Intuition – How often have you ignored that inner voice and regretted it later? Have you ever considered that voice you are ignoring is your Soul’s guidance? Perhaps you have always just had a knowing or certainty about things or people without realizing where it comes from.

Information can seem random, especially when you are just beginning to connect with your higher self for intuitive guidance.  I remember the first time it happened to me, I clearly saw a movie playing out in front me of the salesman sitting in my dining room sexually enjoying his two granddaughters sitting on his lap.

What was I supposed to do with that?  I had no proof, other than what I saw in my minds eye.  I couldn’t justify saying anything about it to anyone, it was random, unexpected and disturbing.  Because I was in the beginning stages of learning how to trust the information that was coming through, I accepted this as a point of information only.  It was nothing for me to act on, but it was something for me to have as a validation of truth.

I didn’t ask the man if he had granddaughters, but I knew in some part of me that he did.  I knew, also, the sexual enjoyment he was getting from his granddaughters was not technically abuse, but it was certainly not ok in any shape or form.  I was stuck.  I truly had no clue what to do with this information.

Because my background and training is in law enforcement, seeing abuse, suicide and death was not anything new to me.  Still, I did not want to have this new ability be skewed by things I could not unsee.  I’ve had my share of horrific scenes, I did not want that taking over my life.

I made a request, it was a demand, really, to the Angelic Realm.  I agreed to let them work with me as long as they agreed to keep the dark, dirty and horrific acts of mankind out of my work.  They agreed, though sometimes I need to have some basic understanding of an experience to know where to ask for healing, my angel team can show me without overpowering my senses with images or details that will be detrimental to my well being.

You just have to set your boundaries with them at the start, and if it is for your highest good, they will do so.  We have had many wonderful years of working with each other in a way that I can handle and what suits my level of tolerance.

I tell you this experience because I want you to understand that you have some measure of control over how you will use your intuitive senses.  The Angels know you better than you know yourself.  They know what you are here to do, and they know how to help you get there, but you have to invite them in and ask them specifically.

The one caveat to this is if you have a soul contract to do spiritual work as a medium, where you work with people who have crossed over, you can still request spirit not show you gory details, but give you the information you need in order to be of service.


How Medical Intuition Became A “Thing”

I have been a fan of Caroline Myss teachings.  I just never did more than read her blog posts and occasional articles or watch her interviews on television.  I confess I much prefer watching her on her on-demand videos or listening to any of her audio classes than I do sitting down to read one of her books.  I find the fire that emanates from her spiritually clear power a very positive force for me to understand the healing process as seen through a higher view of self.  You might want to check out her website.  As a student of Spirit, I have gained many keen insights into my own work through hers.

Dr. Norm Shealy, a world renowned Neurosurgeon, was the first person to describe intuitive work such as what she does and I strive to do, as Medical Intuition.  He was searching for someone who could give him insight into his patients after he realized medical intervention was not healing them and in some cases, causing harm.  He wanted to know why and how a person could become healed using alternatives to traditional medical intervention.

Dr. Shealy has a long, distinguished career as a neurosurgeon.  When he met Caroline Myss, she had a publishing company and no medical background or training, nor any interest whatsoever in being a medical intuitive. Her focus was History, Writing, and Theology.  Yet, she was guided to walk up to Dr. Shealy at an event and tell him she thought she was “one of those people” he was looking for.

The rest is history as they pioneered a new paradigm that opened the door for supportive, complementary and sometimes alternative methods to heal.  Since Dr. Shealy’s training was in the brain he focused a lot of his work there.  He invented devices to help the brain heal,  In fact, I still own one of his early models of Light Therapy Goggles.  I should dig it out of my cabinet and see what my intuition tells me about using that now.

We All Have Intuition

As someone who makes a living using my intuitive guidance, I learned the hard way not to ignore those nudges. I bet you can’t count how many times you have ignored those nudges in your own life.  Take walking for example.  How many times does your intuition nudge you to get up and take a walk, but you ignore it?

How many times have you said “I knew I shouldn’t have _______ but I did it anyway.”    Why do we develop a program in our mind that says to our intuition “shut up!”  How many ways do we wriggle out of doing things we don’t want to do, even when we have a sense it will be a good thing?  For many reasons, we just don’t want to do it.  We are all well practiced at ignoring our intuition, it is something we are taught as children by our family, school and society.  In order to reconnect with our Intuitive Insights, we have to learn how to let all of those misguided beliefs and societal expectations go.

I remember many many years ago when I was becoming increasingly aware of this guidance, there was a time where Spirit literally slapped me upside my head.  This awareness filled me with such a divine sensation of complete and utter bliss, as if to say “Hey Suzan!  Guess what?  You gotta wake up!”  I’d like to say I was on it like stink on poop but that was not the case.

While I longed for that sensation again, I let my mind and my ego get in the way. I convinced myself I needed to live in the real world and do things “my way” even while I kept the Angelic Realm close by and was always aware of their presence.

I needed to learn how to surrender to not knowing and to having faith in the unseen.  I created years of unnecessary struggle and pain.  Your life really will go much smoother when you surrender to the truth there is more going on than you are aware.

Just because you don’t see something physical does not mean it does not exist.  It only means you are not yet at a level of awareness where you can see it yet.  When you begin to practice letting your intuition guide your choices, even when it feels crazy or uncomfortable, your guidance will get louder and stronger.

There Are Many Paths To Intuitive Insight

I do this through my morning practice of spending an hour with the Angelic Realm.  This is MY time.  It is extremely rare that I have to skip it for something else that takes my attention.  I commit to this time for me, for my souls growth and for my spiritual guidance. It is what keeps my Intuitive Insights accurate and insightful.

It took me many years of trying different methods to find my way here.  I literally took the slow boat to the Angelic Realm.  I imagine you have a similar experience, not quite finding the right fit, or the right method.  I took trainings in person, online, bought CD’s and DVD’s, Cassette Tapes back when they were a thing too.  I made vision boards and repeated mantras and chanted in languages I don’t speak.

I joined churches and changed them as often as I changed my shoes.  I practiced Buddhism for a while.  I felt drawn to practices that took you out of your monkey mind, to find places of peace and healing in the stillness.  I failed at every one.  Monkey Mind for the win!  I tried Transcendental Meditation.  I found spiritually guided channels who shared wisdom from the Masters of the Ages.  Through it all, I always had the awareness and connection to the Angelic Realm.  No matter what, they were always in my consciousness.  Waiting for me to wake up.

For me, what finally got me to a place of deep connection and consciousness was the work of the Master Angels through their human representative, Master John Douglas.  He has since become my spiritual teacher.  He is not a guru.  He is a humble man who has taken on the task of helping humanity find their way back to their soul.

Through the blessings of this Angelic Realm, I have finally found my way to my spiritual home.  Through my spiritual nature, my Intuitive Insights have soared.  I have learned how to grab onto my soul and not let go.


In Part 2, we will share with you some techniques and ideas to get your inutitive insights flowing for you.  Stay tuned!  Thanks for reading with me so far.