wrapped into a professional, loving, knowledgable, angel guided soul! Life changing experience short and long term Thanks Suzan !

Donna Lea


In late 2018 I received a copy of my most recent blood work showing a marked downturn on three very important levels.  Having believed I was doing the correct things relative to my overall health, I quickly realized I was becoming more and more ill with absolutely no diagnosis as to what the problem was.  I’d lost all my energy, having to spend some days in bed.  I contacted a good friend whom I knew was in touch with Suzan Tyler and had worked with the Angels on several occasions over many years.  My friend put me in touch with Suzan.  
Within the first month working with Suzan and the Angels I was remarkably improved.  I was also provided with valid information that I had not disclosed because I was simply not aware of all the health issues I was having.  Working with Suzan Tyler and the Angels was the best course of action for all my health issues.  As I continue to take stock of everything in my life relative to my continued health, I find that I am getting better and better.  I am sleeping without pain, the pain issues I was having are 95% reduced, my intake of correct supplements and food has corrected most of my issues and I am far more energized than I’ve been in three years!  
As I continue down the course of health suggested by the healing work of the Angels, my life is in balance once again.  I have recommended Suzan Tyler to my family and friends as an additional avenue to greater health and piece of mind.  
I am forever grateful !
Judi Welch


I met Suzan a couple of years ago through a mutual friend. I was in the midst of a healing crisis and was in a lot of pain and discomfort. Suzan not only helped clear up what was going on, she also helped me to become aware of the reasons behind my crisis, which in turn expanded my awareness enabling me to help others with similar issues. 

While we are colleagues and do similar work, we support one another in seeking answers for our family, friends and our own personal healing. When we are too close to the fire we can tend to be too emotionally invested in the outcome, leading to miss information or to misinterpret  information we receive. 

Suzan and I use one another to bounce off and/ or confirm things we may already feel intuitively. It is comforting to know that Suzan has my back and I am grateful to know her. 

Lynzie Bailey


I met Suzan back in 2007, she supported me through a difficult physical experience.  On several occasions since, she has assisted several of my family members in times of distress.
Suzan’s Wholistic approach to healing is multi-faceted, her tool box of healing modalities is well-rounded. She is Blessed with razor sharp intuition, the gift of empathy along with strong healing abilities.
Suzan is my go-to gal when seeking the latest, most authentic information on supplements, essential oils, etc.
I AM Grateful for Suzan in my life.
Debbie M.