As it sit down to write this blog post, I am in total and utter exhaustion.  I am working off a few hours sleep a night for the past month for 2 reasons.

One, my husbands decline into Alzheimer’s Disease has progressed rapidly.  His physical ability to function is shrinking.  In the past 10 days alone I have had to call the fire department to help get him up from a fall 7 times.  Most of these falls are when I am busy with my other responsibilities and have stepped away for a few minutes, or with number two – a puppy.  I can’t blame the puppy and certainly I can’t blame my husband.  What is blame anyway but a misguided effort from our ego to not want to face the truth about our own issues.  I don’t play the blame game.

I’m not one to run from taking responsibility for my own health, my healing ability or my life situation because of my choices.  But what happens when those choices are thrust upon you and you have to punt?  I am learning to become especially good at adjusting mid-step to situations.  Having children or puppies, teaches you to be resilient, resourceful and quick on your feet.

It simply becomes harder when you are sleep deprived, and that leads to the exhausted mindset I’m courting right now.  The puppy, who came home at 8 weeks of age and is now 12 weeks old, has figured out that if I’m sitting at my desk working, that is the perfect time for him to sleep at my feet.  One move to go back to bed for a nap signals his activity and rest is off the table.  At my age, a puppy……what was I thinking????

Especially when full time caregiving a spouse that is never going to get better and his needs always take precedent over my own.  Until I remember that I count too and he has to wait for me to, oh, for example, go pee or make myself some lunch because I’ve been running non-stop and it’s already 3 pm and I’m empty except for 1 cup of coffee and a half a flax muffin at some point after the animals have been fed, pottied outside and re-settled for a bit in the early hours of the morning.  I’m not complaining, just describing how crazy life has gotten and will continue to unfold into 2021.

So how can any of us make 2021 matter more than just trying to survive it?  If 2020 showed us anything, it is that nothing is real, nothing can be relied upon for tomorrow and all choices are ours to make when we use our discernment.  That showed me how no one can make you happy except for yourself.

Empathy or Sympathy?

One down side to being as empathic as I am, is it gives me the ability to see and feel what others are experiencing.  If someone is being abused, for example, I experience it through their eyes.  I feel their emotions, pain.  I feel the assault as if it were happening to me.  Multiply that times 7 billion and you get an idea how exhausting it can be to be me if I were to allow myself to be that open.  I try not to.  If you are empathic, you may have a different level of experiencing this ugliness.  Either way, we all need to learn what our limits and boundaries are and stick to that.  Especially when others want to judge you or worse, question your sanity.  I always joke that I hear voices that aren’t mine, but if I’d said that even 50 years ago, I’d be locked up in an asylum.  Today, I see a lot of mental health diagnoses stems from empathic and intuitive people who have not had training to discern what or whom the voices belong to.  Clearly, this needs to change.

For me, I made an agreement with the Angelic Realm back in the 1990’s when my intuition was wide open.  I requested they only tell me the truth about a situation and not show me the details of anything violent, especially as it relates to a child or animal.  They have been wonderful with me, allowing me to continue my work without having to see ugly details, but yet give me the information in a way that I can still help those who seek my work.

2020 Changed Everything

That has all changed since 2020 and the web of deceit, fake news, trickery, evil and satanic forces boldly allowed themselves to be in full view of the mainstream.  People began sending me interviews, videos, detailed reports of such horrific acts, I literally could not sleep for 2 weeks.  I could hear and feel a lot of it and begged the Angels to stop it.  It can also have a negative effect on you if you are watching/reading and sharing them in the hope of waking people up, simply the act of doing so can bring negative karma onto you for pushing this on those who are not ready.  As they say to writers, always know your audience and write to that.  Same applies here.

If you know your Aunt Ethel has a weak stomach and would fall apart to know children are being harmed for dark reasons, it will reflect negatively upon you if you try to get her to ‘wake up’ to truth.  Conversely, if your cousin Lennie loves horror flicks and graphic novels and you send him information that feeds that need in him, it will reflect back upon you as well in a negative manner.  Enabling evil is not better than forcing one who is not ready to confront it.  As I’ve shared before, truth has many layers.  What Aunt Ethel can handle as truth may not be the whole truth, but it may enough of the truth to get her attention.

This leads me to the whole ‘fake awake’ movement and how it has taken a life of its own.  Do not feed that animal.  Know your audience.  If someone is open to knowing, that is one thing, but if you decide for them what they ‘should know’ then you have decided you know more than God, and that will not go well for you in the long run.

