There is a “TRUTH IN NATURE” that permeates absolutely everything we see, touch, taste, think and feel.  The more we resist our soul’s calling to align with that truth, the more we suffer, struggle and create chaos both in our lives and within our mind, body and spirit.  To resist that inherent truth is, to put it bluntly, what mucks us up.

The source of our resistance usually comes from our Ego.  That part of us that uses the conscious mind to direct the play of our life.  Our Ego tells us when we are good, bad, when we suck and when we rock.  That 3 letter word is part of why we struggle.  It always plays a part in why we suffer.  It is what separates us from our truth.  The conundrum is Ego is neither bad nor good, it just is.  It is up to you how much you allow it to control your access to the truth in your own nature.  

Our truth, as I have come to identify it, is the part of us which gets our soul singing.  It’s the impromptu dance in the kitchen with your spouse, kids, grandma or best friend.  It is the part of you that lights up when you can “feel it in your bones” and when you are lifted up during fleeting moments when your life is flowing smoothly.  Truth in your nature is where you learn to let go of resistance.  It is the missing piece to your life.

It takes courage to step into your truth.  It can cause a bit of discomfort as you shape-shift from one who was walking through life with blinders on to one who sees the grace in everything around and within you.

This site is designed for those who are ready to take the next step in their divine evolution.  It is perfectly fine to enter with trepidation, after all, I’m asking you to consider possibilities your Ego and your unconscious way of believing untruths is telling you is wrong.  Take a deep breath and feel how much fear that brought up in you.  Did it make you stop reading?  Did it cause you to want to argue with me?  You will be learning how to quiet the noise that has been blocking you from becoming aware of the powerful being you were born to bring forth to the world.  It is frigging scary, are you kidding me?  I know, I had to walk through the fire to get to my own truths, to find out who I really am, and why I’m really here.

I am a teacher of things that cannot be easily understood.  I am a writer of information sourced from unseen forces that help us, indeed, they love us so much, they allow us to fail and try again.  I am a healer, though not in the medical sense, for that is left to doctors, veterinarians and psychiatrists.  I am a healer of your lost connection to your truth in your nature.  This natural law has no boundaries.  It is not licensed by a board of colleagues.  I am, instead, authorized as one who has walked through the fire, who has seen the worst and the best in people, who has helped my clients see their own truth, and who has survived the journey from being born awake and aware of these truths, shut down by parental, societal and school beliefs and expectations only to roar back to life as one who is unafraid to stand in her own natural truths to help guide you back to yours.

I am one who has finally come to understand just how futile resisting the natural order of all things in nature actually is.  I took a long road to get here.  It was not straight ahead by any means.  I had a lot to learn, a lot of heal from and a lot of courage to develop to get here.  What we resist persists.  That is a universal law in nature.  It means the more we fight against something the more it stays in our face, daring us to beat it and make it go away.  It rarely does.  Surrendering, in faith and knowing there is something much bigger, way better and more healing to us than we can ever imagine is how you learn to stop resisting.  It is how begin to learn to TRUST THE NATURE IN ALL THINGS.  We rarely give attention to the fact our body is working without us “doing” anything about it.  Our lungs are breathing, our heart is beating, our mind is thinking, our eyes are seeing, our ears are hearing, our tongue is tasting, our feet are moving.  That is the perfect example of the trust the body has in it’s very nature to function.  Only when we allow an untruth, a false belief, or a blocked awareness of our power to take over, that the body follows that attention, down a path that is against the truth of nature.  We develop psychosomatic conditionings that tells us when we were a child “you’ll catch a cold if you go outside with wet hair” or “only bad girls get STD’s” or a common family untruth to unlearn ‘There is never enough.”  The most powerful untruth I had to learn was the one my mother instilled in me as a 3-5 year old that having my connection to my higher power meant I was embarrassing my family.  That was her truth, and sadly I accepted it as my own for over 50 years.

In Part II I will walk you through steps you can take to begin to heal this split in your spirit.  You will be able to start reclaiming your power.  I hope you’ll join me.