Suzan help!  I have a fever!  My throat is killing me!  I can’t stop coughing!

We are in cold and flu season as it is, so having the media become hysterical about a new virus called Coronavirus just amps up the fear and that makes us more susceptible to getting sick.

Coronavirus has been carried by cats for years.  But typical of viruses, they can mutate.  Add to the mix the rumors and conspiracy theories flying around like wildfire and people start to panic.  From sources inside China, they report there are anywhere from 300 to thousands who have died from this mutation and was not being reported.  The Chinese government has locked down three cities to contain the spread, but it is air borne and carries a two week incubation period.  Imagine how many people have come in contact since before the lock downs?  How many are flying in private jets that don’t have to go through security checkpoints?  It is an exercise in futility, since it’s already too late for the efforts taken.  There are just too many unknowns.

But is it a death sentence?

If you are very young or elderly and have a weak immune system, possibly, just as it is every single year in the USA.  Statistics from the CDC shows an average of 80,000 people per year die from flu and related infections.  Certainly anyone undergoing any medical treatment that weakens the immune system would want to also want to take extra precautions.  Otherwise, chances are high if you are infected by it, you’ll feel pretty crappy for a few days and then the virus should start working it’s way out.  In a normal virus this would be the case.

Nowadays, mutations are happening fast and furious.  I’ve seen it with my own work in the Angelic Realm and all of my clients have been advised on steps to take to prevent getting infected as well as what to do if they do catch it.  Just think how many people you’ve encountered over the past 2 weeks, and you’ll get a sense it could spread quicker than anyone wants to admit.  But that doesn’t mean go into worst case scenario, it just means prepare and be pro-active.

There are simple steps you can take to get your immunity strong so it can fight any infectious source.  This is not the only Flu Virus strain in circulation right now.  It just happens to be the one media is focusing on to scare the pants off you.  Don’t buy into all the hype and let fear control you and weaken your defenses, but do take appropriate steps to stay healthy and of course, if you are sick, STAY HOME!  That is the best advice anyone can give you.

Unfortunately, because of this two week incubation period, you could be infecting your entire office or classroom and not know it til symptoms start appearing.  Talk about an invisible enemy.

I’m going to try to make this short and to the point.  This is my checklist and the steps I actually take to prevent infection and what I do if I do happen to get caught off guard and get sick.  This is my experience, my successful methods of staying healthy while everyone around me suffers for weeks and sometimes months with these multiple infectious sources that don’t die quickly.  I choose not to get sick in the first place, so take heed:

  • I do not rub my eyes, scratch my nose, or wipe my lips with bare hands.  Mucous membranes are the fastest way for a virus or bacterial infection to enter the blood stream.
  • I wash my hands constantly.  Play with dogs, pet the cat, pick up a package from the delivery driver, grab the mail, put groceries away, handle anything outside, if I’ve touched something, I wash my hands.  Not a quick squirt of soap and rinse.  That won’t kill anything.  Instead, do as medical staff do in operating rooms.  Scrub for two whole minutes.  Every crack, crevice, nail, nail bed, palms, tops of hands, between fingers.  Then rinse with hot water.
  • Dry your hands with a clean towel, or at very least, maintain separate towels for each family member.
  • I never flush the toilet without the lid down first.  Open lids releases fecal bacteria into the air and lands on all the surfaces.  Toothbrush, makeup, skin care, towels, etc. In fact, I have a stickie note on my toilet lid that says “Do Not Flush With Lid Open” because I have caregivers in and out using my bathroom.
  • Public Restroom Protocol

