5 EZ Steps to Healing


This channeled text from the Angelic Realm walks you through 5 simple steps to activate your self healing abilities.


Healing doesn’t always come from the explainable.  Often, what we think we know about healing is really just our Ego attempting to control how we will stay under the control of an illness or disease state.  In truth, most things we are afflicted with can be healed, especially when we take full responsibility and use the steps in this text to guide you on your own unique journey back to wellness.  In the world of energy work, no one can do the healing for you.  Instead, someone who is labeled as a healer is a facilitator for your own healing powers to take over.  We all have the exact same ability to be self healers.  The question is are you willing to take the steps necessary to discover that power you were born with? Healing is not always an overnight miracle.  In most cases it requires time, patience, perseverance and practice.  Healing is a never ending journey which is why some people don’t heal.  The Angelic Realm channeled this simple to use text for those who are ready to take full responsibility for their own health and wellness and who are ready to take those first steps to finding their way back to what is ‘normal’ for each individual.  We should not be put into a box, but instead, we should be released to be who and what we came here to be, experience and become.  Let the simple guidance in this text be your first steps.


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