4 Hour Free Trial of Quantum Remote EES Session


For a limited time only, trial the Quantum Remote EES Session for 4 hours with complementary Virtual Med Bed technology.  One per person.  May end offer without notice.

Med Bed Technology

Conceptual image of the Quantum Entanglement created by using the virtual Med Bed Technology



If you are new to remote healing techniques, this is your opportunity to try it for yourself and see how it works.

To qualify for the free 4 hour session, you will be required to complete a questionnaire and agree to follow up with me after your session to evaluate your results.  One per person, one time only.   Quantum energy does not operate on the linear time space we do as humans.  It will know if you are attempting to manipulate it to gain free access and it will not work.   Your energy is your signature, your unique fingerprint to the universe, it will flow or not based on that.

I have done remote energy healing on clients for 30 years.  I know it works, everyone who has made a testimonial on this website has received remote quantum energy.  Let yourself be open to the possibility and try it. 


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