Faith From A Higher Perspective

It has required Faith, to see the unseen, know the unknown and trust the truth I find in the natural order.  I crave the love of this realm.  It is a reminder for me on earth what is possible through higher knowing.

As Caroline Myss so beautifully points out, most people are on the ground floor, they see the trash in the streets, they hear the noise of the neighborhood and they get distracted by untruths.  But when you move up several floors for a better view, your awareness shifts.

You no longer see the trash in the streets, instead you see beautiful sky filled with birds and song.  At this higher level of awareness you can begin to see the interconnectedness to others.  Here, your intuition can begin to develop.

This is where your committed spiritual practice will move you to.   But wait!  There’s way more available to you if you will move up to a higher floor.  Now, at this higher level, you no longer have a reactive mind.

Your awareness of how life is flowing below you helps you to see we are all one, how what you experience at this higher level gets transferred down the levels to those stuck on the first floor that still smell the trash and hear the noise.  Your fascinated observer effect trickles down to help others.

In developing a practice and commitment to this higher powerful awareness called Intuition, you begin to help shift not only your perspective but you’ll be able to help guide others to do so as well.

Most importantly imagine how it all began with you shifting your awareness and allowing yourself to surrender in Faith to what is unseen and unknown to be able to become seen and known!

Pinky Swear!

Your Intuitive Insights will not come as easily to you without some practice.  Make an unbreakable commitment to your higher self to give yourself this time.

For me, my committed time is the first hour of my day, before the house is awake and my time is no longer my own.  It is a time where I can surrender to a power much wiser than my ego, and where I can gain insight into healing actions for a client, or receive guidance on where to look intuitively for answers.  It is also a time where I give over any notion of having any power so that the love and light of the Angelic Realm can have free reign over me.

It is not uncommon for them to give me an energetic adjustment, lifting out what is blocking me from having a great day or soothing any physical or emotional pain I am going through.

Most importantly, for me, this is a time for me to bask in the glorious loving arms of higher consciousness, something which, as any caregiver, parent, teacher, employer or employee knows all too well, can be disrupted without notice and instantly change the trajectory of your day.  I find if I wait til bedtime I am too tired and doing spiritual work can be fruitless.  If I try to fit it in during the day, I have to squeeze moments in that are not as powerful as they are in the mornings.  Find what works for you.  If you are a night owl, evening may be a wonderful time to do this practice.  If you can get away at lunch for a place of solitude for a regular practice, then do that.  Find a time that works for you and stick with it.  Even if all you can offer up is ten or 15 minutes each day.  You will soon come to realize the value of spending this time in quiet contemplation a gift you don’t want to give up and you will end up finding ways to fit in more and more.  I’m a perfect example of that.

Having this committed time just for me and my spirit is what gives me the strength to get through the days that can sometimes challenge every ounce of my being.  I commit to this time in order to trust this space of divine love is my saving grace.

This daily practice is what gives me the awareness of my Intuitive Insights and the truth they bring.  Especially when those intended to hear it reject it outright because it doesn’t fit their ego’s picture of what it should look like.  That is ok.

Intuitive Insights are meant to be a guide, a light shining on a problem or a situation that is not resolving.  Offer your Intuitive insights when asked, and learn to be ok with whatever choice the person makes with the information.  Not everyone wants or is ready to know truth.  Be ok with that, don’t take it personally.  Use your gifts for your own healing and benefit.  If you are called to help others, as I have been, wonderful!  If not, then use it just to make your life that much better.

I know I am not superwoman.  I also know that when I ask for help from the Angelic Realm, it is always given.  I cherish my morning hour with them.  More importantly, I trust the guidance they give me and I act accordingly, even when it seems a little crazy.

Trust Your Angels Always Show Up

There is a very popular health guru right now who claims Spirit tells him Angels are too busy to show up for you when you call them.   “Say what?”

Look, I’m no health guru, but I do have a lifetime of experience with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and Saints.  I’ve had spiritual visits from Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Angels whom I have a very deep personal connection with.  I know, in truth, what this person says is not accurate.

When an Angel is called, they are immediately present.  There are so many unemployed, bored Angels who are hanging around, just waiting for you to wake the #$%& up.

Where confusion may arise, is they speak to you in many ways, and without practice and/or an awareness of how they show up for you, that may cause you to believe they are too busy for you.  You would be mistaken.

Your Angel Team Wants To Help

Think of them as that shy neighborhood kid who won’t make eye contact with anyone.  You have to keep going out of your way to say hi, to hang out, to invite him over to play enough times that he starts to let his guard down.