  • If you are in a public bathroom that only offers air dryers, skip them.  Air dry your hands by waving them about.  That is cleaner than recycled fecal bacteria in the air dryer vents.  Why would you want to reinfect yourself after spending three minutes cleaning up just so you can scratch your nose, right?
  • Once you’ve washed up and hopefully been able to dry, avoid touching any other surfaces in the bathroom as you exit.
  • In public restrooms, I will grab a paper towel from the dispenser before I use the toilet.
  • Always use clean tissue or a paper towel to handle the flusher, and to unlock the stall door.
  • I open the door before I flush so I can exit the stall before the fecal bacteria kicked up by the spray of water can spew any of it back on me.
  • If possible, I use my foot to press the flushing lever down
  • I toss that paper towel, and in a pinch I will use toilet paper, either way, toss it, grab two fresh ones, tuck one under my arm, use the other to turn on the water with it, use it to press the button for hand soap, wash up, drop the dirty towel in the trash bin, grab the clean one under my arm to dry.
  • THEN, use it to turn off the water, and if the door requires you grab it to exit, use it to open the door and then toss it on your way out, using your elbow or foot to hold the door til you exit.  This way you get in, do you business and get out without touching contaminated surfaces.
  • If you are immune challenged, wear a face mask, the fecal bacteria that floats in the air is what causes that lovely smell of Eau de Toilet.  It really has nothing to do with how clean an establishment keeps their bathrooms.
  • Avoid touching anything if you can.  If you do have to touch surfaces, make sure you have washed your hands as noted above before exiting.
  • Many establishments are aware of this process and now keep a trash bin at the door as people exit.


Stay Safe At Home

I know it is a pain but catching an infection is way worse.  Prevent it or suffer from it.  You have the choice.

TIP:  Regardless if it is cold and flu season or not, if you are going out to eat a meal, before you decide to stay and eat there, go check out the bathroom.  If all they offer are air dryers, wash up, shake dry yourself if paper towels are not available and leave.  Why would you want to eat at a restaurant that is spewing fecal bacteria back onto the servers and cooks/chefs who are going to be serving your meal?  I have a keen sense of smell, I can literally smell the fecal bacteria in the air and that’s all I need to know to pass.

Ok, so now that you’re wise to the hand cleaning routine, you also want to make sure you are killing any germs in your personal space.  Essential oils are not always allowed in common areas like an office cubicle or a classroom.  Some well-meaning people will diffuse essential oils around small children without realizing it can cause respiratory difficulties by itself. Some oils are highly toxic to pets.  There is a very old story recirculating on the internet about the effectiveness of Oregano Oil on the Corona Virus.  I believe it is from 2013.  A lot of mutations have occurred since that study was done 7 years ago.

There is another issue I see with my intuitive eyes when someone uses Colloidal Silver or any of the biocides like Oregano, Thyme Oils or brand blends that have biocidal oils.  A biocide by its nature will kill the offending pathogen in many cases.  However, any remnants or pieces of debris from the infectious source can bury themselves deeper into the tissue so that symptoms appear to improve, but in truth, it has gone into hiding.

While it avoids detection because symptoms have improved, it can mutate.  As it mutates and other infectious sources get introduced, your specific infection might look different than someone else’s.  Using biocides to kill the pathogens can actually end up making things worse.  If you use a biocide and you have a multiple cell infection like I see in my practice, you may be successful killing a bacteria, but the infection may also be carrying mutated virus, pneumonias, sepsis bacteria to name a few.  Often, when people die from ‘the flu’ it is usually listed as ‘complications from the flu’ which are these multi-cell infections.  Now that you’ve killed the bacteria, one of the mutations incubates and infects, such as pneumonia or sepsis.

How many of you have come down with a cold or flu that just doesn’t let go?  Thank your Immune System for being strong enough for it not to cause you to become deathly ill.

What might be better?

Water and Humidifiers!

If you do have a viral infection, antibiotics do not work.  They only help with bacterial infections.  Bacterial infections can cause similar symptoms but a sudden high fever is usually, though not always, indicative of a virus.  What helps kill viruses is moisture and oxygen.  Do not let your throat and sinuses dry out.  When the heater is running, delicate tissue tends to dry up.  This sets you up to get sick.  This is partly why cold and flu season hits when the heaters are on drying out the air.

If ever there was a time to heed the drink more water cry, this is it.  This is not however, the time to GULP the water.  And sorry, coffee, wine or beer do not qualify.  They will dehydrate your tissues faster.  You are better off sipping on room temperature water all day long.  Every few minutes, sip.  Keeping your throat moist can go a long way to preventing infection than most people realize.

