Is It Time To Press Your Reset Button?

Self Healers remember to keep life in balance, even if it is only for 2 minutes at a time. Make it a point to take some time out today to recharge your “device” in some fresh air and activity every day for a week.

If you struggle with being still for a few minutes, give yourself a task.  Check in with yourself.  Notice any tightness anywhere in your muscles.  Breathe into it, imagine golden white light filling the area and releasing the tension.  Sometimes it helps to imagine it getting blown into a golden white balloon and being released into the sky.

Notice any emotions that are popping in.  Breathe golden green light into them as you imagine all negative emotions melting away.  Imagine sending this golden green light into the core of the earth, sending it back for recycle, transforming it for new growth to develop and grow under your feet.

Notice your mood.  Do you feel silly sitting outside talking to yourself?  Or perhaps you notice you feel content, happy or lighter.  Did you start out grumpy and after breathing light in to your field, you now feel relaxed, clear headed, perhaps even at peace?  If not, stay in your reset mode until you notice a shift.

Repeat daily for the rest of your life.

The Most Important Device You Will Ever Own

The most important device you own is your own body. Just like a refresh option for your tablet or cell phone, refreshing your body, mind and spirit with a few moments of down time, grounded in nature, will recharge your system to be ready to go at life again with more energy and clarity.

Take a second right now to click off all of those open apps in your life, refresh yourself, and then come back to your life. You will amaze yourself with how much faster and efficient you can be when you practice this.

When your Spirit can breathe, life just gets better!

Image courtesy of Michael Leunig .  Many thanks to his genius.