The past few weeks have had me quite busy helping clients who have come down with different infections, so busy I did not have a chance to write last weeks blog. None of them had Corona Virus but several did have a Multiple Cell Flu Virus that overwhelms and shuts down the immune system.  This is not a new infection as seen through the angelic realm, but it is a new form of infection medicine has yet to discover or acknowledge.  In fact, in the midst of helping clients through this, I too was infected by a multiple cell gastroenteritis that exploded on it’s own, spreading multiple infections throughout my digestive tract.  That was not fun.  I did have to reach out to my colleague, Lynzie Bailey to help me get through it at its worst, but get through it I did.

Even with angelic realm healing assistance, I still had days of detoxification ahead of me, as did the clients who were also infected.  This is why I can’t emphasize enough prevention and if you get infection, take time for detoxification. Stay hydrated, eat well, avoid alcohol, processed sugar and excess dairy while you heal.

When medical care is sought for these types of infections, often doctors are at a loss how to treat it properly.  Doing what they know, because they don’t have the angelic realm guiding them, they ply their patients with multiple doses of antibiotics and steroids, both of which will make these multiple cell flu infections explode and become stronger.  This is where you will see hospitalizations and death occur from complications of the flu.  This is no laughing matter.  These infections are quite serious.

Please go back and read my post from February 3rd on how to stay safe against the Flu. You can do a lot to prevent infection just by keeping your hands away from your face and washing them frequently.

What Does 5G Have To Do With It?

Without going into technical details, it is important to understand why people in Wuhan City, China are falling dead in the streets from this virus.  Wuhan City was the first city in China to implement a 5G Network city wide back in October 2019.  China is in a race to be first to launch 5G, a race that is pitted against the United States and Russia as main players.  Europe has cut back on 5G out of health concerns, and rightfully so.  5G runs at 60 Hertz.  This is the frequency that affects oxygen in the blood.  With a 5G network operating every few feet, people in Wuhan are being blasted with a frequency that basically sucks the oxygen out of their blood cells.  Oxygen is what keeps your body strong and healthy.  Next to water, we need oxygen to survive.

This is why in this area of China so many people died.  Read up on Dr. Sircus here, he writes a very intelligent post on this concern.  While we can’t know for sure, we do know the majority of people who get infected and subsequently die are living in 5G cities where the network is live.  Is this enough to cause a spread of the virus so that Italy is now being over run by infections?  Well, yes, it has.  Read about the 5G rollout in Italy here.  It will make you think twice about this need for speed we have all been groomed to expect.

Empty Shelves May Not Be From Panic Buying

In the meantime, I was not surprised to hear over 80% of our prescription medications in the US come from China. That led me to research how much of our food also comes from China. Some on the list is obvious, such as Chinese based ingredients, but would you be surprised, like I was, to discover Simply Organic spices, Frontier Spices, both organic and non-organic all come from China?

Whole Foods, Costco, Kroeger and other major grocery outlets get a lot of products from China. You may see shelves emptying, not from panic buying but from inability to receive goods from China during this outbreak.

News media hype will want to convince you this is a pandemic causing panic buying.  Please don’t buy into the mass hysteria.

The lies that are being perpetuated against an unaware public goes much deeper than a surface conspiracy theory.  I won’t go into any of that here, since it does not serve the purposes of your health and healing, but I urge you to consider absolutely everything you see, hear or read as a lie, instead of as truth.  Break it down from there, and you may come to a much simpler conclusion than the mass media hype is trying to convince you of otherwise.

I can’t emphasize enough, from an angelic realm perspective, do not believe anything that comes from mass media sources.  Facebook memes, posts that claim to have proof the Chinese people are being killed, Tweets from friends of friends, and of course, the non-stop news media blasts on this virus are taking hysteria and manipulation to levels never before seen.  Politics are being played with your emotions and fears.

