“I QUIT!  How can people be so gullible?”

That’s what I was asking my computer screen as one after another lie, twisted truth and ridiculously obvious fake news filled my Personal Facebook Page.  My computer did not answer, of course, but it was making one thing very obvious.

Way too many otherwise intelligent human beings are caught up in FOMO.  FOMO is very real, it is the digital version of Keeping Up With The Joneses.  FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out and social media is designed specifically to keep you hooked.

Algorithms are designed to trigger your brains ‘need’ to come back and check, to stay connected.  When you use Social Media, understand that you are voluntarily agreeing to be manipulated.  Much like when you use Google as your search engine, their algorithms are designed to bury information and websites that are not in line with their mainstream ideology.

Google actually uses this technology to alter the way you find information from your searches by showing you outdated or opposite stance articles on the first few pages before you will be able to find any positive articles on the subject matter.  It doesn’t matter if you are for or against something, if they aren’t, your freedom for accessing information has just been manipulated.  All which you agreed to when you signed up to use them.

Alternative Health Choices, Supplements, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Vaccines, Elections, Candidate Information and more all have been altered in their search engines.  The very fact that you are not being given truthful data because the organization itself has designed their bias into your search should make you want to tell Google where to stick it.  The same applies to Main Stream Media. News is no longer ‘The News” but has been replaced with “Entertainment Masquerading As News” with no one batting an eye.

If you have been paying any attention at all, you will have noticed how inane and mind numbing a lot of television, movies and social media have become.

Hollywood has decided they should be your moral compass.  Celebrities tell you who to vote for, what to eat, why you should be angry at someone, how to exercise and scream obscenities under the guise of standing up for your rights, all while hiding behind their locked gates with security systems, armed body guards, more toys, electronics and cars than you will probably ever see, and yet, for whatever reason, society follows them around like hungry dogs, agreeing with them, hating who they tell you to hate, and following their every move on social media.  All because a mathematical formula decided what you should see first.  Think about that.

I caught a news report on a former NFL player who has been having a hard time of it after being caught assaulting several women, so he’s taken to social media with videos of him verbally assaulting police officers with his kids in tow, using his pulpit of anger to make him money.  People flock to watch him make a fool of himself and he makes money off of advertisers, all the while, the women he assaulted will probably never see justice.

But yes, let’s talk otherwise smart women into marching around with pink pussy hats showing how much we won’t put up with that, their kids in tow, all while screaming obscenities at all men.  Does anyone else see the absurdity in the puppet masters pulling the strings?  A media sweetheart today will become tomorrows discarded underwear if they don’t follow the mainstreams plans.  Yet, FOMO continues to rule the choices of way too many.

Society has been coached into giving up free will, and done so willingly.  Movies and television programs are designed to show you how being independent thinkers makes you the outcast.

They subtly implant the idea that if you speak your mind, you will be hated, demeaned and disowned.  It happens on tv and movies, of course, you expect, it will happen to you.  Somewhere on a subconscious level you start to believe that nonsense.

You are Kardashianed, Beyonced, Ellened, Oprahed and Hollywooded into molding yourself after everyone but yourself.  When you let FOMO rule your choices, there is no room for much else.  I don’t like anyone manipulating my thought processes.

Certainly challenge me to think and come to my own conclusions, but always, if someone starts claiming they are the only one with the answer, run, unfollow, delete subscriptions and shake their boogers off of you.  Seriously.

The Angelic Realm for years has been guiding me to be careful what I watch on television, what I read and what I am being manipulated into believing, not only on social media, but also main stream news and not surprisingly, websites I read and experts in fields I have interest in.  Most of it is not as true as they’d like you to believe.

You Can’t Handle The Truth!

Once you’ve learned to discern truth without intellectual persuasion, life just gets simpler.  Learn from me, it really isn’t any fun to have your mind run you off a cliff.

I’m sure you’ve encountered people who are not ready to hear truth.  I’m also sure I was that person at some point in my life before the Angels took front and center.

We have something in the Angelic Realm we are taught when helping others and that is never offer truth if another is not ready.  The movie “A Few Good Men” where Jack Nicholson’s character is on the stand and he screams at the JAG officer questioning him “You can’t handle the truth!” it is like that.

