Admit it.  We all like the idea of getting something for nothing.  You like reading internet posts to glean free information to help yourself.  You pick up free brochures as you run your errands or you attend free informational events offering enticements like a free dinner at the country club to come learn about timeshares or solar power.  It is disappointing to discover the presenter is selling something.  Free is never totally free.  Yet, they are trying to make a living and we hold it against them, thinking that free actually means “take advantage of everything they know for free” Neither is fair to either party.

Free Really Is Free On My Site

Yet, we all continue to look for the free stuff.  The free blog posts that you can learn from, the free TedX Talks where you can listen to a new favorite teacher, or the free meditation you receive for signing up for my newsletter.  Marketing is full of free offers, it is a human condition to want something for nothing.  The free offers you see always have a hitch.  For my site, once you start to experience the amazing manifestations you can create using the free meditation, my hope is you will come back and become a client.  But if you don’t, that is ok too.  For me, free really means free.  I don’t make you jump through hoops to gain access to your meditation. You give me your email address so you can get notified of the weekly blog posts and you get the free meditation.  That is a fair exchange and you can unsubscribe at any time and keep the free meditation.  The Angelic Realm is happy you joined them.

Know The Upsell

Yet, free is not always what it seems or what you may have expected. Have you ever clicked on a link only to find it makes you jump through hoops to get to the “free content” all while being upsold for this and that before you get to what you wanted to see in the first place?

I hate upselling, it is where “before you go” pops up on the screen offering you a special one time only discount designed to get you to make an impulse buy and add to that free content you originally set out to read or buy.

Upselling is when you go to download what you were promised only to find out you can’t get to it until you “click through” numerous other pages before you get to what you wanted.  Often, once you avoid all the hoops and temptations, you discover the “free information” was not all that helpful to begin with.

We tend to want to follow the free information trail without realizing “free” comes with a hidden cost.

Don’t Leave Your Life Up To Search Engines

Like with anything in life, when we aren’t sure how to get results, or if we just need guidance on how to do something a little differently, finding the right people to help you can make all the difference.

Often we head to a search engine and gobble up anything there that is offered free and skip over any for pay programs. If your life is not flowing as you like, you may be short changing your education in the never ending search for “free” or ridiculously priced offers.

Those of you who have experienced my work in Medical Intuition and Angel Healing Sessions, understands how information is stored in our cellular memories, and that information can be accessed with the clear focused energy the Angels guide me with.

However, when it comes time to read the energy around my own family or pets, it can become polluted by my own fears or concerns and that can cause me to question the information I’m receiving.

It is no different in anything we seek to do with our lives. Sometimes, we have to allow someone else to take the wheel to guide us to the destination we desire, giving up control to those who can do it with the utmost care and whom have your trust. And yes, sometimes we have to actually pay for the quality of service we expect.  Free will not always get you where you want to go.

Assess Your Situation

Searching for free information when we are emotionally invested in an outcome, such as a sick child or pet or an emergency repair to our home or vehicle, will often require an outside service or support for optimum results.  This is because our Intuition can become difficult to clearly access when we are emotionally charged.

Homeopathy comes to mind here.  Homeopathic Remedies are amazing for acute situations.  If you hurt your back lifting something you shouldn’t have, you may take a dose or two of Arnica or a Pain formula with multiple remedies.  If you have a headache that starts at the back of your head, you may grab a dose of Cimicifuga and get on with your day.

However, if you suffer multiple issues, such as a chronic bladder infection with memory loss, you need to see a licensed homeopath to get the right constitutional remedy that will help you heal the cause.

Too many people choose the quick fix, so they will try to dose themselves and this can make homeopathy ineffective or create a proving effect, making the symptoms increase.  Free information, in this case, does not help at all.

Check Your Emotions First

Last Fall I had a demonstration of that experience that really shined the light on how important it is to stay unemotional, objective and in observation mode when accessing Intuition.

Briefly, I live on some acreage and while performing my fall property maintenance I had to burn a debris pile before the rains set in.  Turns out a field mouse had set up home under the pile and when I set it on fire, I thought it was burned as it escaped the flames.

I heard it screaming in pain and I was absolutely beside myself.  I immediately became emotional, I picked it up, tried to communicate with it as it stayed in my gloved hands, I couldn’t see any burns, I couldn’t see any real trauma to it, but it was screaming.  I could sense it was in pain but it was not from the fire itself.  Turns out it had babies that perished in the burn pile.  I was so distraught I could not get a clear response from this field mouse until long after I had cried myself out over it and had time to reflect on what it was trying to tell me.

It would have been too late, regardless, the babies perished in that fire, the momma was grieving and I was too upset to do anything to help her.  When she saw I was not understanding she started to bite my fingers but I was stuck in my own grief over causing her pain that I thought she just wanted to be put down on the ground.

This little field mouse took me to my knees and I was unable to be as intuitive as I normally am.  I failed her and it is a lesson I will never forget.

Imagine this being someone you love and care about.  Why would you want to sacrifice their well being over finding what is free on your search engine?  There is a place and time for browsing for free information.  I warn you that does not mean it is accurate or truthful, so take that into account.

Always look at the author and the website to see if it is legitimate and responsible with their information sharing.  And always do so when you are calm and not in an urgent need to get information.  That is when you will make mistakes and when your intuition will fail you.  Every single time.

This is exactly why I try to be a clean and clear channel for my clients. To give you the information you need to help you make better choices, to understand how you are in complete control over what happens to you in your life, and the steps you can take to become a better self healer can only come through when I am laser focused, calm and detached from the outcome.  You need to learn how to do the same for your intuition to always be accurate.

If you are struggling, regardless if it is with an uncontrollable pet or a chronic illness, ask your intuition to guide you to the best person or business to help you. Sometimes we all need to step outside the illusion of “free” giving us any control and ask someone else who can see you in a clear light, for paid help.

Know When To Ask For Help

Find your help, seek your answers, and never, ever, stop learning. Most importantly, know when to ask for help. Free information on the internet is not always what it seems, and I’ve seen too many times, how wrong it actually is and can cause harm. I strive to keep my site and blog posts filled with useful truthful information to help guide you when all you can do is search for free information.

When you discover you can’t do it on your own, don’t wait until you make a mistake that can’t be undone. Ask for help. I’m always happy to provide referrals to practitioners I trust and I’ve created a very affordable offer to access my intuitive guidance on any steps you are considering for your life, be it a relationship, finances, business choices or self healing.

The Angels are always ready to help, if you’re getting a nudge to ask for help, don’t wait.

Create your own team of healers and teachers to help you get the answers you need before you actually need it. It is the least you can do for yourself, wouldn’t you agree?