Learning Intuitive Animal Communication can work fast.  Animals and nature in general has very little resistance to connecting with you.  Information in general is always here, available for us to access, but we have to be in a space of energy where we can shut out all the noise and distractions.  Working with the natural world, animals, plants, trees can make for a great introduction into intuitive communication that you’ll be able to apply across all spectrums of energetic beings.

Finding quiet space can be a difficult thing to do in this day and age yet it is so important we find our way back to that peaceful inner knowing.  When we learn how to do that, we will always be guided by our higher self, easily connect with our Soul to find our higher power that shifts life into a gear you can’t even imagine possible.

First I want to share a personal story to highlight the reason trust and practice is necessary.

Learn To Trust

Several years ago I had been feeling a strong desire to have a female german shepherd, and I was quite actively searching for the right one for our family.  She had to be cat safe, and she needed be good with other dogs.

I began my search through Pet Finder and Breed rescue groups.  Finally, after months of searching, I found a female at a shelter in Southern California.  The shelter tested her in their cat room, and she was perfect.  Her temperament was sweet and I fell in love with her instantly.

However, at the same time as I’m on the phone with them, a rescue group came in person and took her.  Right out from under me.  She was gone.  I was given the name of the rescue group but they required I live in the area so that I could be checked out to prove I was legitimate.  I get that, but sadly it meant I had to let the idea of her go. My heart was broken.

After many months of searching, I gave up.  More exact, I surrendered.  I turned it over to the Angels.  I said out loud to them “Angels, take over, find me the perfect dog at the perfect time.  I clearly have no control over this.”  And I let it go.  I stopped looking, trusting the right dog at the right time would appear.

Months later, I was called to do a house clearing for a client.  Her husband had passed away in their home months before and she was feeling an uncomfortable presence.  I asked my Angel Healing time for guidance and was told to invoke Archangel Michael for protection.

It was magical how the room filled with angelic beings and I was able to speak to her husbands spirit.  The Angels cleared all of the stuck energy, lifted him up to the light so he could return to the source energy that created him.   His wife and I were both flying high on Angelic energies that were permeating her home, lifting, cleansing and purifying her space.  It was one of the most powerfully healing house clearings I have ever participated in.

When the house clearing was completed, I said my goodbyes, and got in the car to drive home.  I was  still strongly connected to the angelic energies that helped us.  My route home would take me left in order to get back on the freeway, but when I reached the intersection, the angels urged me to turn right.

I was beginning to question why, when I realized I was arguing with angels.  Duh.  Ok, I turned right and let them guide me.  They had me turn left on a road further up and follow that.  I’d not been in this area, I had no idea where I was being lead or why.  I just trusted.  They had me turn left again.  Then right.  And suddenly I was in front of the Animal Shelter. I had never been there before.

I sat parked at their front door chatting with my angels.  I think my actual conversation went something like this:

“Really?  You want me to go in?


“Ok.  Are you sure?”

Silence.  I hate it when they ignore me……but no answer is an answer.  It means just do it and stop asking questions.

I walked in, and was greeted by a volunteer.  I told her I was looking for a companion dog for my elderly greyhound.  Notice I was not specific with my request.  I didn’t know what the angels had in store for me, only that I was supposed to show up there.

Her response was “Oh, well we just had a female german shepherd released for adoption this morning.  You are the first one to see her.”

Of course I’m grinning ear to ear, I whispered “Thank You” because you and I know who orchestrated this match.

She took me back to kennel and I’m struck at how beautiful this dog is, but she is very shy.  She will not look at me.  I ask to take her outside to the yard so I can meet her properly.  She stands in one corner, no response to my presence.  No reaction to me at all.  I asked my Angel Team “Are you sure she is the one?”  They responded “yes” so I told the volunteer I would take her.  I had complete faith.

I had to wait 2 days for her to get spayed before I could pick her up.

In the meantime I needed to choose a name for her.  I asked the Angels to guide me and they showed me “Noelani” which in Hawaiian means a gift from heaven.  Well, that is just perfect isn’t it?

