There is no doubt we are all going through exceedingly challenging times.  The Earth’s Energy Grid is upgrading to higher vibratory frequencies and taking all inhabitants with her, like it or not.  That may seem like mumbo jumbo new age woo woo stuff but I promise you it is very real and is affecting each and every one of us.  The measurement of the Earth’s Schumann Wave has been steadily increasing over the past few years, at times spiking up before settling back down to a higher frequency.

For some it is easy going, smooth sailing, no problem.  For others it is like learning to drive a stick shift transmission when all the vehicles are self driving hover craft. There is a lot of stopping, starting, screeching brakes, grinding gears and false starts.  That kind of describes my entry into the world of driving stick shift anyway.  Until you get the feel of the clutch slipping into gear as you shift to increase or decrease speed, you will be jerky at best.  Once you find that sweet spot, oh boy, you start figuring out how to pop the clutch and downshift while speeding down the highway to do tricks with your car.

Right now, these times feel very similar.  We are being bombarded with chaotic nodes from the Solar System.  It is like trying to move forward without engaging the clutch to get you into gear.  Many people have learned to ignore the noise and get on with living their life by asking for a protective bubble of light to surround and protect.  When we were still learning to live in this 3D world, that was ok for a baby step, but we are on our Master’s Thesis right now and that ship has sailed.

A protective bubble, while it may sound enticing, is actually quite limiting.  What is in the bubble stays in the bubble.  It defeats the purpose of allowing grace to flow so you can learn to be in the world and not of it.  In the most simple of terms, it makes you a victim.  You unwittingly create victimhood when you pray for a bubble of protection.  You are saying to the Universal Forces of Nature “I’m in fear.  Don’t let the boogey man in.”  Fear creates a disconnect and during these times of high frequency blasts, can you see how you may unknowingly be creating more conflict for yourself?

Strengthen Your Light Grid Instead

Energetically, in the Quantum Field of Information we are swimming in, there are grid patterns that creates a matrix of information and reality.  The level of quantum reality you access is based on how strong your Light Grid is.  For example, a simple quantum reality is your love of nature at the level of the beauty it creates.  The flowers, the colors, the scents, the shapes and the feeling of joy you get when you spend time in that part of nature.

A different layer of awareness of quantum reality is recognizing the patterns, the Fibonacci sequence found in all the designs of nature, and the communion and communication with the trees, plants, insects and elementals on your property.  You will still enjoy the beauty, colors, smells but you feel a stronger connection to the energy it is bringing in and how there are unseen forces helping you create this sanctuary.

A different and higher vibratory awareness of quantum reality is when you see orbs of light, spot a faery light, or begin to notice the natural world is trying to communicate with you.  It can go higher and deeper the more you access these vibrational light fields, and I recommend you begin to practice that on your own.

The way you do this is to strengthen your light grid.  Do you see the difference in asking for protective bubbles, how it closes in on you and makes you less than you can be, while expanding and strengthening your light field allows you to access, see, sense, feel and be in the higher dimensional quantum realities.  It can be hard to wrap our head around the notion there is a lot more to the unseen world than we see with our eyes.  The brain only sees what it already believes, so feeling safe behind a bubble can bring comfort but it limits access to your power.

When you train the brain to see what you believe, there is a whole new level of light and energy that becomes available to you for access.

A strong light grid provides protection by expanding your energy and allowing your warrior soul to break free.  A protective bubble retracts that light and keeps you locked into victimhood.

Silicone or Peanut Butter?

I liken it to the difference between Silicone and Peanut Butter.  A strong Light Grid grows larger and larger, anchoring in light and consciousness of higher frequencies.  It pushes out from your core and can grow as large as you want.  My average Light Grid is twelve miles in circumference.  When I’m doing my work, I expand that out to encompass the entirety of Earth and beyond in multiple layers of light the Angels have shown me.

My Light Grid takes others with me along for the Light Ride.  One time I expanded so far out into the Ethers, I was cautioned by Archangel Metatron, it was actually quite funny.  I found myself in a dark void of nothing-ness.  It just was what it was and I was moving through it to access the highest light on the other side of it.  Suddenly I hear a voice that booms out “What are you doing here?”

Gulp.  I knew immediately it was Archangel Metatron.  I stumbled through an apology, explaining that I was trying to reach a layer of Light on the other side.  He laughed and said “Of course, I’m just kidding, keep going.”   Whew.  I thought I was in trouble!

As I looked back down from where I’d come, I could see all these light grids, encircling the earth and expanding out into the ethers where they would interconnect and glow.  The lights were bright, beautiful and felt so loving.

I could also see a few protective bubbles.  They were darker, hard to see as they seemed to pop in and out of brightness, never long enough to see any interconnectivity.  It was like looking through a lens smeared with peanut butter.  It did not feel safe or good, just cold and fearful energy that had tricked people into believing they were safe inside it.  When someone would try to shine their light through the bubble it would bounce back onto them,  hence the little glimpses of Light I could see here and there that did not stay lit.

As you roll around through the limiting lens of life in your bubble, peanut butter gets spread on the outside and you can’t see what is coming at you.  Everything starts to stick, negative and positive.  Eventually what is on the outside of your bubble finds a way to puncture its way in and you become the victim you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Which sounds and feels better to you?  Sometimes, in an emergency, a protective bubble is needed to become invisible to harm.  For example, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can request the bubble of protection to hide you from those seeking to cause harm, just long enough to escape to a safer space where you can anchor your light grid in and expand it out so these forces can’t attach to you.  Be Wonder Woman.  Cross those arm bracelets and deflect it all back, letting nothing attach to you.