It takes courage to accept that sometimes all you are meant to do is take care of yourself first and understand truth is meant only for you at this time.  It teaches you to be ok with other people’s choices and experiences.  You become less judgmental, your need to be right becomes a non-issue.  Life gets easier.  I highly recommend it.

There is something so life affirming, so uplifting, when you make the time to get to the truth instead of either accept information on face value.  Just because social media has developed the app for that doesn’t mean it’s true or right.  It also relieves you of any need to be right at all costs, like the man who needed to prove his intellect to me about vinegar, of all things important in this world.  I spoke about him in last weeks blog in case you missed it.

When someone is trying to rile you up, to get you to react in a manner that is not coming from truth but from fear, hate or lies, you must have the courage to stop a moment and ask yourself the questions only you can answer.

  • Why does this matter enough to me to share it?
  • Is it real?
  • Is it true?
  • How does it make me feel?
  • Is that how I want others to feel from me?
  • Does this make me a better person?
  • Does this post reflect the person I am striving to be?
  • Does this post make my butt look too fat?  Just checking if you’re still with me……

FOMO In Health Matters

There are so many charlatans peddling health.  There is a popular television doctor who used to be someone of integrity, but he’s been coerced into following mainstream medias requirements to satisfy their advertisers or his show is off the air.  On Facebook there are cardiologists peddling toxic fish oils, chiropractors hawking essential oils, exercise experts peddling their own line of supplements guaranteed to solve your digestive gas, your incontinence, your candida, your loss of libido, your weight, your brain, it goes on and on.  Most of it is hype. Yet we fall for it, again and again, hoping against hope this time it will stick and it rarely does.

Just look at all the ads for drugs on television, print and internet.  Take this drug for eczema, but you might have your hair fall out and your bones break.  But your skin will clear up!  Some health gurus just masquerade as an expert and give you just enough information to fall for their FOMO.  Once they get you, they will feed you just enough to keep you coming back hoping maybe this time it will stick because you had a little relief the first time.  In the meantime you go broke buying their programs, or worse, you become sicker because what nourishes one type of body will not nourish another type, but you don’t know that til you get sicker.  Even then, your FOMO can be so strong that you keep at it, against all evidence to the contrary.

There is no one size fits all.  Stop being a pawn in forces that want to keep you stuck.  Refuse to play their game.  In order to do so, you have to be willing to look at what you are creating in your world.

What are you aligning with?  How is it serving or blocking your love of God, Universal Truth, Source or however you choose to call the energy that guides you?  That is the area you should focus on if you want to get healthy.  To heal, you must be whole.  How can we be whole if we have FOMO?  We can’t.

A Clean Slate

So!  All of that to say clean the slate.  Start right now.

Look at who you follow on Social Media.  Ask yourself if they lift you up, make you laugh and feel good about yourself, or do they make you feel angry, rage, hate, sadness?  Then ask yourself if it feels true.

It does not take much effort to look at a post or a google search and check the date it was published.  Outdated information can lead you to get angry about something that no longer applies.  Look at the author.  Is it a real source of information or is it one of the many websites and facebook pages that are foreign or are simply set up to gain likes and earn income from triggering you to react.  Look at the grammar and see how many misspellings are obvious.  If it says “I’ll bet you won’t share this” or “Let’s see how many will share this on their page” don’t.  It doesn’t matter if it is a puppy or a wildfire.  Posts like that are not real and they are designed to get a reaction, there is no value in it.  Refuse to share it.  Use your discernment and just keep scrolling past.

If you are on Facebook, for example, go to your Groups List and go to the actual page.  Does the group seem legitimate?  Is it being spammed by a lot of ads, are people trying to get you to react, and does it feel truthful?  If the answer is no, while on the page, unfollow the page.  One less source of false information filling your feed is now out of the way.  Go to the next group and the next until you’ve actually looked at each group you have previously joined and made a conscious decision to stay or go.

Get Real With Your Personal Page

Go to your personal page and see how many posts people have not reacted to, then look at the subject and use the same criteria to judge it as you do your groups.  If you’re sharing a lot of reactionary posts that inflame, are clearly untrue, are not adding something of value to your life or are just being shared because it validates the anger you have about a subject, perhaps those are the types of posts you can stop sharing.  That collective consciousness spreads like wildfire and learning to be more aware of what you are putting out into the ethers that represents who you are will be a huge shift for your ability to attract more of what you do want in your life.