On pickup day, I sat with the kennel director who was crying happy tears that I was taking her home.  She explained how she had been abandoned by her family but by law they had to keep her in the back, unavailable until the owners officially surrendered her or enough time passed the law deemed her abandoned.  Her time was up the morning I arrived.

There are never coincidences.

Then the kennel director dropped a bombshell on me.  Or so she thought.  It turns out my new BFF came from a Spanish speaking family.  She did not know or understand any English.  Now the lightbulb went on in my head.  She didn’t respond to me because I was not speaking her language.  Ok, got it.  Note to self, next time ask the animal if it understands english!

The Angels knew exactly what they were doing.  I speak Spanish.  Every pet I’ve ever had was bilingual.  I told the director this was not going to be a problem.  She cried harder, telling me I had no idea how much she deserved to go to a good home.  Just then she was brought in the room.

I greeted her in Spanish, she ran to my side, and stuck like glue to me.  We have been inseparable ever since.  What is most amazing about this experience is the sequence of events that led me to her.  From a difficult house clearing requiring a high amount of angelic support, to more importantly, me listening to the guidance and acting on it.  That is always the key that will open the door to a smooth successful experience or suffering and challenge if you think you know better.

Trust me, you don’t know better.  Your Ego thinks you do, but that is not truth.

A big part of you learning how to trust your information and insights is to stop trusting the loud voice in your head that talks you out of listening to your intuition.  How?  By dropping into your heart first.

Drop Into Your Heart

Dropping into your heart simply means shift the focus from your head to your heart before you start seeking information.

Practice this a few times so you get used to the sensation that shifts as you drop into your heart versus staying in your head.  It is like a downshift of gears, where head level information can be fast and furious at a high RPM where downshifting into your heart makes the energy purr steady and strong.

With practice you will feel the physical shift into this frequency that just hums along.  Your body will relax, your mind chatter will slow down and eventually shut off and you may feel your heart expand, as if it is opening up and sending out love to everything it can.

To get to this space will require practice. This is why connecting with nature is simple and easier than learning on people, especially when starting out.  Think back to a time when you were in love with a pet, or just had a love for something in nature.  You felt light, your heart felt wide open, some might sense it as their heart exploding from love.  You want to hug and kiss the object of your affection, it is just a natural reaction.

That is you dropping into your heart.  We all know how to get there, we just have to remember and practice it until it happens on command, then eventually it will become a natural response.

If you don’t have a pet, practice with the neighbors parakeet through remote connection using a photograph, or take a walk in nature and ask for any animal that wants to chat to appear on your path.  You might find a tree that feels inviting.  Or a bumble bee might hover around you wanting to chat.  If it has life, it has the ability to communicate with you and you with them.

Don’t make it hard.  When you stay connected to your heart space, you will simply know things.  Your awareness will be calm and focused.  You will feel like you are in overdrive, gliding smoothly.  If you start having questions about your ability pop into your head, trust that is not coming from your heart space and drop back down into your heart and start again.

In the beginning it will be like a balloon that keeps floating back up into your head.  You will have to practice dropping back down into  your heart.  Don’t get frustrated with yourself.  If you find yourself getting upset, stop.  Take three slow deep breaths, and start again.  The Ego will continue to interfere until you can get this down.  Trust it is the process of learning and connecting.  Eventually, your ego will get out of the way as you begin to trust your skills.

Simple Steps For Practice

I said it was simple, but not always easy.  Practice, practice, then practice some more.  Then, all of a sudden, bam!  You are able to drop into your heart instantly and read an animal with skill, grace and accuracy.

Here are the basic steps.