I Needed Help

I recently had a real life experience of that with my new puppy.  At 12 weeks old, he broke a leg.  In fact, he broke his leg the day after I wrote my last blog post.  A week into that, I awoke from my exhaustion to fully realize he had negative entity attachments, some were demonic.  I do not recommend anyone play in this realm, it is not for the light hearted or fearful.  When dealing with entities you have to be strong and firm, without emotion and have an impenetrable Light Grid.

I could see my pups eyes change when a demon would step up.  He would literally go from sweet puppy to crazed Cujo in a flash.  In fact, he had a prolonged period of non-stop growling, biting, screaming, barking exacerbated by one of the medications he was given. He was growling even while eating!  I weaned him off of that immediately and sought help to rid him of these entities.

Entities can be picked up anywhere, anytime.  Negative energies can attach to furniture, some antiques can carry that energy from a previous owner, homes can be hot spots.  Cars, buses, your puppy……or your husband who has lost his discernment and is an open vessel for these ‘hitchhikers’ to make themselves at home, often while calling their friends in for a party.  Keeping him clear of these things is a full time job, and some of the stories I could tell you would raise your hair and give you chills. Again, this is not something to play with.  I am called to work in this area, it is why I have angel warriors that kick ass and take names.  Most people do not and should not be entering this realm at all.  Please, take this quite seriously.  Do not mess with Entities unless you have been guided to do so very clearly and with training.

In my exhaustion with day to day caregiving and the added duties having to carry a growing puppy everywhere when he was not crated, I had failed to keep up with it, and hubby ended up with 33 different entities invading him, while my puppy took on 11 of them; 3 of them were demonic.

Animals are especially sensitive to this and depending on their dharma or life path, they may attempt to remove those entities by taking them on themselves. Cats are really good at helping to transmute a lot of them, but if they are older, frail or ill themselves, they too can be hosts.  My cat has taken to sleeping with my husband to help him while I was sidetracked with the puppy.

Once I knew with certainty my pup was affected I had to act immediately.  Because of the exhausted state I was in, I would be setting myself up for problems if I made contact with these entities on my own.  I was not in a place where I could be strong when I was sleep deprived.

I asked the angels for guidance and they led me to an animal healer that was able to remove my puppy’s interlopers and help both of us get back to normal.  Back in a place of power, I am getting more sleep again, as is the puppy, and there are no more outbursts of biting, growling and constant barking.  As soon as the entities were removed, everything felt better.  While my light grid was strong, even through exhaustion, I intuitively knew I needed someone else to do the heavy lifting this time.  The Angelic Realm never lets me down.  Sometimes it is ok to let someone else help you.  Even when you are the healer.

Work From A Place Of Power

Who doesn’t love being around people who exude rays of sunshine out their butts?  We all know them.  They flit through life, nothing slows them down, no matter how difficult their path is, they never quit, they never stop showing up for their life and they keep expanding their light grid.  They are working from a place of power by expanding their light onto your path, helping show you the way to your own light grid.

If you are safely ensconced in a bubble of protection, you may miss those chances to fly high and be free of fear.

Of course, you always get to choose, what I’d like for you to consider is using your power to be silicone to the chaotic nodes and stop being peanut butter.  Here is how I do it:

Create a Toroidal Field of Rainbow Gold Energy.  Begin by imagining you are breathing in from beneath your feet rainbow light with gold sparks that pop and sizzle as it moves up your legs and up into your torso.

Create a second toroidal field at the level of your heart, watch it spread as wide as possible, front to back, side to side and have the first toroidal field join it as they each maintain their own frequency.  Allow this energy to move up into your head, through the top of your head and up into the ethers as high up as you can sense it flowing.  Feel for a connection to that higher frequency and observe it start to bubble over and back down over your field, creating a cycle of never ending energy that flows from the heavenly realms down through the core of the earth and out into infinity.

As above, so below.  See yourself floating in the middle of this field of light and allow yourself time to let it expand further and further out until you feel it has gone as far as it can for you to feel safe and strong.

You can read more about the torus field to grasp the enormity of what you are generating and how it will interconnect you with all of the Universe with enough practice.  Simply allow it to flow and just feel what comes up.  Pains, aches, emotions, mental conflicts, whatever…..just watch the rainbow light carry it up and away, the energy is always flowing from below your feet up into the ethers.  Stay in this field for as long as you like.

When you are ready, ask for your toroidal field to connect with the Light Grids of Universal Consciousness.  You may feel yourself shining brighter, or you may sense you are outside of your physical body looking out into the vastness of the many Light Grids not seen to you before now.  Nothing is wrong, scary or unsafe as long as you remain in this energy field.

See if you can feel your Light Grid become wider, taller, longer, deeper within you.  Imagine every cell in your being is carrying this Light Grid, that your entire millions and millions of cells are all interconnected with the Light Grid, giving you healing, strength, wisdom, intuition, courage, awareness and discernment for what is actually true versus what your mind tells you is so.

You may find new thoughts and information coming through that may be opposite of what your conscious mind believes to be real and true.  It’s ok to simply acknowledge silently this is uncomfortable and ask for it to be slowly integrated into your awareness so you can carry on with your daily living.  Over time, and with practice, your higher self will begin to feel more comfortable as you begin to trust the information coming to you is not made up, woo woo nonsense.

Through the power of your Light Grid, you will begin to enjoy moments of pure blissful joy, or what I call the ‘Chesire cat grin’ where you are so zoned out all you can do is smile inwardly and outwardly.

To close out of your practice, you may ask the toroidal field to continue running in the background or you may ask your light grid to grow a bit slower, there is no wrong way to apply it.  Practice practice practice and you will soon find yourself automatically generating your toroidal field and being happier in your higher vibrational Light Grid.