I know, am I crazy?  Do I really think you found any semblance of Magical Blessings from an indescribably upside down year?  I promise you I am not dipping into the liquor cabinet or the pot stash.  Do they still call it that these days?  Well, I am kind of old……..back in my day missy……..stop me now!

Yes, to answer that question.  I do expect you will find many blessings through this Global Pandemic and Political Insecurity.  It can be as simple as finding five things to be grateful for each and every single day before you go to sleep each night to having a miraculous healing or anything in between.  I know it can be difficult to find good things in our lives when we are facing down one difficulty after another.  There is no reason for me to go down the list of all the negative news and bad experiences that have hit every single one of us this year.  I do not think anyone has been exempt from some difficulty as a result of global fear.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in the fear mongers gloom and doom predictions constantly thrown in our faces by the daily news reports of more deaths.  Never mind the ‘statistics’ get changed on a whim, or that your Aunt Jean was 89 and was hospitalized with Congestive Heart Failure.  Medicine is going to find a way to say she died from COVID so when they spew more outrageous numbers at you day after day after day your fear gets triggered and you become a total believer that we are all going to die if that 2 year old on the flight you are on doesn’t wear a mask.

It makes no difference whatsoever if you staunchly believe if you wear a mask you get sick or if you don’t wear a mask you get sick.  Or if you see through the lies and manipulation and go about living your life to the best of your ability.  None of it matters if you can’t find moments every single day to be grateful for.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Why?  Because gratitude brings you blessings.  The more you find to be grateful for, the more you will find things are shifting.  In your favor,  All the time.  When we are able to step back and give thanks, we are saying energetically to the world around you ‘That!  I want more of THAT!”  It really can be that simple yet we make it oh so difficult to believe it is so.

We are conditioned to believe life has to be hard.  That struggle is normal.  That pain and suffering is what we agreed to as a human having an earthly experience  We never stop to ask “What if I’m wrong?”  or worse, “What if it is all a lie?”

Oh, that hit a nerve for some of my readers in my last post.  They unsubscribed.  It was too difficult to believe we could change things by being willing to look deeper at who and what is feeding our thoughts, our beliefs and our actions   I warned you several posts back the angelic realm was going to be channeling some information that would trigger you.  It is ok to be triggered.  As long as it is not done with malice, it will push you to challenge those beliefs to be willing to ask yourself ‘what if?”  Without that, we would never grow, nor would we ever have so many amazing discoveries that propels humanity forwards.  We would still be stuck carving wheels out of stone and rubbing sticks together for fire.  Someone had to stop long enough to say “What if?” and then follow the guidance they received from there.  They had to make mistakes to make discoveries.  They had to be willing to try.

A Voice Of Truth

Recently I had the pleasure of listening to a podcast by an amazing soul, someone with a spirit that shines so brightly her voice carries that frequency as she speaks.  It is as if you can hear the notes of the magical song she is weaving for you in the story of her words.  Her most recent offering to the world is a topic near and dear to me, as you, my long time readers know and grasp well.  Waking up from Mind Control.  In this two part podcast, Renata Maniaci speaks with a vulnerability that helps you to gather your own courage to go to the place where you can ask yourself “What If?”  Not only that, her willingness to be open and honest about her experiences that broke her open, may very well be that nudge from Grace you or a loved one may need to dip your toe in the water of a deeper truth.

I have no doubt Renata is going to do great things.  Her trajectory is already being written because she felt the fear and did it anyway.  That is how I have tried to live my life.  Sometimes it works brilliantly, like when I learned how to snorkle and ended up swimming with giant Sea Turtles all by myself.  Never mind that I can’t swim.  Or that the turtles had taken me to the edge of open water before they disappeared and I realized where I was.  I did it.

Then there are times I crash and burn like when I failed miserably as I tried to help my niece get the courage to ask deeper questions.  She shut the door on that and me.  I still found something to be grateful for even in moments of failure.  We sometimes get more out of unanswered prayers than we do when they are fulfilled.  My gift from that rejection was being able to let go of someone who always flaked on me, who made empty promises and rarely delivered.  It gifted me the strength in setting boundaries that were healthy for me.  That blessing means I don’t have to be a doormat ever again to learn that lesson.  That was a real gift in the end and her loss when all was said and done.  I got to swim with turtles, and I got to reclaim my truth.

