Sometimes Faith is what is required to heal

Healing doesn’t always come from the explained or the seen world.

How Does It Work?


My intuitive senses works differently with each client.  No two sessions are ever the same.  The Angelic Realm shows me what I need to tell the client according to what the client needs to grasp from the information and accept the healing work the Angels provide. For some, I see a running movie in my minds eye of events that caused the initial concern. With others, I’m physically demonstrated on to recount to the client the event. I will feel myself being kicked, or experience shortness of breath or a specific pain that was the start of the issue for them. It can be uncomfortable to say the least. It is only temporary and just enough for me to be able to describe it to the client to help them remember. Often healing happens when information comes out of the blue like that.

Still, for others, I will hear a word, or I’ll be shown a phrase in my minds eye, sometimes I’ll pick up a scent or an odor, taste something or hear information. More times than not, it is simply a knowing of truth for them, something for which the Angelic Realm always scans and confirms the truth of before I address it. Sometimes the client may have experienced such deep trauma the Angels simply allow a healing to happen, for others, it is important for them to know what the causative event was before they can let it go.

Because I have such a heightened sense of awareness, I am often aware of what is going on with them before we even speak. Being in crowds can be a bit of a challenge if I have not prepared my energy field to handle the onslaught of information that will surround me.

Some might call me a Lightworker, but I think that label short circuits what is really going on. Anyone who is proficient and accurate in their healing modalities does not necessarily channel the Light. I have seen and experienced so called self proclaimed healers who work through dark forces, entities and negative spirits that can trick you into falling under their spell of promises of miraculous healing. The Light cannot exist without the dark in this 3D world we live in. Light is needed to illuminate the dark. Dark Forces often do masquerade as Light and the promise of healing can be convincing to those who are desperate to get well. In my early days of learning energy work and doing healing work before I reconnected with the Angelic Realm, I too, fell for one who masqueraded as light. When the angels showed me the truth, I disengaged and turned to using the Angels for my work full time.

A long story to help you understand how hard I have worked to be able to provide service to you as an Angelic Realm Helper. Through their guidance, we will scan the truth in all of your physical, emotional and spiritual matter. There is no third party to consult. In essence, we 3 make up the trinity of synergy – you, me and the Angelic Realm.

This is not about worshiping Angels. If you have a fear of that because of religious beliefs, let me assure you that is not the case.

Angels are the messengers of God. They are the intercessors for Grace and Goodness to help you on this earthly plane. They have tuned me to a vibrational frequency that can hold their truth to scan the level of truth for you.


I freely and lovingly allow myself to be used for the benefit of their healing for you.


This is my purpose, my calling and my hearts desire.

Who Is Your Angel Team?

When we are born we have assigned guardians.   These often unseen and unidentified angelic realm helpers can give you the deepest insights into your souls purpose.  That is a tall order and most people remain blinded to this help.

Healing does not always come from the explained.  Sometimes, that box you've put yourself into, with that label you think describes you, is what is preventing you from healing.  To heal, you have to be willing to step out of that box, even better, destroy the box and set your self healing ability free.  This is how your Angel Team can help you.