Comprehensive Intuitive Healing Session 4 hours


The Comprehensive session can be done in person.  It requires a 5 hour commitment in one session or may be ordered as a Quantum Remote Session for extended time in the systems offered, including EES, Med Bed, and Energy Cube as needed for the same rate.


This session can be in person or conducted quantum remotely.  Clients find the quantum remote option is perfect for those unable to travel to my location, they can’t commit to the time requirement for 4 hours or if time is of the essence.  Both options work equally, it is up to your belief systems which you would prefer.

The comprehensive session includes

  • Angel Reiki Energy Session to balance body, mind and spirit.
  • Quantum Biofeedback to identify and address stress triggers.
  • 4 hours in the Energy Enhancement System
  • Angelic Realm Healing Session addresses specific blockages to your wellness and includes Medical Intuition Scan, Directed Prayers to address the causes, and energetic detoxification processes.
  • Virtual Med Bed scans and balances body and energy systems.
  • Energy Cube charges you up with pure essence of God’s Loving Energy to facilitate healing.j

If ordered separately the rate is $334.  Your discounted rate is $222.




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