  • In nasal cavities, I personally spray saline water, you can find them at drug stores, look for the preservative free versions that just have salt and purified water.  I grab mine at Costco.  The grocery and drug store brands often have preservatives that I prefer to avoid, but in a pinch, I’d use it for sure.
  • Neti Pots can help rinse the nasal cavities out, but I’m not convinced they are adequate for keeping your sinuses moist.  It must be used correctly, too many mistakenly use tap water which can be loaded with contaminants not meant for the sinuses.  If your water has parasites, your sinus cavities are the fastest way to the brain.  Brain infections often occur when tap water is used in a Neti Pot.
  • You may remember hearing about people swimming in some lakes and rivers that ended up with brain parasites?  Because they sucked water in through their nose.  Don’t do it.  Neti Pots should only be used with distilled water.
  • Natural eye drops to keep the mucous membranes of the eyes clear.  Same reason as for nasal and throat.  I prefer any formula without preservatives but use what calls to you.
  • I stay hydrated with pure natural coconut water.  I like the Taste of Nirvana Coconut Water, it is pure, comes in a glass container and tastes really really good.  It naturally has the electrolytes the body needs to stay hydrated.  This is by far the easiest and most effective step you can take – just stay hydrated!
  • If I do get sick, besides drinking coconut water, I use a home use water system that generates ozone.  Ozonated water is loaded with oxygen.  Infections can’t thrive when oxygen is present.  Mine comes from
  • Humidifiers in the home are good as long as you keep them clean.  They can breed molds and fungus if not kept pristine, so make sure you get one that uses ultraviolet light to kill any virus or bacteria before it blows the vapor into the room you’re in.
  • In the bedroom I use my diffuser, filled with distilled water and a few drops of a respiratory essential oil . That gives me enough humidity next to my face that I don’t need to overdo it and cause harm to my pets.  I use either Plant Therapy’s Respir-Aid or Butterfly Express’ Aspire.
  • If you belong to Young Living, RC, Purification and Thieves are favorites but are not safe with pets or small children/infants in the room to diffuse overnight.  Do your homework before you blindly follow the marketing hype of any essential oil marketing company.  Websites like the Aroma Therapy United do unbiased injury reporting on all major brands of essential oils.

Avoid Travel, Crowds If Possible

  • I avoid crowds until the season for colds and flu has passed, usually by the end of March.
  • If I’ve been out playing in the snow and then enter a lodge with a roaring fire and dry air, I make sure to take my saline spray and use it often while inside.
  • I avoid sugary or alcoholic drinks.  Give me water!  Warm water with fresh lemon is my favorite go to when out and about.
  • If I have to travel on trains, planes, boats, city buses, school buses etc., I will wear a mask.  This will keep me from breathing any air that is infected as virus and bacteria and molds can blow out of someones mouth and nose, land on a hard surface, then get released into the air again when someone comes along and disturbs it.
  • Grocery stores are their own petri dish of pathogens.  Use the towel wipes before you grab a cart to wipe down the handles top and bottom, along the rails and especially on the seat where you will be placing you purse or child.
  • It is wise to remind yourself not to scratch your eyes, nose or ears until you can wash your hands thoroughly.

Tools I Keep On Hand

One of the best tools I know of and personally use is the Cold and Body Disc  It is programmed to kill all of the known infections that can create cold or flu in a person.  It is my go to and I wear it 24/7 in a pocket and I sleep with it under my pillow.  The Master Angels keep it updated and it works.  All of my group clients were advised a few months back to make sure they had their own disc on hand.  This was long before any news reports came out about the coronavirus.

Detox Foot Patches

There are a myriad of detox foot patches on the market.  None of them work well, if at all, with the exception of this one here.  Kenrico TRMX-4 Gold foot patches, made in Japan, have medical and clinical research to back up their results.  Any time I have any sort of infection, I use the foot patches when I go to bed and the angels show me they work very effectively at drawing out toxins from my body.  It is the lazy mans way to detoxification.  I have no financial interest in the product.  It just works, so it is here for you to consider.  I’d recommend you stock up.  If you find yourself infected and ill, double up the patches on each foot, it really can help you feel better faster.

