Is Your Cornbread Baked All The Way In The Middle?

Southerners have a polite way of putting you in your place when you’re not quite making sense.  Anything from “Is your cornbread baked in the middle” to “Bless your sweet little heart” to “I’m not sure your elevator goes all the way to the top”  can be a southerners polite way of questioning your reasoning.  It is a way to shake their head in disbelief  without seeming rude. 

When I lived in the great State of Texas, this was as common as saying ‘ya’ll’ or ‘fixin’ as in ‘ya’ll fixin to come to supper?”  I was reminded of this recently as I watched protestors morph into rioters and escalate violence in several metropolitan cities.  I found myself shaking my head a lot and murmuring those exact words many times over. 

Karma Is Not A Bitch!

During  my summer hiatus I had a conversation with a friend about the differences between Karma, religious concepts of Sin and having a free pass for bad behavior because of willful ignorance.  She had me wondering how much her cornbread was baked in the middle as I outwardly smiled while inwardly shaking my head in disbelief.  She held a strong belief that karma does not apply if one doesn’t realize they are doing something wrong, nor did she agree that being ignorant of facts or truth should be cause for any form of retribution or karmic consequence.  Even if, after the fact, the truth was uncovered, she insisted they should get a free pass.

This is a common misconception of what karma actually is.  We want to frame what we know within a human constructed mind set of what our minds already believe.  This is actually the opposite of truth in how nature actually works. 

There are Universal Laws at play which do not play favorites.  They apply to everyone everywhere exactly the same.  Ignorance of them is never a free pass.  For example, there is truth that what goes up must come down   Gravity is proven, otherwise none of us would be able to keep our feet on the ground, buildings would not be able to exist and roads would not lead us where we think we are headed.  The Earth, it has been proven, is not flat.  You cannot drive to the edge of the Earth and fall off yet there is a group of people who believe that is so.

Karma simply means ACTION.  Karma is the action to every reaction, thought, deed, intention, desire, sin, etc.  A Universal Law is that nothing in this Universe exists in a vacuum.  If you pull something, something will push against it.  If you dig a hole in your yard, the hole is not empty.  It is simply vacant of dirt but there is still something in its place.  Air!  You can’t see it but you know that is truth.

Perhaps you leave the hole alone for a few months and heavy rains come, displacing the air in the hole with water because water is heavier than air.  You go out at night searching for your errant dog that is not coming when called, it is dark, you can’t see the dark water with the rain pouring down and you step into that hole, twist your ankle and down you go, face planting in the mud.  Your dog then comes and finds you.

Is that Karma or Natural Law?  I say it is both.  You dug the hole, you left it empty, you willfully ignored the rains that were coming, perhaps you let a new tree die in it’s pot that you had planned to plant in that hole, your dog ignored you until you fell and hurt yourself and then showed up and what do you blame for your pain and embarrassment?  The hole that you dug and the dog for not training itself better!

Karma = Action. It does not have a vendetta against you.  It does not carry the energy of a female dog in heat.  But you do have a responsibility to work with the laws of Nature to avoid as much negative karma as you possibly can.

It is a Universal Law that applies to all living things, from the Earth, to the animals to humans and all life in between.  Willful ignorance of that fact does not give anyone a pass.

The Ten Commandments

Everyone, regardless if they are atheist, agnostic or religious has been guided by the Ten Commandments in one way or another.  We are taught not to lie, cheat, steal, harm another, be cruel or harbor bad feelings  Yet, we find ourselves at some point or another doing exactly that.  Sometimes with guilt, sadly for some, without any conscience about their words or deeds.  The basic tenant of respect has been lost in current societal norms.

We live in a world of duality because that is 3rd Dimensional truth.  This planet holds the frequencies for both positive and negative, light and dark, good and bad, saintly or evil.  Most people are able to develop their discernment to understand when they’ve strayed into the dark, bad or negative in their thoughts and actions.  An adult might consider this sinful if they have religious beliefs to guide them.  Psychologists might refer to someone who chooses not to discern the differences or be guided by any sense of morality as either a psychopath or a sociopath.

The difference there is a psychopath would be someone who is purposely cold hearted, perhaps they climb the corporate ladder not caring who they hurt along the way.  There is no guilt for their actions and they don’t care if they have no moral character. They have a goal to reach the highest career path possible, without caring who gets hurt along the way.

