During our Great Opening, book your Energy Enhancement System session time for in person for a greatly discounted rate of $10 per hour.   I suggest a minimum of 3 hours for maximum effect.  Maximum hours set at 5 hours per day and are negotiable once you’ve experienced the heightened frequencies of the Retreat as it may be experienced stronger than at other centers only offering EES.  Overnight options will be determined on an individual basis.

GG's Retreat with the Energy Enhancement System™

Relax, Rejuvenate, Re-generate your cells in the Retreat Room.

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The Energy Enhancement System anchors the energy in the retreat space.  In an effort to make your visit as affordable as possible, during our extended Great Opening, you may enjoy the healing environment for $10 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum suggested.

Human Toroidal Field Exercise

Visualize yourself bringing up rainbow light with gold sizzles up from below your feet out the top of your head and back down and around in a constant field of energy.


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