Quantum Biofeedback, In Person or Quantum Remote


Biofeedback has many applications  in healing the body. There are many devices on the market that helps to identify the stress triggers that may be causing issues for you, and using quantum technology, I send a cancelling frequency to your energy field to nudge your body systems back into balance.  Energetic work is possible because everything is made up of energy.  Einstein discovered it and didn’t know how to assign a formula to it, referring to it as spooky because it could not be quantified.  Energy exists.  It cannot be destroyed. Quantum Physics proves this. If you need to be convinced, then perhaps remote healing work is not for you at your current level of belief and that’s perfectly fine.

However, if you are willing to stretch your mind and allow for possibilities, Quantum Remote healing has been used by me for more than 30 years and it has existed since time began.

How do you think the EESystem is able to bring you into balance, leave you feeling peaceful and calm just by sitting in front of the lights?  It uses Quantum Entanglement, which is what I use with the Genius Quantum Biofeedback system I use.  They both direct balancing frequencies to help your body remember it has power to heal itself.  I find the quite complimentary to each other.  With biofeedback I can take a before and after aura photo for you to see what has shifted during your time in both the EES room and the Quantum Field.  Regardless if you are at the retreat in person or using one of the quantum remote options, the quantum biofeedback is used in the remote mode.

Think of it as having fun with a new toy, only this one can cause healing cascades to help you.  Win win!



The mind sometimes gets in the way of our healing.  It creates ideas and beliefs that are not beneficial to our wellness and can prevent us from being open to possibilities that can move us towards our divine blueprint.  Quantum Biofeedback Sessions use the Genius Biofeedback for Resonance Biofeedback.  Reading the energetic imbalances in our mind, body and spirit can give us clues where we may need some extra support with nutrition, supplementation, spiritual practices or lifestyle needs.

Your session will first take an image of your aura before we start, then, following your body’s cues, I will trace blockages in your energy fields, use the Genius Resonance capabilities to unblock what we can, and rebalance all systems.  The session ends with an updated aura image to view how the session impacted your energy fields.

I have been a Quantum Biofeedback Trainer and protocol creator since 2001.   I took a break from technology and am now back to apply the unique tools to help boost results in the Energy Enhancement System.

I personally find the stress triggers the system identifies for you to be a core blockage for your healing journey.   It is a marvelous, painless way to get a picture of where you are at.

When Angels Heal

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