I have been silent during this forced isolation, but not for reasons you may think.  Most of the work I’ve been doing has been going into the dark shadows, of facing the real evils most people don’t want to know about.  I’ve been slowly exposing some of it on my personal page and have been using that as a gauge to see if the majority of people are ready, willing and open to seeing more of the real truth underneath the guise of this deadly virus.  Sadly, most are not ready yet, but enough are waking up so now is the time to start to wake you up a bit more.

As I ruminated on how to reach out to each of you, some of what came to me was how there are so many levels of light workers on earth right now.  This post may trigger you and make you upset with me.  I’m ok with that.  Truth is true, regardless of beliefs.  Just as you have come to discover what you can live with or without during this isolating time, you have discovered truths you never considered, and most likely that go against many of your beliefs.

For example, you may have thought going without your latte or favorite restaurant meal would be unbearable.  And it may be if you are stuck in that belief.  If you have allowed yourself however, to discover you can make a pretty good cup of Joe at home, or that you’ve lost five pounds of excess weight because you haven’t had your pie and ice cream every night for a month……you are discovering new truths that belie your misguided beliefs.

Perhaps the truth has been to show you how unprepared you actually are for a sudden life changing event.  It may have shown you why you need to get more serious about saving 10% of your income for emergencies, or how little faith you actually have in the government to keep you safe.  It may have spurred you into action or it may have caused you fear and you shut down and closed everything up, from your front door to your heart.

There really is life to be lived and enjoyed without excess trappings, expenses and gatherings that were never fulfilling to you anyway.  For some, perhaps we all just needed a breather from the harried world we were feeling forced to live in.

All of which leads me to the darker side of things, to what hides in the shadows, and what masquerades as ‘good for you’ but is truly not.  I have used this time to discern deeper truths, to gain higher awareness and to become better at being who I came here to be.


Truth is scary.  It confronts us in ways we often don’t think we are ready to know.  We hide from truth, we hide behind our fears, our religious teachings, our education, our mind creates all sorts of ways to pretend to protect us from truth.  To complicate things, there are layers of truth, that while still true, may not be the complete truth, or show the whole story we need to fully grasp what is true and what is not.

Depending on how much work you’ve put into your awareness will change the truth that resonates for you.  An example of this is a skyscraper.  At street level, your truth is it is noisy, filled with lots of people, cars, music, horns honking, angry drivers and pickpockets.

If you go up the elevator five floors and look out on the street, you’ll have a different truth.  From here, your truth is it is calmer, the street noise is muffled, you can see people but not be pushed around by them as they pass by.  You can start to see skylines take a different shape.  This still exists on the ground floor, but at this higher level, you have a different awareness of the truth of it all.  Your awareness gives you a different perspective.

From here, you take the elevator up to the tenth floor.  As you look out on the street, you can barely hear the traffic.  People become dots of color moving about.  Honking horns sound different from up here.  Your perception and awareness has once again changed because your view of the world has also changed.

Here, you can see a pickpocket following an elderly person, considering how they will grab their bags and run.  You can follow them and report it to the police from a clear viewpoint until they run out of sight.  You can see the sky and notice the river bank from this view point, see the boats on the water and feel and smell the fresh air as it breezes across your face.

It is still true that at street level it is noisy, dirty and full of people, but your awareness alters the reality to include something more.  Your level of truth is not the same level of truth for the folks on ground level.

Now, take the elevator to the Penthouse, twenty five, forty five, eighty floors above the noise of ground level.  You enter a peaceful sanctuary.  You cannot hear the noise from the ground below.  Your air is clean, crisp, clear.  Honking horns are no longer heard from your level of awareness.  Yet, they still exist. You are simply in a higher level of awareness.

The truth of the people on the ground floor is no less true than the truth of the penthouse view. It is your perception that alters your beliefs that higher up you go, the clearer you can see.  This is how, in very simple terms, your level of truth will change.  Your level of awareness can keep you locked into a truth that is only partial, that is not giving you the entire picture, yet your mind will want you to lock onto that level of truth as your safety net.  But that doesn’t make it true, and it doesn’t make you safe not knowing higher truths.

Some light workers have a saying to justify staying stuck in their level of awareness.  “Your level of truth is not the same as mine.”  Put another way, what is true for you may not be true for me.  Yes!  That is TRUE!  But why is that true?  Because the level of awareness is different.

Alert!  You are the one in charge of deciding how high up in awareness you want to go to discern higher levels of truth.   That is the journey I have been taking the past two months or so as I’ve gone quiet.

