Group Sessions Twice Monthly Support 3 Month Package


Group Sessions provide Angelic Realm Healing Support without individualized Intuitive Scanning.  Using this group module, you agree to join and receive general healing frequencies chosen by the Angelic Realm for each session based on the most significant needs at the time.  Group Sessions are completed twice monthly at a minimum.

This module is for those new to Group Healing Sessions, as we have a 3 month minimum in order for you to be able to gauge the benefits of these healing frequencies over time.  For a list of the general frequencies that are sent in a group session, you may email me for the list.  Once you have completed a 3 month experience, you may choose to order monthly as needed.

Clients find Group Sessions a powerful benefit of working through the Angelic Realm without having to purchase a comprehensive session unless it is needed to address a specific concern.  This is an excellent preventative measure you can take to keep yourself balanced no matter what the rest of your environment is experiencing.