A sociopath would be someone who has a weak conscience, who is skilled at saying what they think you want to hear, all the while really not caring.  This behavior tends to be more selfish, passive aggressive or of questionable moral character.  Often people who succumb to addictive behaviors can exhibit this type of behavior and are very good at deflecting their character weaknesses onto others, never accepting responsibility for their own actions  They are very good at gas lighting, or making the other person feel as if they are the one at fault.  It is manipulative and dangerous behavior.  You can see this behavior being acted out under the guise of social justice, leaving no room for any truth to be acknowledged. 

Both Give Life Lessons

This is important to understand when karma gets played out because some people come into your life to teach you.  There is never win or lose in life.  We either win or we learn.  A life lesson can be easy, simple, fast or it can be slow, torturous, hard.  If you can start to look at each experience through that lens, you can begin to understand the reason for the experience.  Sometimes what appears to be a horrible thing ends up being a blessing in disguise. 

When we can find the blessing in all of our experiences we heal the karma, or the cause and effect of the lesson.  We then are freed from reliving that lesson again and again and can move on to the next lesson.  Our lessons do not ever end. 

Wouldn’t it be better to find a way to have the experience through awareness instead of suffering?  That is possible when we become conscious of our reactivity and begin practicing discernment, awareness and accessing those higher levels of truth I spoke about in my previous blog post of using the Penthouse view. 

Imagine being able to learn easily, simply and quickly instead of dragging things out with our emotional projections that causes us to question what we did to deserve being poorly treated, fired from our job, abused by a spouse or hated by our children.  There will always be a reason why these things happen.  When you are able to apply the lens of fascinated observation to every situation, you can begin to appreciate the beauty of the dance of Natural Law in your life.

Going back to my conversation with my friend, her religion taught her that ignorance is a pass from sin.  How can someone be held accountable for a wrong doing if they didn’t realize they were doing something wrong, she asked?  Well, in Nature, there is an effect for every single action.  This is basically how karma works on the most simplest level of comprehension.  If a spouse abuses you, then turns around, trips on a rake and falls down, breaking an arm you can see instant karma in action.  If a child bullies another child, does the bully understand they are being mean and doesn’t care about the harm they are causing the other child?  What if the bully gets away with it and continues to torment the other child, how and when is karma a part of that experience?  What of evil?  If someone has a dark heart and does despicable evil, how do they seem to get away with it?  Where is Karma then?

Could it be the experience is meant to teach the bullied child how to stand up for them self in a way that will empower them for their future life experiences?  If they fall into fear and refuse to address the bully at this stage, Nature will revisit the experience again and again in their lifetime until they find the courage to do so.  Ladies, we’ve all been in the same boat where we keep picking the wrong guy.  That is Nature coming at us from different angles, through different people who are in our path to teach us.  At some point the karmic pattern will have to be addressed.  Hopefully we wake up and stop the pattern.  Natural Law is satisfied because we have changed the response to the cause.

I recently saw a post on Facebook speaking of this very topic.  Divine guidance no doubt, but it was a quote by Manly Hall, written in 1945.  

If a small child, though he may be without guile, innocent, noble and guilty of no wrong, in ignorant playfulness, or through inexperience, drops a lighted match into a powder barrel, the result is inevitable, and the innocence and well-meaning of the child will not prevent the explosion or his own destruction if he is nearby. In other words, the belief or attitude that we did not mean to do wrong or that we did not know any better, that type of excuse has never been accepted by nature, never regarded in time or space as a substitute for knowing or performing such actions as are essentially right. The destructiveness of inexperience has never been coddled by the gods. ~ Manly P Hall (Karmic Consequences of the Atomic Bomb, HORIZON Winter 1945, p.58)

Nature does not coddle.  Ignorance will never be a valid excuse to discernment.  If a puppy bites it’s mother, she instantly corrects it.  Karma.  If a child sits on a fire ant hill and suffers a lifetime of immune system challenges, that is health karma.  Until the ant venom is cleared from the system, there will be a constant reminder of the actions of the child.  If an Insurance Executive chooses to cheat his way to the top, the business may ultimately fail and he loses everything as a result.  That is prosperity karma.  Nature knows, in all things, where the balance is.  We can live our lives in a much happier and harmonious way by recognizing every action we take has a reaction from nature.  Some may take a while to get back to us, some may happen immediately.  Ignorance of that truth however, is never a way out of learning a lesson.

What happens when we hitch our wagon to someone who is a sociopath or psychopath?  Worse, when they are leading a movement that is lying to the masses and creating deep division and destruction of Universal Law?  Even when we think we are doing the right thing and believe they too are on the same level of nature as we are?  Does our ignorance of their karma give us a pass?  By now, I hope you can see the answer is no.  Just as the Insurance Executive brought down the entire company, all of its employees went down with him, so too will you be responsible for creating positive or negative karma based on your action.