I do not believe the hype and hysteria about the Corona Virus. Again I refer you to the February 3rd post where I talk about the angelic realm having already been aPeople have become so gullible they can be easily led if they don’t do their own research. Sadly, most people today are unwilling to take the extra steps to find out of what they see on television and read on the news is accurate.

You, my dear readers, are exceptions to that observation. I’m so glad to have you here with me as we journey into the land of awareness and truth.

The Corona Virus May Have Done Us A Favor

I’ve created a list of the common food manufacturers that are from China in this PDF. Some of the products are from Italy where the outbreak has spread and is limiting ability to ship to the US.  Use the list to change your shopping habits.  Understand what you are buying and where it is coming from.  A product may be “Made in the USA” but are done so with Ingredients from other countries.  When I saw that list, I was saddened to see how much of our own food is coming from sources we have no control over, nor ability to monitor.  I too, fell victim to the marketing and didn’t always do my homework.  My motto however, is always, when I know better I can do better.

Buy as whole of food as you can.  It doesn’t matter if it is organic, canned or bottled.  When I discovered my organic garlic powder came from China, I chose to buy whole garlic and dehydrate it myself.  I won’t buy Pine Nuts at Costco because they are from China.  I won’t buy Wild Caught Salmon at any of the grocery stores because it may or may not be wild.  I will only buy locally raised poultry.  I trust factory farms as far as, well, I don’t.  Period.  I want to know the source of my food if I’m not growing it.

Speaking of growing your own food, with spring here early now is a good time to plan your own vegetable crops and get your seeds started.  Did you know you can grow potatoes in a 5 gallon bucket in a sunny corner of your patio?  You can also buy specialty growing sacks and grow even more in those.  At end of season just dump the container over, harvest your potatoes and enjoy.  Tomatoes can be grown in small containers, you can even grow corn/green beans/squash in a bucket all together.  They feed off each other and use the corn stalk to support them as they grow.  All you need is some sun and water.  Blueberries can grow in a large planter.  Cucumbers are happy in a bucket too.  Check out Melissa Norris, she’s a great resource that will teach you how to grow your own food, fear free!

There are tower garden options to grow lettuce and herbs along a wall vertically.  Strawberries will grow anywhere in most places.  You have no reason not to know the food you are eating is grown in a safe manner, and with a few inexpensive tools to dehydrate, store, can and freeze, you can have a beautiful supply of healthy food choices that will not rely on the need to be shipped from other countries if you don’t want to.  Plus you will save tons of money!

Don’t forget about Farmers Markets in your area if your thumb is more brown than green.  They are a great resource for fresh and quality foods.  Local ranches often sell their beef, lamb, poultry and pork if you eat that.  Some small enterprises follow organic models but can’t afford to get certified organic.  Make that a win win for both of you.

My Final Thoughts

The take away from this virus scare is not to ignore the possibility of getting infected, but to understand that most people who eat healthy, take care of themselves and keep their immunity strong will likely be sick for a few days with mild flu like symptoms, a cough and some congestion.  If you live in a 5G city with a tower right outside your window, you may be more at risk and will want to mitigate as much effects from that as possible by shutting off your cell phones, your wifi router and modem and putting in place something like a Lemurian Plug to nullify the effects as much as possible. Believe me, your world will not stop if you unplug while you heal for a couple of weeks.

If you have a Smart Meter, you should consider having it removed.  Some areas allow you to do so without paying a fee, but even with a fee, it is worth the health savings alone.  If you can’t get it removed, at the very least NEVER sleep with your bed on the same wall as the smart meter.  Look at EMF reducing technologies to help you there.  One site I’ve used before is Less EMF.

You do not have to accept falling victim from technology.  There are researched options that are not woo woo crazy, but that have solid scientific foundation to them.  A simple visit to Youtube will grant you access to many tests being conducted on the safety or lack of from these things.

UPDATE:  New information released on how to protect yourself from the Corona Virus.  Great video on how to wash your hands, which is so important!