By my count, I have reinvented myself at least ten times.  The global lockdowns have given rise to many of us rethinking who we are and what we are meant to do in this lifetime, something that has hit many smack in the nose and forced us to step back and re-evaluate our paths taken and those not attempted.

Over the past two years the way that I work with the Angelic Realm has shifted me into a lot of different levels of awareness, as if looking at life through a prism of light that reflects the most auspicious steps to take and which to avoid or let go of.  Ah, but knowing is not enough.  I still have to take action and that is what the Angelic Realm wants to talk about today.

Knowing vs Doing

It is no different from knowing that bag of salty fatty potato chips are not good for my overall health, but the temporary enjoyment and satisfaction of devouring it in one sitting fills up a need I didn’t know I was missing.  Comfort.  How many of us avoid taking action because we are comfortable being uncomfortable?  When I look at this through the lens of being human, it is easy to see we all do it.  We may talk the talk about change being good but in our little circle of safety we prefer to believe what we think is true and forgo any effort to actually look at the truth because it makes us uncomfortable.  There are not a lot of people who want to do the work it requires to face their own faults and weaknesses and take action to change them.  Some of us do it in degrees, some avoid it completely.

If you are one who avoids looking at the real life you are creating, and choose instead to live in your fantasy self, this may be a hard post to read through.  If you find yourself blaming others for your discomfort or unhappiness, the truth is staring you in the face.  You literally just have to look in the mirror to see the reflection is not what you hope for.  We are all mirrors for others.  When we get triggered, when we react or point fingers, that finger needs to be pointing at ourselves.  We are the change we hope to see.  Remember that saying?  You thought it was some new age hoo hah, but it is the truth.  Life gets better when we are able to look in the mirror and really see who and what is looking back at us.

Isolation or Aloneness?

Louise Hay wrote a book called ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ back in her early days when she would open her home to AIDS victims and purposefully give each one a heart felt hug.  This was a huge shift in perception of that virus, because at the time, human touch was withdrawn because the media and medicine were teaching how much they didn’t know about it but put fear in the hearts of people that if they touched someone with AIDS they might catch it and die.   Sound familiar?  I digress a bit, but interesting that the doctor that unleashed the AIDS virus on humanity is the same one that is telling you to wear four masks today and played a part in this current plandemic…….interesting link don’t you think?

Back to point, the isolation and suffering AIDS infected people struggled with, made this virus even more feared.  Louise Hay, instead, saw through the misinformation and chose a different path.  One that supported those infected with the virus and instead of isolation, she chose inclusion.  Just imagine how we have all struggled with loneliness and isolation the past few years, look at the mental health challenges it has created, the fear and the finger pointing.   Those vaccinated are convinced their injections won’t work unless the entire world gets one, while those unvaccinated are convinced the injections are toxic, untested and mixed with questionable ingredients that were rushed to market for the benefit of corporate greed.  Those who are vaccinated look in the mirror and vindicate their decision based on mass media hype and those who are unvaccinated look in the mirror and vindicate their position based on the now released known deaths, neurological disorders and infertility due to vaccinations.  One side says it’s all your fault the virus is still here because you are selfish, the other side says its your fault you are super spreaders because the virus is still around and infecting those who have been vaccinated.  Neither is right, but they are dug in and won’t change their minds.

We Are All The Mirror To Your Inner Self

What Louise Hay teaches in her work is to look in the mirror every morning when you get up.  Lean in.  Get close enough to see your pupils and color of your eyes in detail.  Gaze at your face.  Notice your skin, is it soft, smooth or dry, wrinkled, oily or broken out?  Does your jaw fit your facial features, is your smile sincere?  Do your eyes twinkle when you smile or are they dull?  Does your smile invite or look more like a sneer that says ‘stay away from me’ or is it difficult to even make yourself smile these days?

As you lean in close, your eyes staring intently back at you, speak to the mirror image.  Say “Good morning!  I love you” out loud.  What does your face do with that information?  Do you smile broadly or do you feel like a fraud?  Does seeing your face up close like that make you happy or do you feel uncomfortable looking yourself in the eye?

Louise Hay teaches this technique in order to help that mirror image become comfortable in their own skin.  How many of us simply avoid looking in the mirror?  I know I stopped looking for a while when caregiving had me on a 2 hour sleep cycle and a 24/7 alertness to everything going on around me.  As I went through the motions of daily living, I had stopped living my life, instead, I had flipped a switch into survival.  As it got closer to the end of my caregiving time, survival became a question I had never considered before.  Would it be better to just slip away and stop doing it all for everyone and let go?  Would anyone even care if I was gone, would I be missed?  Would it matter?