I’ll close with a few of the many blessings I count for 2020 in the hopes it will instill you a new perspective in where to find light in the cracks of the dark corners of earthly life.  One Million Percent I know with absolute certainty, were it not for the Angelic Realm, in my faith in their guidance, in my willingness to see the unseen and trust the invisible world that teems with life all around each of us, 2020 would not be a year to celebrate as much as I have.

A Spiritual Practice Can Shift Your Awareness

Having a Spiritual Practice is the only way I know will carry us through these trying times, and I’m sorry to be the one to say, I don’t think 2021 is going to be all rosy and happy dances just because a date on a calendar changes.  Regardless if you have a belief in God, All That Is, The Universe, whatever you call that source of hidden strength and unabiding love you feel deep in every cell of your being, faith is what will create more of that for you.

I’ve said in past posts how the brain can only see what it already believes.  In order to change that dynamic, you have to learn how to believe in something before you see it.  Then your brain will begin to look and find it for you.  It is no different than when you are on a road trip and have the kids look for yellow trucks.  Suddenly, all they will see are yellow trucks.  The brain sees what it believes.  When taken at the level of truth, then what if the beliefs are what are incorrect?  That is what scared away some of my readers after my last post.  It can be scary.  I know that.  I don’t write about anything the Angelic Realm hasn’t already put me through.  They channel these words for you but they use my personal experience to color it for you to resonate with.

Just for today, in honor of the changing calendar year, here is a partial list of my 2020 Blessings,  Please use it to get your faith moving in the direction of the unseen, unknown and uncomfortable.  That is how we are going to grow and get through this together.  Never be afraid to ask questions of yourself.

  • The COVID shut down gave me more time to be present with my husband as his Alzheimer’s Disease progressed.  We watch funny movies, we both marvel at a random memory he pulls up and we have made peace with a cruel disease without having it take front and center.  We’ve made it a point to be honest, no matter what.
  • I made sure I had funny moments each day, and when days are bad for him and he sleeps a lot, I use that time for myself to use the angelic processes to further develop my spiritual strength or to journal. The writing process is cathartic.  I write to know what I am thinking.  I get the emotions out so I can see my way clear. For you, maybe it is drawing, quilting, knitting, dancing, singing or praying.  Whatever it is, do it and allow yourself the grace to just be in it and let it flow out of you.
  • Working from home exclusively gave me time to finish several projects around the house I’d been putting off.  Closets cleaned out.  Clutter cleared up.  Garage organized.  I didn’t have time before 2020 changed things.
  • I set firm personal boundaries and stuck to them.
  • I use my discernment and my intuitive gifts daily to ascertain truth.  I love that I can see through lies, propaganda and mind control and consciously choose not to participate.  Life is so much sweeter.
  • I learned how to dehydrate my fruits and vegetables from my garden.  This was one of those ‘gonna learn one of these days’ things that finally came to pass.  Next up, learn to bake bread.
  • I bought a chainsaw and learned how to chop down trees and cut up logs for firewood.  I have a few acres of trees, no more waiting on someone to show up that never does.
  • I make sure every single day I spend quality time with my pets.  I lost my best friend in October, my female that took a piece of my heart with her when she died.  I grieve for her deeply still but I put my energy into helping my wild male dog become better, calmer and much easier to walk on leash. My feral kitty is now sleeping on the bed with me most nights and does not try to draw blood when I hold her.  Win win!
  • I get to work in my pajamas til noon if I don’t have anywhere to go.  Then I make it a point to get properly dressed to remind myself I still need to show up for my life and have self respect for what ever comes the rest of the day.  Best of both worlds there, I can chill and I can still adult.
  • I do my angelic realm processes daily.  I have ones that I will not waver on daily and then the extra ones I do when time allows as noted above.  Some days I am in prayer and meditation for 3 or 4 hours and it is incredibly rewarding.
  • I’ve stopped doing things that don’t bring me joy.  Minus housekeeping chores, that is…..ha ha ha…….I’ve yet to gain the joy of scrubbing a burnt on pot clean with any real heart felt enthusiasm, but there is still hope.  Maybe 2021 will bring that to me if I just keep trying.

Are there any blessings you have gleaned from my list?  Something you have changed your way of doing or being in 2020 you may have not realized until you read through this post?  I’d love to hear about it.

Thank you for reading with me.  Until I am guided to write again, be well.

Oh, and if you love Renata Maniaci as much as I think you will, sign up for her course that starts in the new year.  It might be the best thing you do for yourself in 2021.

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Remember we are all in this together.  Nothing I do affects only myself, nothing you do affects only you.  We are all connected  May we all find more blessings in 2021.