Here’s a truth:  This is the happiest I have been in a very long time.  Even with the dark, stanky, nasty stuff I’m being shown, I am singing my heart out, dancing with joy, feeling so much love and light getting spread around that I am giddy sometimes. Oh Happy Day!

While this down time for many has brought with it boredom, depression and angst from the constant fear mongering, it has been some of the busiest for me. Not only have I had to face the demons head on, I’ve still had to deal with the consequences of the quarantine’s effects on my daily living.  I’ve had to temporarily let my husbands caregiver go during this time because she is dealing with her own family crisis and is needed more there than here.

Spring has sprung early in my neck of the woods, and wildfires are already popping up because of the long drought and lack of winter moisture.  Since March this has put me outside in nature daily, mowing, trimming, burning debris, weeding and doing a lot of manual work normally not required until late May.

To top it off, the angelic realm has used this time in nature to help me stay grounded.  Not only to give me the healing energy I require to deal with the mental, emotional and spiritual warfare going on around the globe that most of you may be unaware of, but, which, hopefully, after this post, will be giving you a much needed wake up call about reaching for higher levels of truth.  It is time to stop settling.  It is time to wake up.


We are now at a stage where ignorance of these truths is not a pass.  You will pay for your lack of awareness through karmic consequences.  Karma simply means action.  It is time to be consciously aware of the actions you are or are not taking which includes starting to wake up to higher truths.  Feel the fear but do it anyway.  Sometimes the only way to heal is to go through it.  I have been gulping and moving forward every single day, discerning, ascertaining, understanding, connecting dots, WAKING UP to these higher truths.  As I’ve done so, fear has fallen away.  Courage has taken its place.  Love has filled me with joy and bliss because fear is no more.


Back to the different light workers – one thing I’ve come to have made very clear is based on the level of warrior energy one may carry, will determine how much of the truth they are willing to address. 

There are also many dark entities that masquerade as fluff in the light workers arena, false prophets, false bringers of light.  They cater to your need to feel like you are doing something in light and service, but in truth, they are misguiding you on purpose. 

When you discover how dark they really are, you will want to refer back to this post again and again, as reassurance you are not losing your mind.  You were simply being misguided on purpose.  More on that in part 2.

From the fake light workers, then, we go to the light workers that tell you never to focus on negative energies.  They promote only sugar and spice and everything nice about light.  If challenged, they will redirect you back to only holding energy for what is positive.  No negativity allowed.

I call these the Kindergarten Light Workers.   They may be very well known, very popular, and very good at what they do.  They may be psychics, mediums, angel workers, healers, whatever else, but they are still living and keeping you in the kindergarten rooms of light.  I’m not saying that is good or bad, just limited in the amount of truth that is being shared.

Some of these may be faking it, some may be afraid of the shadow work, some may be good at marketing themselves and nothing more.  They tell you enough to keep you interested, to build their email lists and social media pages with praise and limit your truth quotient.

For someone just opening up to doing work within the light fields, this may be a fine way to get started.  However, there is much much more for you to discern and you never will if you stay stuck in the fluff.

Some light workers are more bold.  They will not hesitate to get in your face with their version of truth.  They may try hard to convince you their way is the only way.  These are light workers who are still stuck in their ego.  When they have all the answers and are certain they alone have the truth, they are not the type of light worker I would want to be aligned with.

The funny thing is, some of the ones I’ve spoken of in the past are now clearly some of the ones I would never use now.  This virus has opened up a lot of information for me from the angelic realm and many of these popular spiritual and health leaders are now showing themselves to be false, some misguided, many ego driven.  None of which I will align myself with at the level of truth I am operating at.

They were great to get me to a point where the training wheels came off and I  flew on my own, no longer resonating with their ties to their own ego.  I thank them for their work but I have moved upwards and onwards.  It may be time for you to start looking at who and what you are believing.  If someone is telling you what to think, how to act and not allowing you the space and information to help you discern for yourself, please start to open your eyes.

Then there are the light warriors.  A light warrior is someone more in my wheelhouse.  Unafraid to face the dark shadows, to call out the demonic forces manipulating truth and to walk the talk in all shades of dark and light.  When you can start to recognize the light is also the dark, only then can you begin to see clearly how much darkness has been overshadowing the light bringers, and why it makes you afraid to know deeper truths.

At this level of truth, you are compelled to act, because your karma would not allow you to sit back and do nothing now that you know.  This is the conundrum and why many don’t want to have to be in this position.  We always have a choice.  We always have a price to pay for that choice.  Sooner or later.