An Impossible Dream

How was I managing to still work with clients, manage the household, maintain the property, manage and exercise 3 dogs, caregive 24/7 on 2 hours of sleep a night for the previous 6 years and still be expected to take care of myself?  Truth was I couldn’t.  I had to let things go,  I had to stop being everything to everybody, to stop being their fantasy of who I was to them and stand in my truth and hold boundaries for my own self worth.

People fell away, unable to reconcile I was no longer at their beck and call while never regarding their own lack of supporting me in my times of need.  Being strong has a downfall, it causes those who are disconnected from their own mirror to believe their fantasy version of you can do it all and not need human contact or support.  Those who only took but never gave back, those who made empty promises and never showed up, they were let go.  When I looked in the mirror every morning and saw the wrinkles, the gray hairs, the dry skin that appeared seemingly over night, the real me looking back at me was sad that I had let go of the one thing I never should have.  Me.

All those times I reinvented myself and this time I left myself out of the equation.  My mirror reflection was screaming at me that I mattered.  I needed the oxygen first and I was giving it to everyone else.  I had to stop or I would die.  Plain and simple.  My body was giving me the signs, I had 2 health events where I wondered if I was not going to survive and I knew a 3rd time was going to seal the deal.

Lovingly Accept Imperfections In Others – But Don’t Be A Door Mat

I pulled up my big girl pants, looked myself in the eyes so close I was almost cross eyed and I told that tired, fading woman looking back at me how sorry I was for forgetting that I mattered.  I told her I would do better, that I would honor this gift of life I’ve been given and I would rebirth a new me once again, only this time, I would not leave myself out of the equation.

That tired old woman looked back at me and smiled.  Ear to ear.  Wrinkles. Gray Hair.  They are a testament to the truth that I am alive and I have experiences, knowledge and truths most people could never imagine, or perhaps believe.  I grabbed the scissors and gave myself a haircut.  I found my makeup and put a little color on my cheeks and lined my eyes to give them some pop.  I started a regimen of self care that is a work in progress but is no longer ignored.

My truths will not be yours.  When you are disappointed in someone or angry because they are no longer how you want them to be to suit your fantasy life, it is not their fault.  It is not up to them to make you happy.  That face in the mirror, those eyes looking back at you, that is your soul waiting for you to wake up and start having a conversation with it to help you along your path.

Forgive yourself for thinking anyone owes you anything.  You are the creator of your story.  This lockdown has made it way too easy to fall into a false belief that others have control over it.  That is true only if you choose to allow it.  If that is the truth you want, there is no judgement.  I wish you well.  If it is not, then take steps, baby steps if you must, but just start to have conversations with those eyes looking back at you.  Once you get past the discomfort of seeing who you truly are and what you are truly meant to become, holy wow, look out!  Your life will shift.

I Choose Myself

In the vein of reinventing myself, I am officially retired from healing work.  I am no longer available for new clients but I can refer you to others if you wish to contact me privately.  My souls path is taking me in a new direction.  One where I will be rebirthed and while I have an idea of what that is going to look like, it is not yet set in stone.  Stay tuned, I will definitely update you when I get the guidance from the Angelic Realm.

In the meantime, make the time to check in with yourself.  See what triggers you.  Where do you assign blame to others for how you are feeling?  What causes you to act and react in ways that are not beneficial to your highest divine path?  If you are spending your time needing to feel right, superior or angry with the world, the mirror work will help you.  It is so simple yet so effective.  Negative emotions are the #1 cause for keeping us depressed, sad, angry and frustrated.  We react when we are in the drama of emotional upheaval.  That does not make any of it true.  We have to learn to get past emotional controls that make us think we are owed anything because it upsets us.

The Fascinated Observer

Become an observer that can witness without reacting.  It will take practice.  A lot of misguided beliefs have to be released.  A lot of forgiveness of self and others might need to happen.  Allow peace to fill you and let that be your guide.  Does reacting bring you joy or make you feel worse?

Depression can be lifted, anger can be released, frustration can be helped just by deep breathing and sadness sometimes just needs to be felt so it can move on.  Let your mirror work guide you.  Never pass up an opportunity to walk past a mirror without saying hello to yourself.  When you get in the habit of leaning in first thing in the morning and really looking at who you are, you can effect change that will manifest in so many positive ways.  Just understand that could also mean letting things go and our ego likes to hang on and control.  You might grieve the letting go of the old beliefs and ways because you were comfortable in that discomfort.

Just reaffirm to yourself in your mirror work how much you are worth the effort.  Then go forth and change your world.