You Are More Than A Meme

An acquaintance shared a social media post, probably with the best intentions, but it brought out so much hate and did the exact opposite of what she thought she was intending.  It had to do with finding middle ground, with loving each other regardless of political, religious or societal beliefs.  This meme was telling you to find a way to get along, to embrace our differences, not hate them.

One of her friends said in essence ‘yeah, but….all you Trump people are the problem.  You’ve been duped and lied to and until you get it, I will hate you.”  Which of course began the back and forth as Trump supporters took offense and like the man who had to be right about my post on using vinegar in my garden I’ve mentioned before, I saw this deteriorate quickly into each side needing to be right.

It was not lost on me that the post was most likely written by someone intending to create such a division and was innocently shared because it sounded good to a good hearted soul.  But no one would get quiet within themselves long enough to see that, except me, perhaps.

Each had to be right, and I found myself triggered for a moment before I asked the Angels the truth of what I was sensing.

Just Because You Have A Thought Does Not Mean It Is True

This is how dark forces win. You have to become aware of anything that is designed to get a rise out of you, regardless if it is anger, righteous indignation or the all too often subterfuge passive aggressive posts like that one spewing platitudes.  Clean the Slate!

While we want to have peace and acceptance, as long as you are unwilling to stop reacting, you never will.  As long as you feel you have to be right, you will always find a reason to react.

You will never achieve the non-reactive state until you stop reading ‘crap’ like that and instead start making time for your own stillness.  Is your heart good and loving or is it blocked, angry and shut down?  Are you blaming others?

In truth, everyone is in our life to reflect back to us what needs healing.  Everyone.  Good, bad, ugly, indifferent, hurtful, mean, loving, kind, sad.  They all show up to help you.  If you stay reactive, you will never see the lessons they are bringing you.

An example of this was my parents.  My mother was not a TV Mom.  She was a very jealous, spiteful woman.  She could spew venom through her hateful hisses.  She was always sickly.  She was always miserable.  She could never see beyond her own suffering.  As the only girl, I was expected to take care of her and do all the household chores.

I was present the day she grabbed a gun and tried to shoot my father.  I was maybe ten years old.  Three years of them fighting non-stop, Dad moving out, moving back in and finally divorcing showed me many things about life, love and relationships.  None of it healthy.  My heart was closed.  My connection with the angels was blocked.

I was in constant fight or flight mode, waiting for the next shoe to drop.  Being forced onto welfare and food stamps to get by, I watched my mother destroy my little brother with her hate.  I tried to help him but he was too young to make any decisions for himself.  I had to leave him with her while I went to live with my dad.

I could not be more grateful to her.  Intuitively I realized, even at 13 years of age, how she was teaching me how not to be.  Her actions set in motion the truth in my soul how I would design my future.  None of it had anything to do with how she was, but how I would not be filled with hate.

When I see all the hate spilling out on our streets, some of it real, most of it not justified, I say a prayer for their awakening.  I shake my head to clear it of the false notions that have attached to those believing they are guilty by being born a certain color, race or working in a profession.

 There is a much happier life waiting for us if we will simply stop reacting and quietly start observing.  When we begin to respond from love, kindness and higher truths, the Universal and Natural Laws begin to work in our favor.  When we can disengage from media lies or social manipulations designed to make you feel guilty, bad about skin color, occupation or level of prosperity, we can begin to recognize we are all worthy of what all humans and animals deserve. 

We just have to get out of our heads, let go of the hate, let go of the ego’s need to always be right, and start becoming aware of what is causing us to react.  You can ascend the 3D world of reactivity and delusional thinking if you will begin to practice awareness.  Some of the greatest healers known to man accomplish this simply by becoming aware and placing their consciousness on that condition. 

I’ve always said you are your own healer.  Right now, with the chaos being generated by those who want to keep you stuck in 3D energies, be your own best friend by being willing to stop reacting and start being neutral.  It will require practice, prayer, mediation and angelic processes on a consistent basis, but it can be done. 

Being non-reactive or neutral lifts your awareness into 5th Dimensional states and above.  As long as there is ego driving your choices, you will have Natural Law working against your ability to reach those higher levels. 

You always have a choice.  Stay stuck in the chaos or get neutral and observe from the penthouse, where you can see all that is going on around you without being in the middle of it.  Only through this higher perspective are you able to transcend the noise of street level chaos and become clear on who has their cornbread half baked.  Then make a choice from your awareness, not your reactions.  Even if others want you stuck with them in reactivity, be the light for them to follow or fall behind.  Every one of us gets to have that choice.  The real question is are you willing to make it?