You Are Not All The Same

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

There was no way I could have learned how to heal myself had I not observed and listened to other people’s mistakes and taken heed of what didn’t work. Using other people’s experiences is always helpful but with one caveat please! You are a unique individual. Your cellular makeup, trauma history, toxic exposures, vaccinations and emotional conditioning will always affect you in ways it won’t affect others.

Learn from others, but LISTEN to your own body. That is how you heal.

Sometimes Your Symptom Is Not The Cause

Just yesterday I did a session with a client who had injured her ankle and it was not healing as fast as she’d hoped. Using my method of intuitive scanning and angel realm work, I was able to help her identify the real reason why she was not seeing results.  Hint:  It had very little to do with the actual injury.   Once we addressed it together, magically, this morning, the pain and swelling was gone and she reported the best sleep of her life.

During her session, we barely addressed the physical issues.  Instead, my attention was directed to other people’s beliefs she had accepted as her own and emotional traumas that were standing in the way of her self healing. Once we did processes to clear that stuck energy, her body took over and she has turned the corner.

Healing doesn’t always come from the obvious, it often comes from the unknown.  Read that again.  Healing doesn’t always come from the obvious!

You are a Synergistic Trinity

It boggles my mind how so many people believe a one size fits all method of medicine, when there is actually very little within each of us that are the same.  Sure, we all have skin, bones, blood, muscle but what makes up those organs sand body systems contains a multitude of seen and unseen forces and combinations that nothing in traditional medicine can ever catch up to.  At least, not without seeing the physical body as part of a trinity of synergy that can only truly heal when the spirit and mind are also balanced.

Learning how others have healed themselves should always be your goal as a self healer.  While it may not work for you and your unique makeup, it does give you a starting point to expand from.

There Is No One Size Fits All In Healing

Learn from their mistakes, but more importantly learn what works for the wonderful magnificent amazing unique you.  Here’s a clear example of that.  Two people have physical pain.  One chooses a traditional medical route of pain medication, rest and moist heat to the point of pain.

The other chooses massage therapy, Arnica homeopathic remedy to heal the cellular trauma, and gentle yoga stretches.

Who do you think will HEAL the fastest?

In traditional medicine the purpose of medication is mostly to SUPPRESS symptoms so that you can go about your daily life and not have to feel the discomfort.  The pain medication hides the fact that you are hurting in your body, the trauma is still there, you simply no longer feel it.  Is it healed?  For some, they may say yes.  Great!  Until they re-injure themselves or become addicted to the pain medication.

In a Wholistic approach, the massage therapy breaks up the lactic acid buildup in the tissue contributing to pain, and helps to relax the physical self while the homeopathic remedy seeks to reverse the memory in the cells of the trauma in hopes of preventing re-injury, while the yoga or whatever their choice of gentle movement is creates a focused mind.

The deep breathing from those movements increases oxygen to all of the cells all while gently moving all of the body parts that need help pumping the traumatic tissue out of their system.

Which Method Heals?

Is one right and one wrong?  That is up to the individual.

When you make a choice to heal, you are making a choice to take responsibility for your body (massage/homeopathy), mind (yoga) and spirit (yoga etc.).

When you make a choice to stop the pain at all costs, you are choosing medication, rest and heat/cold therapy.

Both work depending on the level of responsibility for their own healing.  Certainly in an emergency, I would personally want both.

For example, when I fell and broke my hand and wrist a few years ago, I went to the Emergency Room.  I saw an orthopedic doctor who oversaw the broken bones.  However, I also immediately took responsibility for my own healing.  Beyond the first night of pain management medication, I never used it again.  The homeopathic remedies I used instead eliminated the need for me to need opioid pain medications.  I took a 12 week recovery period and turned it into 5 1/2 weeks by taking responsibility for my choices.  Why was I driven to do this?

When I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue/Multiple Sclerosis I used all of medicines options.  I did not heal.  In fact, I became much sicker.

For me, relying solely on medicine to “fix me” was not working.  I made a choice to always take responsibility for my own health.

Healing Takes Your Lifetime

Remember healing is not a straight line,  It is not point A to point B.  You will have ups and downs.  You will flare yourself up, get reinfected or re-injured if you have a point of weakness that has already been set in your body’s energy field.

Through learning your body’s signals, understanding your limits and choosing not to exceed them, you will learn how to manage your healing.

Healing is not something you do once and it’s over.  Well, not unless you have direct intervention from God.  Sometimes our healing journey is for our growth, for us to learn how to heal, not so much as to be healed.  Mistakes, those we make and those we learn from others, helps us grow.

The length of time it takes you to get that is up to you.

Miracles are real.  They happen all the time when you allow it.  Were it not for the miracles of the Angelic Realm I would not be here today writing to you.

What will it take for you to learn from mistakes and invite your own miracle?