  • Starting at your head, visualize an arrow pointing from between your eyebrows down into the center of your heart, but towards the back a little bit.
  • The arrow from your head to your heart has a color.  Note what that is.
  • Next, visualize your heart lighting up from the inside, and watch this light build until a new arrow appears.
  • With the person/animal/place you wish to communicate with in mind, either in person looking at them, or using a photograph for a remote connection, create an imaginary arrow line in your mind from your heart to theirs .
  • The arrow from the backside of your heart to the other person is a different color.  Whatever you see, trust those are the colors you need to work with.  These will change from person or animal to the next, don’t get stuck on it, just notice it.
  • Once you feel you are in your heart space, speak the person/animals name three times verbally.
  • Then imagine the arrow shooting from your heart to their heart along the line you created.  Notice anything that feels different.
  • You are now connected.  Some of you may feel a click, thud or a pressure to let you know you are connected.  Some may notice your body shifts into a slower gear or vibration, like it is humming at a different frequency from before.  If you feel nothing keep practicing.  In time, you will begin to feel the difference.

Now that you are connected, start with something easy.  It can be startling to hear their voice in your head, or for them to realize you can speak with them.  They may refuse to speak with you and they will give you a sign for what that means.

For example, a client of mine has been trying to speak with her dog but every time she does, the dog would turn away.  That is communication!  It may not be what you want, but the animal is communicating something with that response.  For my client it carried a specific meaning that made sense to her.  Don’t be quick to disregard anything at first look.  Intuitive Insights often comes from the smallest details.

Prepare Your Questions Ahead Of Time

It can be helpful to have a few prepared questions on paper to start the chat with.  As you practice, start with simple yes/no questions or one word answers.  As you begin to trust your insights, you can begin asking complicated questions, but save that until you are consistently getting accurate insights first.  You might start with questions you have answers to already.

You might ask if they have a name or you can ask if they like the name they have been given.  If you feel you are strongly connected, ask if they have a name they prefer to be called.  Listen for an answer within your mind.  Don’t second guess it, just take note.

Ask if they like to lay in the sun, play in the yard, chase birds, whatever you already know the answer to.  This helps you start to trust the information, as you compare what you hear or see from intuitive insights to what you know to be true.

One you get consistent responses to questions like this, begin to make the questions more difficult.  It won’t be hard for the animal to respond, it will however, require you pay close attention to the information you get.

This might be questions around their preferences, do they like the food you are feeding them, is there a neighborhood dog they like or want to avoid, or what can you do to help them safe?  I asked a clients dog that once and he showed me a sign that his owners could give him to know that everything is ok.  Trust the information, don’t second guess it, just note what it is.

As you practice at higher and higher levels, you may begin to notice physical sensations or start to see people, names or faces in response to your questions.  One of my cats hated men for a while after she adopted us.  She showed me someone with steel toed boots kicking her.

For my BFF, she refuses to have her photo taken.  When I asked her why, she said because she never wants to be found by her previous owners.  She has shown me mental pictures of her being abused, beaten and otherwise harmed.  I honor her wishes and will not post her photo here.  Not that she’d let me, anytime I try to catch her off guard for my own enjoyment, I always end up with a photo of her butt.

Or maybe you’ll start being able to understand behavioral issues better as you begin asking questions.  The photo of one of my dogs licking my face during the photo shoot I shared last week, was him thanking me for not giving up on him.  He is a very strong willed and highly reactive boy who also came from an abusive situation.  He wants to please me so much so, that if my BFF is slow to recall when I call her, he will go after her and bark in her face.

I can hear him yelling at her “Mom is calling you.  You’d better come right now!”  I can also hear her answer back to him “I am old.  I’ll get there when I get there.”  It can be quite hilarious listening in on their growls and barks to discern what is being said. To the non-discerning ear, it might sound like they are fighting.

Different Ways To Chat With Animals

Animals and all of nature that I’ve encountered responds to my questions through a number of ways.  If you have a behavioral concern, for example, and you are not getting results from training, ask the animal what it needs from you to help him/her learn new behaviors.

You may see a movie in your mind they are projecting to you of them running in a field of flowers.  If they don’t get to run off leash or perhaps don’t have a lot of play time, they may be telling you they long for some freedom to run themselves out in play.

If you want to give information or feedback to the animal, create a vision in your mind of what behavior you would like them to model to make you happy.  Then send it to them from your heart connection but see it go up into their minds eye and get accepted.

Animals love to speak in pictures.  This is why they are so psychically aware and know when you are 15 minutes from home and they start getting excited, or they know you getting ready to leave them home when you haven’t even had your breakfast yet.  They see the thoughts you have as pictures that tells them what is coming.

