My 2 partners and I invested in a high tech healing center in 2022, where I helped bring together 4 other investors to create the vision.  My intention, as a natural born Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer, and in practice as an Angelic Realm Helper since 1998, was to create a healing space where technology and nature could meet and harmonize for optimum wellness.

I have since began to dedicate myself to creating a more intimate version of an EE System Center, one where you receive one on one attention, where other technologies can be used to support and enhance what the energy waves are supporting you through, and where I can be more hands on when you need me to be.  I love being able to provide you with that opportunity and you will love the intimate space, the peacefulness and the one on one attention we all deserve as our healing journey progresses.

GG’s retreat is designed to focus on you and your unique needs.  I created an intimate space where up to 3 clients can come enjoy the healing energy or you can book the space all to yourself.  Overnights in the retreat space will further enhance the clients opportunity to enhance wellness. Dr Sandra Rose Michael, inventor of the system often says the system will create the opportunity for the energy that created the body to heal the body.

The EESystem™ does not heal, treat, cure or mitigate any illness, disease or condition in people or animals. It simply provides the environment for the body to remember it has innate intelligence to do so on it’s own.  It works to remind the cells they can heal themselves given the right voltage and support.

Your job as the client is to come into the retreat space, relax in a comfortable zero gravity recliner or the comfy bed and take an extended nap while the lights penetrate each cell in your body to maximize your level of self healing.  Bring your own pillow and blanket and plan to stay a bit.


We tend to get caught up in the FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.  It is easy to fall into a trap that makes you think you should hold out for a bigger system.  You are welcome to come for a day of healing here at my retreat and see for yourself if bigger or more personalized service is better for you.  Just don’t miss out experiencing the balancing energy of any system, let me help you get the most out of the retreat experience.

This is because they generate the exact same photonic collision field regardless the number of units installed, as they all work exactly the same.  The difference may not even be noticeable to many, for the scalar wave field and the system itself creates a grid of energy to link to all the other systems that are online globally.  Couple that with the connection of the owner of the center to the energy of the system and holy wow, you will be in for a treat!

Don’t let any fear of missing out because of the size of the system preclude you from benefitting from the healing energies I have programmed into GG’s Retreat.  I think you will discover it is so supportive and gentle for your body’s needs.  As an added plus with all the extra one on one options I’m including, this space may very well be what your body, mind and spirit has been longing for to find that healing activation within you.


I have created a retreat space that I knew I would want to enjoy and benefit from personally and am now choosing to share it with you.  A space of peaceful relaxation, customized frequencies for specific needs, with the latest technology that will enhance the power of the EESystem™ to make the experience top notch without breaking the bank.

Healing can become expensive.  I know all too well.  I want GG’S RETREAT to be affordable, intimate, customizable, supportive and magical.

Your visit to GG’S RETREAT will be customized to your needs.  Start your session in the vibro-acoustic sound bed, with meditations you can listen to while sound frequencies penetrates your body and puts you into a state of healing you never thought possible.  I have used and implemented a virtual med bed technology that will further support your specific challenges using quantum entanglement, a science that has been proven and published.  Couple these and more to come in a condensed space of photonic light energy and blast off to a new you.  I’m so excited for all of us!

Appointments are now being accepted.  GG’s Retreat is open.  The med bed will be activated shortly, and the sound bed is due by early November.  Much more is planned in the coming months.


At GG’s Retreat, you will have the option of adding a detoxification foot bath to your session, charged with the EE Salt that has been hyper-charged for maximum effect.  You can upgrade your experience with an Ionic Detox Foot Bath.

You will have choices for EESystem™ Medallions that carry the energy of your session home with you and provides a 5 ft area of protection.  You will also have a choice of EESystem™ Bracelets to energetically support your body on a smaller scale.

There will also be alternative detox options available for you to choose from – Self contained Castor Oil Packs I personally use, to keep the Liver healthy, or detoxification foot pads by the only company with medical research behind it.  Hormonal imbalance, Chem trail toxins, Heavy Metals, Viral debris and more, all medically proven to be pulled out of your cellular structure with these options.  Your time at GG’s Retreat will bring you many blessings you may not have noticed at a larger center.


Your time spent in GG’s Retreat will be a feast for your cells health.  I can’t wait to have you become part of the family while you bask in the light system.  You may also add on any of the modalities I offer through the Angelic Realm via this website.

The property where GG’s Retreat is anchored is also a feast for your senses.  Come spend time with me here, plan a days outing, restore your sense of peace and well being.  Sleep in the stillness of the natural world, away from distractions.  Put your self healing first.  Then watch life return the favor.

After your healing nap or overnight stay, take some time to enjoy the peacefulness of life in the country, where you can meander down to the creek on my property for some healthy negative ions before hopping in your car and heading back home.  Refreshed.  Renewed. Regenerated.  That is how we can help ourselves heal.  I hope to see you soon!


Autism Support
Med Bed Technology


Drink plenty of water prior, during, and after each session. 

Bring a closed container for water.  Alkaline Water is available at the Retreat. 

I’m sorry, No Food is allowed in the Retreat Room.

Wear comfortable clothes.  Please bring a lightweight blanket and your favorite pillow for napping.   

Please bring socks or indoor only slippers for your comfort and to help keep the room clean.  

It is likely you will not have any cell phone signal while visiting.  Please download music or meditations before arrival and play through airplane mode.

We are located in a nature setting, there may be barking dogs, logging trucks and other noises out of our control. If you prefer silence, please bring noise cancelling headphones, earbuds or ear plugs.

If you are sensitive to flashing light, please bring an eye mask to block out all light.  You will still receive full effect from the EE System.  

Please do not wear or use scented products, lotions, or oils of any kind as some guests are very sensitive.  If you are trying to quit smoking, please avoid smoking within 2 hours of arrival.  

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled session.

If you have sensitivities to dogs or cats, please speak with me before scheduling your appointment.