Detox Foot Baths

There is a reason you will see old movies and cartoons with someone with a cold or flu, their towel wrapped head hanging down, a thermometer barely stuck to their lips while their feet are in steaming hot water.  In a similar way that the detox foot patches work, a hot water foot soak can create a gentler way to detox.  Add a cup of magnesium flakes such as Ancient Minerals Magnesium Salts and add 1 cup to warm water while soaking your feet for up to 30 minutes.  Don’t use hot water as that will cause you to deplete your minerals, but warm water allows you to absorb the magnesium.   Often we are told to soak in Epsom salt which is Magnesium Sulfate.  The salt flakes are Magnesium Chloride, actual salt mineral.  While both work, this works better and when you’re sick or starting to feel the first stages of getting there, use what works best and fast.  To increase the ion exchange and detoxify deeper, you can add 1 cup of Baking Soda and 1 cup of Sea Salt to the Magnesium Flakes.  Your feet will feel incredibly soft and smooth afterwards as a bonus.  Make sure to hydrate well after any detoxification process.

For those who have detox foot baths, some work better than others, and some don’t work at all.  Price is not a reflection of efficacy.  I have had professional grade detox foot baths and I’ve had cheap imitations from China that both seemed to do the same, but they did not.  The Angels showed me an affordable machine that does work safely and effectively called Ionic Body Balancer.  

Homeopathic Remedies

I absolutely never go without using my homeopathic remedies at the very first sign of infection.  This is when they are the most effective.  Here are my favorites, listed in order of preference:

Oscillococcinum – can be found online or any corner drugstore, health store or vitamin shop.

Cold and Flu – order online from for the entire family.  They have products for infants, children and adults based on symptoms.  Take as directed and at the first sign, so make sure to stock up ahead of time.

This is my basic cold and flu prevention check list and tips that has worked for many years to keep me healthy during the season.  In the event something were to take me out of commission and nothing else I did was working, I have one final tip.  It has saved my life in more ways than I can count.  That is not an exaggeration.


Elderberry Syrup, cough drops and tinctures are the first supplement I will use at any tickle.  High in Vitamin C naturally, this potent immune boosting berry can attack to a virus and kill it instantly.  I keep a stash on hand all year round, and if you don’t have yours yet, get it asap because stores and online suppliers will run out fast.  Here is a recipe to make your own if you’re lucky enough to have elderberries fresh on hand.

Magnesium Chloride, Selenium, Zinc and Baking Soda will alkalize the cellular tissue according to Dr. Sircus, a Natural Medicine Doctor and author of over 23 books.  By alkalizing tissue, it increases oxygenation.  Where there is oxygenation, disease has a hard time grabbing hold.  Check his website for particular amounts of each.

Vitamin C might be helpful, but often I see intuitively it increases iron which can cause other issues.  If you do not find yourself getting better with the other options I’ve used, Vitamin C might be useful.

Vitamin D is a master hormone masquerading as a vitamin.  At the first inkling of a chest infection, I find it helps me to take 50k units of Vitamin D with food.  One dose is all I use.  You can over do Vitamin D, and it is not recommended you take high doses without a blood test to see where your levels are at.  High Vitamin D levels can be toxic, so please do not take this vitamin without first having a blood test.

Vitamin B family is helpful with loss of energy.  It can fuel the muscles and give you some ability to get through the day a bit easier, but it is not intended for fighting the infection.  Vitamin B is quickly lost when we are under stress and getting sick speeds that stress response.

L-Glutathione is the master antioxidant, known to help with inflammation and respiratory infections.  You can get this naturally through sulfur rich foods.  They are listed in the link provided.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine is also helpful for some with respiratory infections.  Known as NAC, it can help with inflammation and relieve some aches and pains, but honestly, I find the homeopathic remedies, when I take them immediately at the first sign, resolves the symptoms quickly and I don’t usually need to resort to these other supplements.  But if it has gotten away from you, now you have the arsenal I’ve used to shorten duration and help get me back on my feet asap.

The Big Guns

At the Chapel for the Master Angels website, they offer a Silent Faith Remote.  This is a faith based healing request you submit.  The more faith you have in the Master Healing Angels to help you, the better.  If I just can’t find my way through something, I will order one for myself and have suggested it to clients when they are unable to reach me or I am just not having success with their healing needs on my own.  I call in the big guns.  Keep it in mind, if you end up ill and don’t want to reach out to me for help, please consider using them.

So there you have it!  Prevention and proactive steps can keep you healthy.  Take the precautions seriously and bookmark this page for future reference.  May you be blessed with good health, a strong immune system and a happy life.  Thanks for reading with me.  Any of the products I noted are included because I actually use them.  I do not have any financial benefit from any of the items noted above.

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