Here is a fun and easy way to develop your Intuition ~ Practice with Nature!  Dogs, cats, bees, trees, animals at the zoo, injured animals you see on social media, and yes, angels are all great to practice with.  Truly there is no limit to how much practice time you can use to build your insight and start trusting it.

One area of Intuitive requests that I get a lot from clients is for Animal Communication.  We all want to have the inside track to why our cat won’t stop crying or why the neighbors dog won’t stop barking.  You can jump to the head of the pack (pun intended) when you practice communicating with animals or the natural world.  One reason we can quickly build our intuition using animals is they can open your heart chakra, it is nature forcing you to connect.

Animals, more specifically pets, often pick you.  They have an awareness that is keen and tuned into those around them.  In Part 2 I will be sharing a personal intuition story about one of my dogs and how she was meant to become my pet.  It is phenomenal the lessons animals can teach us, from our health to our mental state.  All it takes is learning how to tune in and trust the information.

There are many online and in person courses developed to help you learn how to talk to animals.  I took two in my early years as I was developing my own Intuitive Senses.  I’d like to say they blew the lid off of my ability to intuit what an animal wanted or needed, but truthfully, they seemed to regurgitate the same information and exercises that you would use to learn to do an Intuitive reading on anyone or anything. I never finished either course.  Hopefully I’ll save you some time and money with this series.

My take on this is simple.  Once you learn how to trust yourself and the information you are getting through your intuitive insights, you can apply it to anyone, anything, any place, anywhere.  The process of accessing your intuition is the same, the only thing that changes is the subject.

The important thing to remember is once you trust your intuition, it will serve you anywhere. We don’t have to make it harder for ourselves.

Your Intuition Is Swirling Already

I guarantee you are already intuitive.  You already get gut feelings and spidey tingly sensations that makes the hair on your arms and head stand up.  You are already accessing information from energy fields that swirl all around you.

That is how you know if you like someone off the bat, or if that open house you just visited is THE house for you or that business felt icky and you don’t want go back again.  You already sense someone who has bad intentions.  That sense of knowing that turns your awareness on high and you look up from your book in the library or you check your mirrors for someone following a little too closely.

These signs are always with us, but we have learned how to turn them off, to put them on ignore and talk ourselves into imagining things.  Learning to trust your Intuition will help you stop ignoring the signs that are trying to get your attention.

Imagination Is Needed For Intuitive Insight

Why has societal norms made it a bad thing to acknowledge your inner knowing, or that truth that is screaming at you to pay attention to.  There is so much of the unseen world that is affecting you moment to moment and sadly for many, they will continue to deny or ignore it til their last breath.

Readers who have been with me a while know why I am fond of saying you always get to choose.  Choose to pay attention to the information or choose to ignore it.  You will be right either way.

Anyone who follows social media and the mainstream news media has, at some point, realized you are being fed line after line of untruths.  You are being expected to believe what they want you to and my question to that is why?  Why do these media outlets deem you less qualified to know the truth?  Did you give them permission to keep you in the dark?

From decisions to protect you from knowing about the truth about UFO’s or if there are Terrorists in your midst, there has been an ongoing attempt to hide information, and therefore, truth from the unsuspecting public.  

Nothing has magnified this fact as the current media monopoly controlling your ability to think, regardless which way you want to lean.

The powers at the helm of controlling that information will bias it to their slant, making it all the more important that you become aware if there is any potential sinister side to their untruths.  There may not be, but how would you know if you don’t develop your own intuition and learn how to trust it?

Control Your Own Intuitive Truth

Before I teach you how to learn to trust your Intuition, you first must understand why currently, you may not.

He who controls humanity controls your thinking, your health, your welfare, your status in the world, your happiness and especially your thoughts.  If they are in control of what you are thinking is true, because they have designed media to trigger emotional reactions that will blind you to their subterfuge, the opposite is also true, and perhaps more to the point.

No society can remain in power when its citizens are allowed to think for themselves.  Read that again.

