In ancient times, an Intuitive was known as a Medicine Man or Woman, a Healer or a Shaman. Some called on the spirits of ancestors, others would concoct remedies out of plants, some would speak to the natural elements of earth, sky, minerals and realms of the unknown or unseen. Some called it Great Spirit, the Universe, God, All That Is, while in later times, as enlightened ones walked the earth and became known as Buddha, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and many others, we turned to them for healing help. Today, modern Shaman, Healers and Intuitive Readers may call on some or all of these choices to help you on your journey.

Modern day Energy Medicine is a form of healing help that has grown out of the desire for humans to discover something more about themselves than simply popping a pill or having a surgery. In my personal experience there are as many types of Medical Intuitive’s as there are Healers. Some “Medical Intuitive’s” provide a reading of the energy without any healing aspect. One is not any better than another, it simply depends on the type of session you are seeking. Some call themselves Medical Mediums as they channel the spiritual side of your health and emotional needs, again, without facilitating healing work. Often it is left up to you to follow the instructions given during your session. Then there are those who call themselves “Healers” and this can reflect their level of training, certification, experience or innate ability to transmit energy. Since it is not a legal term, anyone can call themselves a “healer” and let their ego drive their work. Some rely on technology to deliver healing frequencies, while others may rely on their intuition and use energy healing to transmit frequencies, while some may combine the two.

At the beginning of my healing journey in 1998, when I was learning to heal myself from Multiple Sclerosis and later, Cancer, I relied mostly on technology with some Reiki and Energy Medicine mixed in. As I grew into my experiences and awareness of the Angels, I began to incorporate them into the technological aspect of my energy healing work. Eventually, this morphed into a full acceptance of the Angelic Realm as the sole source of healing and transformation. I call what I do simply “Intuitive” and I facilitate any “Healing” you may receive from the Angelic Realm by acting as a conduit to both receive angelic realm energy and open your energy fields to receive the angelic realm energies for healing. Calling myself a Healer is not accurate, since I am not the one doing the healing. It becomes an energetic agreement between you and the Angelic world. I refer to it as the Trinity of Synergy, a term I coined many years ago when I was teaching energy medicine. The Trinity of Synergy encompasses the client, the facilitator and the source of the healing energy itself and holds no religious intent or action.

Medical Intuition through the Angelic Realm is where I have come to focus my life’s work with clients. Insight and Intuition is not limited to humans; we also provide the same help to animals, homes, businesses, land and properties, relationships, events and anywhere the Angels can be of service.


It sounds like a cliche, but I was born to help people heal themselves. As a child, I was called on to lay hands on my mother who struggled with chronic illness. We visited “curanderas” who were the healers in our hispanic community. I watched with fascination as they administered herbs to my mother, chanted, prayed. I grew up with a very mystical and magical mindset around the idea of healing through means outside of what a doctor could offer. Still, I thought that meant I should go into medicine, but lacking the means and the courage to become a doctor, instead I chose to go into nursing.

I soon discovered it was not the way for me, and before my first year of Nursing School ended, I chose not to continue. For years I stayed adrift, bouncing from job to job but always, as part of how I lived my life, healing work was always front and center of what I did for myself to thrive. The funny thing is I was often not aware of it until I was able to reflect back on those times decades later. I was so connected with the Angelic Realm, I even took it for granted at times, that I didn’t consciously call on them to help me. Yet, they were always present, guiding and protecting me, waiting for me to wake up and get to work like I was born to.

When I was injured at my job I was in severe pain. I became depressed, anxious and at one point, suicidal. It was a hard time and medicine completely failed me. Their only option was to load me up on drugs that numbed me. I knew, deep inside, this was not how I was meant to live my life.

The Angels found an opening and started working on me. Slowly I let them in, began to talk to them, soon I was having conversations with them and it was a return to myself that was long overdue.

I studied and became certified in Nutrition, Reiki Master, Massage Therapy, Energy Medicine, Quantum Biofeedback, and later as Instructor, Medical Intuitive and finally stood firmly in the arms of the Angels as an Angelic Realm Helper.

I am a facilitator, I bridge the energy between the client and the angels for them to enter and do the healing work. I am simply the mechanism they use in order to connect and help my clients.  It is always the Angelic Realm who does any healing for you.  I am grateful to be able to play a part in their incredible grace and wisdom as they help you.

Remember, however, for the Angelic Realm to be able to help you on your path back to your vibrant self, requires you hire them.  Command your soul to hire the multitudes of angels unemployed, just waiting for you to wake up to their presence and ask for their help.  The Angelic Realm has no agenda except to help raise your vibration so you can discover your own power.  Claim it.  Use it.  Heal with it.  It really can be that simple.