50 Hours Quantum Remote EES Session


This is a 50 hour block of Quantum Entanglement Remote Session in the Energy Enhancement System with complimentary Virtual Med Bed technology.   Hours are used in 10 hour blocks for 5 days, either in tandem or as needed.


Using remote technologies within quantum entanglement, it is possible to participate in the energy of the Energy Enhancement System regardless of your location to mine.

Dr. Michael has agreed remote healing is available through this method.

50 Hours in the EES are completed 10 hours nightly for 5 nights.  I also include free of charge the application of the virtual med bed to enhance your results.

You can apply your nightly session time in 5 successive days or it can be broken up as needed.  If you needed 2 nights and that took care of your concerns, you can bank your remaining 30 hours until a need arises,   Or, you may apply all in a 5 day period.  You get to choose what works for you.

These are individual sessions and may not be applied to another person or pet.  If you want to have a family session, there is an option for that, see other listings.

Because it can be a challenge to wrap your head around remote healing on the quantum level, I have an offer for 4 hours FREE in the EESystem with Quantum Remote to try it for yourself.  See listings. 


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