Pet Spirit Release Session


Pet Spirit Release Ceremony is a service offered to assist you with saying goodbye to your beloved pet.  Instructions to do this yourself can be found on this websites blog, however, if you feel you want additional support, this service provides you with a recorded ceremony customized to your pets needs.  The ceremony, when performed by you through the use of this recording, can accelerate your pets crossing over the rainbow bridge.

This is not a cookie cutter process.  You will need to provide a photo of your pet for me to connect with and begin communication on your behalf.  Your pet will direct me, through the Angelic Realm, the actual ceremonial steps for you to take.  If you prefer, we can perform the steps for you.  No two ceremonies will ever be alike.  While some steps are commonly applied, your pets actual needs dictates the length and components of the ceremony.

We have given you the tools necessary to create a personal service on your own for free, or the cost of the E-book once published.  Should you choose this option, please understand your religious, cultural and spiritual beliefs cannot be taken into account.

Pet Spirit Release Ceremony

The healing of our hearts when we lose a pet cannot be taken lightly.