Not all Healing Warriors are the sweetness and light, floating around kissing you on the forehead, kind of Angels. The Angels I work for are, instead, a fierce, powerful source of God’s Love, delivered with swords of light and combat boots to kick us into action when we get lazy or choose to ignore their guidance. I call it the 2×4 technique, you know, that slap upside the head, energetically of course, that makes you stop and go whoa? They have had to use it on me often as I began to work with them at deeper and deeper levels with healing work.  Boy, am I glad they did!

I had to come out of the closet

For more than 18 years I have been assisting my clients find answers they need to get well and stay well.  However, I was a closeted Angelic Realm Healer. I protected my connection to the Angelic Realm, mostly because people have not been ready to hear or believe how the Spirituality of healing is what WILL help you heal the fastest.

We have been raised to believe we must take a magic pill or have a magical surgery that will solve all of our problems. For way too many, looking to the heavens for help usually falls in the category of desperation, used only after all of your human concepts have failed to bring you that elusive healing response.

We have made healing a backwards concept

For some, healing often meant one has already been swallowing toxic pills and getting cut upon without results. It always caused me frustration because they had allowed so much disruption in the flow of their own spirit.  Their body was unable to discern the Truth of their Physical Matter. No one was listening to the screaming their body was doing.

The Angelic 2 x 4

When I began getting active Angelic guidance to stop using the technology I had relied upon for years, I proved unwilling to let it go.  I did not yet trust the Angels could help me at the level technology was, so they made the technology ineffective. Not only on me, but my clients as well.  Well, ok.  That is what I’d call a 2×4.

I could no longer deny the Angelic Realm was, without question, helping me. To leave my technology behind was a difficult decision, but one that had to be done in order to allow the Angelic Realm full access to my body, mind and spirit.

Technology, by it’s very nature, overtakes the spirit and decides for you based on algorithms and data mining. I needed to be fully present, without interference. Still, it took me a full two years before I felt I had achieved a stronger connection with truthful healing information channeled through me by my Angelic Healing Team.

Combat Boot Wearing Healing Warriors

Only my angelic team was not the airy fairy sweetness and light kind of Angels you hear about from other Angel Teachers. Oh no. My Angelic Team yielded swords of Light and they didn’t hesitate to kill anything that was not of the light, not of God’s will. I joke that my Angels are killers, and they are.

They kill infections. They kill bad habits. They kill old familial patterns that are not serving you. They kill cords of energy from past relationships that are still hanging on to you, causing you to make the same mistake repeatedly.

They also killed my resistance to standing front and center here in front of you and proclaiming the Angels have the ability to heal you. You don’t even have to believe in them, they don’t have an ego.  You just have to be willing to allow for “what if?” and let them take over.

Be patient with me. I am learning how to come out of the closet and speak up about these Angels in a way that you will not close up and run, or judge as too impossible to be true.

Life can be easy or Life can be difficult

Everything in the world of Spirit is incredible and often indescribable. Life can be easy or life can be difficult. You get to choose by how much effort you put into your connection to the Truth in Nature, the truth the Angelic Realm can help you with.

You will discover the reason my Angelic Healing Team wears combat boots, and why it is necessary for you to begin to allow the truth to seep into your every day awareness. There is absolute truth that the natural order can bring you peace and healing, beyond your wildest imagination.

The Angelic Realm has no Religion

This is not a religious page. Angels work with you regardless of your beliefs. You are also not limited to just one set of Angels that may be set in a religious doctrine. I do not worship angels, but I do pay homage to them for the grace and the blessings they constantly give me.

I stay in gratitude and appreciation for the loving 2×4’s they apply to get me moving in the right direction. It is their swift kick in my behind with their combat boots that finally got me to come fully out of the closet and be present for you if you are ready.

Are you ready to claim your healing power?

Follow me here to gain some unique insights to how you can heal your body, mind and spirit naturally and with higher guidance that is just waiting to be asked in. There are way too many unemployed angels hanging out, waiting for you to wake up. Through me, allow the Angels to apply that 2×4 to you now. It might be uncomfortable, it might hurt your feelings and it might just help you see the light, the way and the truth as you heal.

Join me on the journey back to your soul, to your healing, to your heart. The Angelic Realm is a safe space for you to learn how.