On my personal social media pages, I will share news and information that I check with the Angelic Realm is truthful and will not negatively cause issues for me.  Some of it is quite negative, some of it is offensive for sensitive people and some of it is frightening to consider.  I know that when I post something like that, through my discernment, the right person or people will see it.  The rest will not even register it is there.  I ask them if I am to share it, if it will bring me negative karma and a few other secret questions I can’t share with the public.  If it is all positive to post, I do.  If it is not, I don’t.  I use that discernment they have given me to work the truth in for those who are open and ready for it.  If someone sees it and is not, they either do not comment or just scroll on past like an adult should be doing.  I do the same with my blog posts.  Sometimes the blog is intended only for one or two people to resonate with.  Sometimes it is intended to shake loose hanger on-ers who do not take responsibility for their own choices and who do not deserve to have this information presented to them.  I do as I’m guided, in full faith and with total gratitude to be able to do, see, share and write about it as they guide me to do so.

Are You Playing Fair?

Truth is a difficult concept to grasp.  I’ve written the angels messages on truth in previous posts.  It has alienated a few people.  Some have unsubscribed, some have called me names, some have deflected their own issues on me to feel better about themselves.  I know the truth at levels most cannot fathom.  What someone thinks of me is none of my business.  I am put here to help guide those who are ready.  Those who are not, or who keep one foot there and one foot here for fear of missing out, eventually something will nudge them to act.  It’s all perfectly ok, where ever you are with this, but please know I am not waiting for anyone to catch up.

Things are happening fast, life is changing for everyone in ways you can’t begin to fathom.  2021 should be the year that makes that all clear.  As we step forward into truth and light you may not see coming, trust the Angelic Realm is there, they want you to call on them, to lean on them when you get weak at the knees.  They will guide you, as they guide me.  I’m not special.  I just paid attention.  If you find yourself adrift, or depressed or angry right now, recognize some or much of it may not even be yours to carry.

The energy frequency of the earth is increasing as a living being, this energy has to shake off what cannot exist in higher vibrations.  We are doing the same.  We are all grieving this as a loss when in fact, it is a joyous event.  When you can look at these challenges as your increase in awareness of how interconnected we all are with each other and with the Earth, it will help you begin to see how important you are to help anchor these new energies in to help everyone else around you.  While Earth has earthquakes, wildfires, volcanic eruptions and bizarre weather patterns as she clears herself up, as inhabitants, we are going to go through our own emotional earthquakes with emotional outbursts, bouts of depression or sadness, feelings of loneliness, and grief.

Everything has to change right now

The Angelic Realm wants you to trust this is all ‘stuff’ on the way out and will make room for the good stuff to enter.  Don’t hang onto it.  Feel it, release it, and be grateful it is showing you a new way to live.  For me, because of that strong empathic vein that I carry, I was having explosive anger and overwhelming grief, so much so that I was swallowed up by it momentarily.  Then, in a moment of quiet desperation as I begged for a reason why I was so upset, they whispered to me “Ask if it is yours”.   Ahh, yes, the whole too dang empathic for my own good has taken over.

When I was able to discern the truth around that, I was, indeed, carrying the anger, depression, sadness, grief and loss for the interconnected consciousness of others.  It was not MY anger, I was simply being used to be a vessel to help release it for others.  The grief I was being overwhelmed with was fueled by the loss of my BFF, Noelani Grace, my special angel I lost in October.  I knew her death was to mean something significant for me, I just had no idea what that would be.  In fact, I could not understand why the grief of losing her was so overwhelming as to render me a pile of sobbing mess in public at any given moment.  It was not normal grief, but a sense of loss that was so deep and so sad that I could not put a finger on it.

It was suddenly made clear the Angelic Realm was using my loss of her as the catalyst to help others process their own grief.  The sobs and sadness, the tears and hurt of never having her by my side again in this lifetime, was the impetus to release for you and others, what you could not or were not aware of the need for.  Do you see how this works?  Our interconnected consciousness is so powerful yet we are so clueless about how to use it for our benefit.  Through the masks, isolation, loss of employment, inability to return to school, loss of all social interaction except for the social media fiasco and censures, there are people like me who are helping you process all of this.  People like me who are giving you clues to the truth with the hope you will wake up to that, not the fake news.

Points of Light

There are a lot more people like me than you may realize, or perhaps, you are one of them.  Welcome, if you are.  I’m so happy to share this cleansing and clearing with those who are ready.  I do not know more than God, but I do know I am here to help that shift into this new energy.

In spite of the challenges I am facing personally, I know full well, it is all perfect.  I know I am happier overall than I have been in ages.  I know the truth of what is coming and what it will do for all of humanity.  I know the pain and suffering many of us are going through now is to be able to shed it once and for all, to allow lifetimes of bad choices be cleared up so we can move on.  Don’t hang onto any of it.  Experience it, thank it, and let it go.

Now, if someone could help me get this puppy to sleep through the night, I would be so very grateful!