Animal Communication Session


Animal Communication is a form of Angelic Realm communication for any animal, including livestock or wild animals.  Animals have an awareness of the energy field around them, this is how they hone their senses and increase their awareness of their surroundings.  They do not normally have a resistance to being healed.

In this program, I connect with the Angelic Realm and they connect with the animals field of energy to give me insights to any area out of balance with them.  Sometimes the animal will give me a “safe word” that the human can use to help calm them down, or the animal may show us where they are hurt or have dis-ease developing.  While some healing by the Angelic Realm may occur with this session, it is designed more for giving the human information to understand what the animal needs in order to be happy or healthy.  A written report will be provided with the information and findings for the human to take action.

If you have an animal that is ill, a full Animal Support Session is recommended, as that will allow time to focus on the insertion point of the concern and the Angelic Realm can then hone in on the healing frequencies the animal responds to.