If you’re going for more peaceful living, don’t share meme’s that invoke division between political parties, religious groups and diets.  I know, who knew diets could be so divisive?  That’s for a whole other post though.

If you’re going for more love, light and rock and roll, don’t put up posts that goes against that.  If you can’t find any posts that represents your desires, look for new groups and unfollow the old ones.  You get to choose!

One of the ways I make a choice without using my intuitive sight is to ask myself this one question;  “Does this add value to the life I choose to live in truth and light?”  If I don’t feel a strong yes response, I unfollow and click to make sure no one can add me back in.

Social Media Friends

Do the same with your ‘friends’ as you may discover you don’t know half the people who are seeing your private photographs and learning when you are going on vacation.  At one point when I first joined facebook I had about 500 ‘friends’ but over time I began unfriending a lot of them.  At last count I’m down to 130 friends or so and I keep cutting.  Social Media FOMO is designed to make you think you need to have a thousand friends and tons of likes and shares.  Mess with their algorithm and choose differently.  I don’t accept new friends on social media.  I get solicited by them for a multi marketing scheme or a GoFundMe page donation.  Seriously, get the heck out!

My personal page is just that.  Social Media wants you to give up your privacy and too many have willingly done so.  If you value yourself over FOMO, it will be an easy step to take.  If you find yourself hesitant because you might miss something important, ask yourself where else you could get the information.  Perhaps by directly signing up for their newsletters or bookmarking their website to check for updates.

When you stop allowing yourself to get triggered by fake and often foreign websites specifically designed to make you crazy mad at something or someone that is not even true, your life will become much calmer, your soul can take a breather, and your own light will have a chance to start shining through.  Your health will probably improve too.

FOMO Makes You Sick

Intuitively this is what I see when someone gets triggered into an angry response, their entire body constricts.  I see their heart speed up as it tries to pump blood through constricted blood vessels that have clamped down in an attempt to slow the emotional chemicals that are now coursing through you.  I see blood pressure go up and kidneys constrict as it tries to filter the chemicals the emotions are releasing.  I see their eyes become wide, then narrow as they focus on the anger or fear that is triggered.  None of it is a healthy response.  Imagine how often your body is doing this throughout the day, all because you allow negative feeds to fill your social media pages non-stop?

The FOMO is what these master manipulators count on.  You are the only one who can choose differently.  Sometimes you have to make a clean break and unfriend/unfollow anyone else who is pushing that back into your life.  It takes a dose of courage but the reward will be incredible now that you’ve given yourself the chance to be more of who you are meant to be.

New Browsers and Search Engines Help

Get a new browser.  Google specifically is designed to track your every move.  It monitors your searches, your keystrokes and gives you suggestions for products you may be looking for.  Is it magic?  I call it creepy, but if you don’t mind being spied on, go for it.

Have you ever noticed when you have Facebook open in your browser and you go to search something in a new window, suddenly Facebook is showing you ads for that item?  Facebook does the same thing as Google, under the guise of targeted advertising.  I recommend you download and install the Brave browser, it does not track you.  If Facebook is open on your Brave browser, it cannot see what you are doing in other windows but make sure to choose a different search engine that does not track.

Delete the Facebook App and after you install Brave on your cellphone and electronics, use the website to read Facebook.  Your battery will last a lot longer because the app is not constantly running in the background anymore and you have stopped tracking if you’ve also added DuckDuckGo.

Download Duck Duck Go as your preferred search engine.  They do not track you, but if you are using it on a browser that does, such as Safari or Chrome, some of your searches can still be seen.  While it is better than nothing, it is best to use Duck Duck Go on Brave.  Because Brave will block all prying eyes, some websites simply won’t work because they are designed to spy on you, period.

You decide if you want to use that site ever again, and if you do, the new Firefox browser has a privacy setting that will limit tracking very effectively while allowing you to browse safer than the others.  Make sure DuckDuckGo is your preferred browser in all of your settings regardless which browser you choose.

So there you have it.  Start off with a clean slate.  Get rid of all groups, websites and social media friends that do not make life better for you.  When you willingly let go of these things and people keeping you from knowing yourself, you open a big wide world of amazing synchronicities and new opportunities you never would have discovered if you’d not taken that first step.

Congratulations on your courage.  Welcome to the New You!  I’m so excited for you!