Humans are accustomed to being very comfortable in their discomfort.  They complain but do nothing about it.  They whine about injustice but won’t speak up.

They blame others for their discontent, all while meditating but wanting to choke the crap out of someone who pisses them off.  All while being a deacon at their church but abusing children under their care.  All while pointing fingers at the evils of sin while running a pedophile ring or engaging in sex trafficking.  The pot calling the kettle black.

Always pay attention to those mightier than thou people who claim to know it all.  They are in every walk of life.  Politicians, Religious Leaders, Spiritual Gurus, Teachers, Neighbors, Spouses, Family Members.

No one has the lock on truth.  No one except for the one Supreme God.  And honey, in case you haven’t figured it out, that ain’t you or me and it ain’t them.

So who can you trust?  If all these way showers are not showing you the truth, who do you call upon to get some answers?  How do you begin to learn to discern the truth for yourself?  Or should you even try?  For me, it has been my invaluable work with the creationary Master Angels and my spiritual teacher Master John Douglas from Australia.

Through this work I have been able to use my discernment for truth at the highest levels available to me for my level of evolution as a soul.  All that means is I’ve done the work to deserve to have access to this information, I trust it implicitly and I have the full faith in the divine guidance I receive from them.

Have you been using this down time to work on your higher self, your higher knowledge or have you been staying stuck in the fear and noise of the ground floor?  It is never too late to choose to take the elevator up a few floors.

I saw this in a youtube video the other day and it tickled my funny bone because it feels so very true for the job I’ve been chosen to do for you.  In fact, I joked with a friend that I should make this my tag line:

I am a renegade member of the Family of Light.  I am a Systems Buster.  I am available for altering systems of consciousness within the Free Will Universe.  On call. 

This is what I’ve been doing in the quiet background of this isolation.  It has been ugly at times.  I have been dismantling lies, many which have been told for centuries, all while finding the truth of the darkness and shadows that has pervaded every corner of our existence and many you may never know exists.  That will be up to you to discern for yourself.

The level of consciousness required to do so really only requires you allow yourself to consider the possibility.  The truth will usher itself in when you are ready.  Well, some of this truth I doubt man will ever be ready for, but it is required if you wish to ascend into the Fifth Dimensional energies that are waiting for you.


As a light being, such as you are, you resonate at a particular level or frequency that attracts to you what can match that frequency.  If you have read any of the work of Jerry & Esther Hicks and Abraham, you may already get this in your core energy center. 

For many however, it may be news to you that you can alter your reality by altering the vibration of your frequency.  That was never taught in school.  No Bible Study class ever gave you that secret.  Yet, you’ve experienced it in your life before, many times over, probably without realizing it. 

Truth is truth, it was your belief that was stuck in the way.

There are many levels and layers of light workers I did not touch on.  There is not enough room to list all of us.  Know that you fall somewhere in the kindergarten to graduate level and that there is always, always room to go higher if you choose to put in the work.

I have been working very hard at this for a few years now and it has increased exponentially since the virus gave me the cover I needed to really dig deep.  I will not be surprised to hear you too, have been making some discoveries for yourself.

I have shared some of these higher levels of truth with some friends and clients.  The ones the angelic realm guides me to, which in truth is a very small number.  But a candle can light up an entire room and if you are willing to be that candle and allow your glow to grow with me, together we will be able to shine the light of truth and all that is good upon these dark shadows that have sought to drag humankind and all of earth inhabitants down with it.

You just have to say yes.

I realize this is all very cryptic.  That is on purpose.  Many of my dear readers need some time to adjust to the direction I will be taking you if you stick with me.  This is a veer off course of what I’ve covered but if you look back and past blog posts, you’ll start to see a pattern as the angelic realm has guided me to start to introduce to the idea of evil and how to trust the information you are seeing and processing.

To truly heal, we must do so from a trinity of synergy.  Body, mind and spirit must all be awakened together to find lasting health.  I am taking you on a journey into the realm of spirit that may be new for you but please hang in there.  I promise it will all come together, but first, we have to get through some of the discomfort so we can know what we must heal in order to claim our place at the banquet table and see truth for how it actually is, not how we have been conditioned it to be.

It will get bumpy.  I will give you information that will challenge your core belief structures.  And together, we will rise above it all and find the joy, the happiness and the light that reigns supreme over all of us when we allow it in.  At some point, if you stick with me, we’ll all be singing “Oh Happy Day” together.  I promise.