It really has been seven months that I had written my last blog post.  It was actually ten months ago that it all changed, life was turned upside down for me.  A new path has been forged but the old one had to be let go, and it has been a process.  Here we are, in the middle of the Holiday Season, yet I had to be reminded Christmas was just a few days away.  I have made no preparations, there are no plans for any activities or big meals.  Still, I will find a way to honor the spirit of the season, even though I am facing it alone for the first time in almost 40 years.  I know I am not the only one faced with these types of challenges right now.  I hope this post will help you find your way through with me.

Who Decided We Had To Be Happy?

How do any of us get through a season where you are supposed to be happy, joyful, full of life when life has not been kind to you?  For me, I do it one foot in front of the other, with determination to just get through that one step.  Some have to fake it til they make it and others simply have to just show up, covered in battle scars, some mud in your hair and bloodshot eyes to prove to yourself you overcame.  Congratulations, you are still standing.  I’m a combination of both at the moment.  How about you?

In this time of so many challenges, from the pandemic to families breaking up, losing loved ones, struggling or from the isolation and loneliness and all the media lies way too many people are still falling for, there is always one thing that can get all of us through.  Love.

I’m not talking about romantic love, though if you have it, good for you. The Love I’m sending to all of you who read this is the essence of what created life, the energy of the entire Universe, the particles that came together to create the planet we live on, and the people we share our lives with.  The Love that opens your heart when you see a laughing baby who just discovered they have feet or a silly kitten performing acrobatics they just discovered their body could do.

It is the Love that causes you to pause when you see someone in distress and answer the need to help them, and the way your breath is taken away when you take in a vista of magnificent natural world gifts whether it be a snowfall, a hike on a forest trail that opens up to a hidden lake or stream, or perhaps, just admiring the plants and flowers that grow in your yard or neighborhood.  That kind of Love is not what makes blockbuster movies, but it is the Love that sustains us.  It is the piece of your soul that is planted where you live, and if you are struggling or suffering right now, that soul piece is crying out to you to give it some Love.

When our Soul is connected to our physical body, we have a greater sense of awareness, purpose and an appreciation for the life that surrounds us.  Look for that in your world.  I promise you, it is there.  Sometimes we have to look really hard, but the more we do so, the more our Soul responds to our gratitude and shows us more and more.

Rewire Your Gratitude Expression

It is at this difficult time I urge you to go back and read the lessons the Angels have been offering you over the past two years, for they have been preparing you, all of us, for the challenges we are facing.  While circumstances are different, results are similar.  We may be sad, angry, depressed, feel isolated, alone and lost.  None of that comes from Love.

There is a big lesson to be learned through all of this.  Are you willing to go to the head of the class?

Where are you finding your joy?  Today, and every day, will you make an effort to find at least five reasons to be filled with joy?  I’ll go first!

1. I woke up to a break in the wintry weather, a patch of blue sky tried to make itself known over head.  The mist over the mountain tops felt magical as rays danced through, giving my heart pause to ask ‘God, is that you?’  It always makes me smile to feel that sense of awe.

2. My driveway gate stopped working so I made a dash into town, looking for parts,  I found what I needed at the last store I went to, and it was the very last one in stock locally, otherwise I’d have to wait 7-10 days for it to be shipped.

3. My pups were excited to go for a car ride with me and they were so well behaved as I made my way through all my errands.

4. My neighbor had a tool I needed to get the gate repaired, saving me a trip back into town during stormy weather.

5. My repair failed.  But, I was lead to new handyman who will be here tomorrow to finish what I could not.  I learned my limits and that makes life better, because I let go of frustration over things I cannot manage on my own.

These are simple joys, little ones, big ones, none to put me over the moon, but they gave me enough wins to make the day end on a positive note.

Look For The Red Sedan

What if you can’t think of anything to be grateful for?  In this case, you must train yourself to start looking for it.  You know how, for example, when you are considering buying a new car, and you really love the idea of a red sedan?  Suddenly, all you seem to see are red sedans.  Gratitude is like that.  Focus on one thing, let that be your guiding light to more and more.  Soon, your list of 5 will become 20.

Life doesn’t have to be one huge celebration after another.  Instead, make the small moments count just as much, sometimes more, because they come often and more frequent when you begin to notice them.  Thank the dandelion for giving you a yellow flower for the bees to survive on before it becomes a weed that has to be pulled.  Thank the sky for giving you a weather break to get your chores done.  Thank the driver that let you into their lane when traffic was at a standstill.  Thank your car for starting today, or your electricity for staying on during the storm.  Thank your mom for teaching you how to can and preserve food so you have plenty as store shelves become empty.  Thank your dad for teaching you to be brave, or your siblings for teaching you how to stand up for yourself.  I just gave you 8 things to be grateful for.  See how easy it can be?

Someone Cares That You Are Alive

This Holiday Season may not be all you hoped for, or are used to.  You may be grieving the loss of loved ones and not care to celebrate anything at all, or you may be so deep in depression you just don’t give a flying fart what day it is.  I promise you there is someone who cares, someone you matter to who is wishing you well, who is loving you no matter how many ugly cries you have, or how many days you’ve lived in the same set of pajamas.

Someone cares that you are alive.  Perhaps when we can step outside of our own grief, sadness or depression, we can find our way back to that.  For me, I have good days, and then I have waves of really bad ones.  But on the bad ones, I do what I must to get through it and on good ones, I rejoice that my heart still feels the love and support from others when I get out of my own way.  Good or bad, I always find things to be grateful for.  It is a grateful heart that brings us peace.  In that peacefulness, we can become an open vessel for the highest of Love to reign down on us with such bliss, it can instantly take away all of our pain.

This Holiday Season, make a vow to get out of your own way.

Let your Love shine through so it may fill you with peace, grace, truthful awareness and, especially, Love.