It is not an easy path.  There will be setbacks as you learn lessons and move forward.

All that matters is you continue to do it.  If you fall down, you get up again.  Should you get injured, take a step back and make time to heal from it.  Have your heart broken?  Remember to breathe and begin to see how it was all divinely guided, despite the pain and heartache you feel in the moment.  Truth in Nature means there is no “thing” that can stop you if you are connected to that source within you that resonates with your truth.

  • Sometimes, I am a wrecking ball.  I come in, I slam things apart so that something new can be built in that space.
  • Sometimes, I am a gentle spirit, sent to hold you up and give you the strength to empower yourself.
  • Sometimes, I am the warrior, I come in, kick ass and take names.
  • Always, however, it is with the Truth in Your Nature to guide you back to your own Grace.
  • Always, it is with the loving guidance of the Angelic Realm.  I do nothing but hold the anchor for their blessings to enter; to help you in the best way that you need in order to accept the truth of your own nature.

It is the most loving, kind, healing force you can access through this earthly dimension.  It is also the most powerful, butt kicking, soul connecting energy that can catapult you to stand in your truth.  It can help you shed your ties to old stories you bought into as your own, stories you were told as a child that formed your idea of who you are and what you were to be “when you grow up” and the stories your friends told you when you felt fat, ugly, unwanted, abandoned, shamed, hurt, afraid, angry, sad, indifferent, depressed, anxious, hateful, and especially relationships that taught you stories about love . What love looks like, what a perfect movie romance should translate into your reality, what amount of abuse is tolerable if love is dangled in front of you (hint – none).  Stories you were taught by your parents about self love as you watched them damage their health with drinking, drugs or overwork while they got sick or died too young.  Stories you were taught on how to mistreat others, but especially, how you treat yourself.

I urge you to start allowing for the “what if’s” to come into your life.  Science teaches us we only see what our brain believes.  This is why we often don’t see what is right in front of us as we search frantically for our car keys or our glasses.  Our brain believes they are lost, so we never see them.  Only when we calm down, retrace our steps and start to breathe again, can we allow for the truth in nature to appear, so we can find our keys again.  The next time you find yourself in a struggle with your thoughts or an unwelcome experience, change your mindset to include for possibilities of alternative outcomes.  It is a simple tweak that can shift your awareness and change your outcome.  An example of that might be something like this:  “My job is horrible.  I hate my boss.  My coworkers make fun of me behind my back, but I need the income.”  To tweak your “truth” consciously add “and I allow for the possibility that none of that is true for me, it is only a reflection on how I’m feeling about myself and that is ok.”

You don’t have to believe it with your conscious mind, you only have to “allow for the possibility it might not be true.”  That, my friend, is how you stop resisting and how you begin to shift into your power.  Let me know how it goes for you.