Group Session Twice Monthly Support


Group Sessions provide Angelic Realm Support without Intuitive Scanning.  Using this Group Module, you agree to join and receive general healing frequencies chosen by the Angelic Realm for each session based on the significant needs of the group at the time.  For example, Flu and Cold Season will receive Immune Boosting Frequencies, Holidays will add Stress Management frequencies on top of the basic healing frequencies sent to the group.  Group Sessions are completed twice monthly at a minimum.

Clients LOVE this module as it provides them with the opportunity to have healing support without requiring a full comprehensive session.  If you are new to Group Healing Sessions, you will be required to purchase the 3 month program as the Angelic Realm uses that time to transform your cellular structures and increase your ability to hold their grace over that time.

For a list of the frequencies sent to the group with each session, not including the specialized or seasonal additions, please check out the Group Session 12 Month Discounted Program



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