Reiki, Angel Energy Healing In Person or Quantum Remote


Angel Reiki Energy SessionEnergy Healing is not a new age ‘thing’ but has been around since time began.  Laying on of hands is practiced in many communities across the globe with great results.  I am a Reiki Master working through the Angelic Realms to offer my clients the energetic environment for them to access.  Incorporate an energy session while in your EES session or order it on its own remotely using Quantum Entanglement where I can send the energy to you while I’m in the EES energy for you.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It simply is.  As it has no concept of time or space, energy can be sent to anyone with their permission across the globe.  It is how prayer works and how I use directed prayer with the angels to do the work I do with them.  An Angel Reiki Energy Session will scan all of your energy centers, your aura cleansed, your chakras balanced and any concerns you may have will be addressed.  Clients always report how much more relaxed and calm their nervous system feels once a session has been completed.  A short report is included in the remote sessions, in person will be given verbally.


During an Angel Reiki Energy Healing Session, your body receives balancing energies that can open the flow of information, awaken awareness and intuition and generate self healing abilities in a smoother facilitated experience within the Energy Enhancement System Session.  I use a special technique the Angelic Realm taught me to draw in the life force energy in and around you while in the healing environment of the retreat space.

It works regardless if you are in the EES Room or if you are at home in your pj’s watching tv.  The Angelic Realm does not require time nor space in the earth field in order to work,  Think of it like a cell phone call direct to your higher consciousness,  No wires required for that phone to ring and the signal is always clear and clean.

Some results clients have reported have been amazing, from chronic pain dissolving, to lumps and bumps going away, to feeling relaxed and happy for the first time in a long time.  Your body will decide what it needs the energy for, it will be sent where it needs to go.  Sometimes healing happens best when we get out of the way and out of the bad habit of thinking we know more than our body does.   Sit back and simply allow for a magical moment and maybe even a miracle,   Why not?


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