What are Energy Cords?

An energy cord, for those unaware of the term, indicates another has attached themselves to your energy field for their own strength.  Some energy cords are good to have, such as our cord attaching to our Soul, or the cord that connects us to our children.  Some cords help ground us and keep us focused, other cords allow us to visit other fields of energy such as when I’m with the Angelic Realm.

Empathic people often unknowingly keep themselves wide open to these attachments. Being in a room with someone who is an energy vampire leaves you feeling exhausted, weak, sometimes angry or depressed.  Toxic people, drama kings and queens, angry, jealous or spiteful personalities can all cause you to give your life force away as they feed off of your compassion and kindness.

In my other role as caregiver, I am responsible for the health and welfare of my loved one struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease.  When I was wide open to his energy, he would unknowingly attach himself to my energy field and drain me in order to help his pain or his confusion.  It soon became obvious that if he had pain, I would too very shortly.  As his disease eventually progressed to the point of total dependence on me for his needs, that energy grab was constant.  I felt as if I were drowning underneath the weight of this insidious disease, so much so that I began to become concerned that I was also showing signs of confusion and ill health.

Once I was able to establish my field consistently through the technique I’m sharing with you in this post, I no longer felt drained and overwhelmed.  I was no longer susceptible to his levels of pain and confusion. I could now physically feel when he was attempting to attach himself to my energy and I could prevent that from making me ill or weak.

Why cutting cords is inadequate

When we request an energy cord be cut, there remains loose pieces of energy that can get stuck in our field.  I have seen them with my intuitive insight as hooks, or floating pieces of cords that can block energy in a weak spot.  Sometimes it appears as tentacles, like an Octopus hanging on for dear life, their suction cups attached in various places of the persons energy field.

I have found cutting cords is inadequate and can be, for some, worse for their well being.  It is like generations of litter strewn across the energy field. 

Without getting all woo woo on you here, there is a cellular makeup we each carry which comes from our ancestral experiences.  Generations of ancestral fears, stuck emotions, and negative thoughts can all play a role in how energy cords get stuck in our field.  This process I’m about to share with you will address all of that.

The Energy Clearing Process

You may record these instructions and play it daily to keep your field clear. However, anytime you feel yourself being drained, practice it to instantly help you.  I give credit to my mentor and teacher in Medical Intuition, Tina Zion for inspiring me to create this method.  Additionally, The Angelic Realm completed the process to make this my own formula for keeping my energy clean and strong.

Begin by imagining a pure white light entering in through your breath, filling up your lungs and spreading into your heart.  This pure white light circles around and out of your heart in all directions.  See it in your mind expanding out about 3 feet around and within you, as if your heart is is the beacon of your souls energy.

Allow that energy to continue to circulate without further thought.  Now, place your attention on a ball of light about 3 feet under your feet.  This light is the most beautiful golden white light you have ever seen.

Breathe this light in through your feet, up your legs, your torso, front, back and sides, let it rise up and mingle with the pure white light of your heart.  Watch this light expand and release out of your fingertips as the light continues up into your throat, your neck, head….feel the light moving up in all directions til it reaches the top of your scalp.  For a few seconds sit with the feeling of pressure as it builds up, then with a deep breath, imagine the top of your head opens wide and this mingled light spreads up from your crown, going into outer space.

Imagine it moving through a gel like substance, then into a dark space where no light exists.  Feel it moving past that up into a most beautiful luminous white light.  As your light meets this white light, begin to notice there are gold sizzles and sparks of light that join in.  This mixture of light now cascades back down towards you filling your outside energy fields with this cleansing light.  Watch it enter back up through your feet and simply allow yourself to become a fountain of energy that flows freely without you directing anything.

Now, command or request this light PULL OUT all cords, hooks, tentacles and loose pieces of stuck foreign energy out of your field and return it to the light.  You may feel pops, tingles, shudders, you may yawn, sneeze or cough as these loose pieces of energy that do not belong to you are pulled out of your field.  Command this energy return to the light above and watch it floating upwards as you feel your physical body becoming lighter and looser.  Request the light bring all of your own energy back to you through a clean and clear filter across all space, all time, all dimension.

Just as we have stuck energy in our field from ancestors, we also have pieces of our cords in other peoples energy fields.  (This recalls all of the pieces of you that you have given away or that your ancestors have given away.)

Breathe.  Feel yourself becoming more energized and at peace.

Request your field be kept clean and clear for the next 24 hours.  Repeat as often as necessary in between but above all, use this daily.

As you begin to practice this method, you will be able to create it instantly.  You will begin to notice that by simply generating your light throughout, it becomes an automatic process for you.  Until you have it down pat and can feel the shifts occur instantly, repeat the process step by step,  I promise you, with daily application, you will soon be an amazing source of light that will create an amazing new way of being.

Be well.