Science Fiction, Thrillers and Fiction often have a hero or heroine who has fallen out of the fog from controlled thought and come to realize the truth of something sinister being thrust upon the unsuspecting.  Truth is stranger than fiction.  This is not a post about conspiracy theories or being anti-government, but it is about understanding why anyone with less than Godly motives, would want to have control over you.

Stay with me for a second, I promise to bring this back around to talking to animals.

If you have ever discovered you began to believe lies as truth, what would be the most valuable tool you could possess that could guide you through life when everyone around you is also believing these same lies?  Just look at the divisiveness that has become the new normal in the world.  The virus that is spreading hatred on both sides blurs the lines of sanity, and therein hides truth. Learning to trust your Intuition can help you bypass this conundrum.

Lies Can Seem True When We Lose Our Intuition

How many people do you know who have broken off lifetime friendships because of political or health choice differences?  There are people who have so much anger at the wrongs of the world because they may be believing lies as truth.

People heal when they feel heard, yet way too many people in power can no longer hear the other’s view point.  Differing opinions are shut down.  How many people have had families split down the center because Dad and Mom vote one way and the kids vote the opposite?  How many times have you had to walk away because you were not being heard?

Middle ground, conversations and open debate are no longer tolerated.  Why?  Because powerful players are convincing you to believe untruths.

Mainstream media focuses on ratings, news stories are delivered according to the right or left leaning of the presenter, while social media has desensitized us by regularly feeding the vitriol of which ever side you pick to follow.  It happens so constantly it prevents you from taking time to gauge where you fall into the spectrum of truth or untruths.

We are falling into a dangerous pattern of finding life too hard to deal with much beyond what is presented to us on a platter. Too many people are simply following the “that feels right to me” method of accepting something as true instead of actually applying their intuition to know.

If this is you, the need for you to practice your intuition becomes even more imperative.

Truth Is Not An Opinion

What if you could use your intuition and trust truth that can’t be swayed by opinion?  When you learn how to use your Intuitive Insights, you will be able to detach from the drama of which ever side you are drawn to.   You will be able to trust the truth of the information you are getting.

Being able to see what is going on, how people are manipulated and turned into sheep for the glory of one side over the other, will not include you anymore.  You can choose to say no to the drama and the lies and return to a way of living that is peace filled.

You will be able to see, know and feel truth when it is present.  You will also be able to see, know and feel untruth when it is present.  What a gift!

Intuition Gives You Power

The Angelic Realm is offering this choice to you if you will commit to your Intuitive practice.  More importantly, your ability to discern and choose who/when/what/where you will listen to these untruths will be made intelligently, without emotion.  That gives you power.

Do you see why it behooves those who seek to control you to keep you confused, angry, upset with the need to be right instead of happy?  Happy people don’t need to buy into untruths.  I hope you choose to become one of them.

What a perfect way to reclaim your power.  Learning how to trust your Intuitive Insights requires practice.  The fast, easy and fun way to practice learning how to trust your information is to practice your skills with animals!

Animals and the Natural World Has No Resistance

When you begin to apply what you learn through Intuition to the animal world, you will be surprised at the ease of communication you will have with them.

There are animal behaviorists who will read an animals posture, watch eye movement and look for signs of fear or aggression.  That is not what animal communication entails.

Have you ever noticed children when they play with the family pet?  They have conversations with them quite easily.  They chatter away with them and the animal responds through ways the child understands and the conversation carries on.

You may feel amused and encourage the interactive play as entertainment.  You may even try hard not to laugh out loud so your child doesn’t get feelings hurt.  Come on, I know you’ve probably done something like that.

Just as children are very open to this connection with animals, so are the animals.  In fact, they want you to hear them.  They want you to understand what they need.  It helps them to trust you know what they want, to know if they are sick or if they are ready to leave their body and cross the rainbow bridge.  Animals rarely resist conversations with you.

In the next segment I will teach you the actual steps, so thank you for reading with me this far.  Until next time, choose to be well and check out this wonderful story about a deaf man and a deaf dog.  Angelically connected I have no doubt.