To change behaviors, change your thoughts to seeing a barking dog as calm, peaceful and relaxed.  To help them handle fear at the Vets office, before you leave home, connect to them and send them mind pictures of you happy, smiling with them on their leash, also happy and smiling.  Show them a visit that is fun, with lots of smells and treats waiting for them at the end of it.

I guarantee when you learn how to connect with them in this way, you will enjoy a happier life with your pets.  They will know what to expect and what you expect from them.  More importantly, you’ll start to know what it is they want and need from you.

Try this out with training exercises to see how much easier and fun it can be for both of you.  It also reinforces your animal communication skills to the point you won’t have to go through the basic connection steps, it will simply be automatic and you will intuit information as it ebbs and flows through energy grids that surround us.

This way you can start using your skills with people, events, relationships and whatever else your life calls out to you.  You’ll have trust the information you’re getting is not imagination, and you will be much stronger and clearer in all of your interactions going forward.

Don’t Forget To Disconnect!

Anytime you connect to have your intuitive insight chat, you always want to disconnect when you are done.  If you stay connected, you can create problems for yourself and who you connected with.  More on this at the end of this post.

I think this is the most important step ~ to disconnect your heart space from theirs.  It is not healthy nor recommended that you stay connected at the heart level for either of you.

Complete your communication session by touching something of the Earth.  Step barefoot on grass, touch both hands to a tree, kneel on the floor if it is made from wood and knock on it, rinse your hands and face with clean water and simply repeat verbally “Disconnect, disconnect, disconnect.”  Now you can go about your day.

Over time, as your intuitive practice becomes second nature, you will begin to receive intuitive information without having a formal connection.  This is great and what we hope to have happen as you grow into your practice.  However, once per day, it is always advisable, such as before bedtime, to disconnect from anyone or anything you have connected with through your subconscious or hidden subconscious mind.  If you like to shower before bedtime, this is perfect timing for disconnect requests.  I often do it right before I fall asleep, using a specific crystal I have programmed for that task.  Find what works for you and do it daily.

I often find I was “slimed” by someone passing in a store or car.  Their energy can be so invasive that it jumps onto mine as we cross paths.  If you find you are becoming a magnet for others to attach to you, and this includes animals, you may disconnect more often.

Special Training Offer

I know it can be a bit scary building your intuitive insights.  You may tend to question yourself and not trust any information that is trying to come through.  This is why practice is necessary if you ever hope to be proficient enough to trust the insights you get.

I sat with the Angels and asked how I could support your accuracy after you’ve gained some practice time and they gave me this idea.

Order an Animal Communication Session on your pet.  I will do a session, and you will do a separate session on your pet.  Then we will spend 30 minutes together going over your information to help you learn how accurate you are and where you may need a little support to improve your practice.

Your pet will have a full animal communication session with the Angels and you may very well discover you are using your Intuitive Insights already.  In the order comments please enter “Blog” so I know you are ready for some extra training and support.

Announcing My New Book

I’ll be addressing all of this information in my upcoming book, channeled by the Angelic Realm. It is about going deeper into using your animal intuitive skills and how to hone your connection so that when your pet is ready to cross over, you will know what they need from you.

There is nothing more empowering than knowing you are making the right choice for your sweet pet at the time they need you the most.  This will eliminate any guessing, either by you or their veterinarian.  Your skills and ability to connect with your four legged baby will serve you and them well if you will practice and learn what we will teach you.

I’ve spoken with many pet parents who have beaten themselves up because they worry they waited too long or chose too soon.  It can haunt you and cast a shadow on having future pets if can’t forgive yourself.  We are writing this book to help all pet owners get a firm connection they can trust with their pets long before the time comes to say goodbye.

Losing a pet is hard, the Angelic Realm wants to help you learn how to help them through the process.   I will include a very special chapter on using the Spirit Release Ceremony I use personally with my own animals and clients.

I’ll share more details on the book when it is ready.  Thanks for reading with me. Now go practice!