Your Angels have tried so many times to reach you.  They whispered in your ear to walk but you ignored them.  They nudged you to go right when you were asking for help, but you got scared and went left instead, taking the familiar route over the unknown.

The Angels will tap you on the shoulder when you are doing something wrong, to help you make a different choice.  They put you behind a slow moving car on the highway, and block all of your attempts to pass because they are protecting you from an accident that is about to happen.

They push you out of the way of danger, causing you to trip or fall suddenly, skinning your knee, but saving you from being hit by a drunk driver that just jumped the curb ahead of you.  They will push you to have thoughts of doing more, giving more, seeing more, feeling more, loving more and knowing more, often without any apparent reason your mind can discern.

As you begin to develop an awareness, you may find yourself getting information about people or places around you.  Random words, names, thoughts, ideas that seem to come from nowhere, yet you know, in some place inside you, this information is true.  It doesn’t mean you have to act on it, only that you need to acknowledge receiving it as I did with that salesman.  When you do that, you will get more.  A simple “thank you Angels” in your mind is all they need to know you really heard them.

Open The Frigging Door!

All you have to do is say yes, show me why I’m here.  Give me the wisdom to know you are with me.  Help me to hear you through the noise of my daily life.  Your Intuitive Insight will be able to develop for you in ways you can begin to trust.  But you have to open the dang door and let them in.

You have got to invite them to come over and play with you.  Otherwise, they have no choice but to hang around, watching and waiting for you to wake up.  They cannot interfere with your free will and they cannot “make” you do anything you do not want to.

How I Do It

When I first began in earnest to learn how to apply my Intuitive insights, I started with little things.  Way before there was Caller ID, I would try to see if I knew who was calling.  You can still do that, just don’t look at your phone screen!  Of course, I have a smart phone system that announces who is calling, so that won’t work in my house anymore.  That brings up another point, which is that smart technology is making us dumber.  But that’s for another post.  Back to what you can do to teach yourself how to pay attention to your intuition.

If you do have a phone that doesn’t announce the Caller ID, pause for a few seconds and just feel for the energy of the caller.  Mentally note who you think it is before you look at the screen.  The more you practice this, the better you will get at sensing the energy of the caller.

A fun way I taught myself early in was by having friends write a word on a piece of paper anytime I met up with them.  It didn’t matter the word.  Then have them sign their first name and fold it up before giving it to me.  Don’t look at it before hand.  When I had a handful of these, I’d sit down in a quiet spot and do the following exercise.  If you want to challenge yourself further, have them write it on different colored paper or use different colored ink.

Build Your Intuition Exercise

For your practice, avoid sitting outside because there are too many distractions from passing cars, singing birds and barking dogs.  Instead pick a quiet spot in your home where you can block out all the distractions.  Take 3 deep, slow, belly breaths while imagining a golden white light entering through the top of your head.  With each breath you imagine it fills up your entire body and expands outwards about 3 feet in all directions.  This creates your sensory bubble, it is where you will access information in your field to begin fine tuning your Intuition.

  • Take a few more normal breaths, feeling yourself tingle from all the light you are bringing forth,
  • When you feel calm and quiet, pick a paper from your collection.  Do this with eyes closed.
  • Hold the paper in your open palms sitting on your lap, just letting the feel of the words come into your hands.
  • You don’t have to work your mind here, you are just sitting and allowing it to come up, like a cartoon in your mind, where the words come off the page and start scrolling past your forehead, just above your field of vision.
  • Let this play out for a few breaths, then, still with eyes closed, look up at this movie playing out in front of you.
  • Say the first thing you see and who you feel wrote it.  If you used colored ink or paper, add your impression of that too.
  • Open your eyes and read the paper.
  • Did you get the word and person’s name correct?  Maybe only one?  Or none?  It’s ok.
  • Get quiet, breathe deeply and repeat the exercise.
  • Practice this until you are consistently getting them all correct.

Using Your “Clairs”

We all have different ways our Intuitive senses work for us.  Some are mental intuitives which means you can simply know information, without knowing where it comes from.  It is just truth that vibrates at a frequency your awareness can identify.

Here are the three most common ways people will learn to use their Intuition, and from here, you can learn to expand your abilities if you so choose.

Clairvoyant Intuitives have a sensory awareness of this truth.  The literal meaning is having “clear sight”.  You will see information jump off the paper or out of someone’s throat.  This is where I learned when I see a baby poop color coming out of someone’s throat, they are lying.  You’ll develop your own way to know the truth the more you practice with it.

