Everyone already uses Energy

Energy Healing is as old as God.  It is not a New Age activity.  It was not invented by Hippies during the Summer of Love.  It is not only available to anointed ones or anyone with a big ego that claims they are the only way to be healed.  That’s good news because it means anyone who wishes to work with it can.  Jesus and Buddha both tried to teach us that through their example.  It does not belong to any religion.  It is a part of who we all are.  Energy is every ‘thing’ that exists.

We practice energy healing all the time.  We slam our hand in a door and what is the first thing we instinctively do?  We grab hold of the injury!  If we are bleeding we press down to activate the body’s healing response to close the wound.  If we’ve bruised our body, we apply the heat from our other hand to help it.  The pain usually returns as soon as we remove our hand, right?

How about when you have a pain?  Don’t you rub it to help it feel better and go away?  Or perhaps ask another to do it for us?  Massage Therapy, Reiki, Rolfing, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Dance Movement are just some ways to activate energy healing in the body.  Technology can access this energy field and move it through us.  When we meditate, we call in energy of light to flush our physical, mental and spiritual bodies to heal, relax and return to calm.

When we pray, we are asking for a higher source of “energy” to help us.  When we are sad or in pain, our pets often come to our side to help us heal with their energy.

This photo is a real time capture of our cat healing my husbands migraine.  You can see the energy being released from his neck brace and rising up from and around the cat and my husband.  This is energy healing.  I was guided to take the photo without realizing what it would capture.  Amazing isn’t it?

However, you must pay through an energy exchange of like kind for it to grow. This means very simply that if you wish to activate your healing energy, you must practice with it.  You must invite it to come through.  The fastest way I’ve found is through meditation.

Meditation Activates Healing

Meditation looks different for everyone.  Isn’t that great?  That means you can’t do it wrong!  Just as you are guided in the free meditation Manifest with Angels, all you need to do is allow for the possibility.  Just breathe and pretend it is so.

Artists meditate while they are creating a masterpiece.  Writers meditate while putting words to a rhythm that grabs your attention.  Students meditate by performing repetitive tasks while daydreaming.  Children meditate while making mud pies or building lego skyscrapers.  Grandmothers meditate while quilting.  Mom’s meditate while creating a loving meal for the family.  Dad’s meditate while snoring in their recliner after dinner or fixing up an old car.  Creativity gets generated when we meditate in whatever form that takes.

In this instance with a Panic Attack in full bloom, the meditation of focused breathing helped to bring it all together.

My Personal Space

My meditation space has to morph according to demands on my time.  I have found that by waking up before the house becomes active I can get a full hour of meditation in before the day takes off.

I have created a 60 minute meditation sequence that works for me.  I use the Soul Repair Process from here to begin with.  I follow it with the free download meditation Emotional Repair found here.  Next up is the Manifest with Angels meditation you can access by signing up for our newsletter.  I close out my hour with any of the Angelic Processes from this site.

I am not compensated in any manner for the links to the Angelic Processes. I always share what works for me.  Notice I do not call them meditations.  They are much more powerful as they invite in the Angelic Realm to address your requests.  It is a healing process that extends beyond what your mind can create through meditation.  In addition, purchases fro the Church of Master Angels may qualify as a charitable tax deduction, but do seek your tax advisor for counsel there.  I do own and use every single process here and credit this work for the acceleration of my own spiritual growth.

This works great for me and is the only way I have the strength, energy and focus to be present for everyone who needs me.  Without energy healing in the forms I have found to work for me, I know with certainty I would not be half as strong or functional.  I make my time for me as important as the balance of my time for others.  It can be no other way.

I’d love to hear how you have figured out how to make your life work through energy healing.  Please share your comments with us if you feel guided.  Be well.