Clairaudient Intuitives hear information, this means “clear hearing”.  I will often hear a word or phrase whispered to me.  When you hold your paper, pay attention if you are hearing the word jump out at you or if you are seeing the word appear before you.  You may be like I am, and get both at different times.

Clairsentient Intuitves feel the truth, this literally means “clear sensing”.  The first time I became aware I could do Medical Intuition was when I could feel the physical pain of the person I was reading while at the same time receiving clairvoyant information.

Don’t Second Guess The Information

An example was when a middle aged man sat in front of me for a scan and I felt myself get punched in my gut.  It physically took my breath away and then I could feel him confused and in pain, all at once.   I looked at him and told him what I just felt.  Tears instantly filled his eyes and he lots his composure.  Then he told me how, when he was a toddler, his father came home from work angry that “he was not being a perfect baby” and proceeded to kick him across the room into a wall.

As he began to cry which turned into sobs, I witnessed hundreds of Angels surround him and lift him up.  When he had released the years of pent up emotion over the abuse he endured, he quietly said “I have never told anyone about that.  Not even my sister knows this happened.  And I’ve never been able to cry and let it out.”

Interestingly enough, prior to our session, he had already made a decision to visit his father to confront him about the abuse.  Once he released the trauma and emotion, he said he no longer felt the need to be an angry man and a poor dad to his kids because of what his father had done to him.  He felt peace for the first time that he could ever remember.

Now, I did not “do” anything for him.  I just held the energy open for him to be helped by the Angelic Realm.  I got to witness his transformation in that moment.

Had I second guessed that intuitive hit, the literal hit in my stomach and stifled my intuitive insights, he would not have had the healing he experienced in that moment.  This is the next step in your practice.

Don’t second guess the information you get.  The more you trust the information coming to you is truthful, the more you will be able to stay a clean and clear filter for the information to come through to you.

Keeping Your Skills Tuned

This skill set can be learned and applied by anyone willing to practice daily.  It will soon become second nature for you to access your Intuition and more importantly TRUST IT.  I mentioned in my previous post in Part 1 how I commit one hour every morning before my day gets started to this practice.

The free meditation you received for joining our newsletter is one of the processes I use daily.  If you haven’t signed up yet, the link is to the right of this post.  Some days I add the Archangel Raphael Meditation that takes you through every energy center in your system.  Other days I use many of the processes from the Master Angels, but I never go a day without a minimum of their free Emotional Repair and the purchased Soul Repair processes.

Angelic Processes are not the same as a meditation.  Angelic Processes are an opportunity for you to be surrounded by Master Angels who will support you in a multitude of transformational ways.  This is intentionally designed to help you become more consciously aware of them in your life.

Traditional methods of Meditation is also wonderful and it can bring you much peace and understanding but for transforming your entire being fast and powerfully, these Angelic Processes are the way to get there.  Both are good, I’ve just found using the Master Angel processes is more powerful and faster in my experience.

Put Some G-Force Into Your Practice

To use the Angelic Realm for developing your Intuitive Insight, consider using the Faith and Sensory Awareness Process along with the Geometric Repatterning ProcessPower Development is also an amazing transformative experience.  If you would like to experience them first, I would invite you to join one of my fellow practitioners who offers a weekly Sunday night process just for joining her newsletter.

Check out Lynzie Bailey’s wonderful free offer at her site The Bridge Inward.  Subconscious Repair will yield amazing results for you when listened to once per week.  It can be life changing and I highly recommend you consider checking it out.  While you’re there, consider supporting her beautiful energy by purchasing one of her meditations or her book.

Before I was introduced to the Master Angel processes, I was using a handful of different techniques and modalities.  You might want to check out ArathiMa or Kenji Kumara who both channel incredible light and healing energy.  They channel truth and I trust their work very highly.

I was always searching for a traditional meditation that would get me there.  Other than the Archangel Raphael healing meditation he downloaded to me back in 2014, I never found something I felt I could stick with.  Tools helped me gain trust into the insight but I kept feeling as if a piece was missing to really get my intuition where I knew it could be.  The Master Angel processes made the shift, and fast.  Use whatever method you are called to, but please commit to your practice.

Your Soul always knows the truth. Why not work with it instead of against it?

Regardless if you just want to be able to sense if something is developing in your pet or your child, or if you want insight into a business deal or if that house you are thinking of buying will really make you happy, your intuition is going to serve you well.  With practice, you will begin to trust the information that you get, even when it flies in the face of what others are telling you or trying to convince you to do.

Learn to feel the vibration of truth.

Intuition. Don’t leave home without it.