Greetings Friends and Clients.

Every summer I take time off from Social Media.  At first it was for 24 hours to see if I could live without having social media in my face.  That turned into a week, which turned into a month, which turned into two months, which ultimately became all summer.  I highly recommend you cut cords to as much electronics as you can when you have a chance.  It really heals the soul and the physical body.

Tomorrow marks the first day of Autumn here in the US and weather has brought it to my door a good month early.  That has kept me busy getting things ready for a possible early winter as well but now I’m ready to focus back on my work and sharing my thoughts with you on the blog.  I sent this post out as an email to a few clients and friends and as I did so, I realized it would be a great re-entry into the blog for all my readers.

To introduce you to the reason for this post, I want to share a personal story with you.

I have had Epstein Barr Virus since I was 18 years old.  I also got infected with a brain virus that caused other issues affecting memory, emotions and vision.  It is what lead doctors to tell me I had Multiple Sclerosis in the mid 1980’s.  Between these two viruses I was bed ridden, in tremendous physical pain, depression so deep I was suicidal at times, and not seeing a way out.  Doctors kept telling me it was either in my head or I had to live with it and prepare for life in a wheel chair.

Long time clients and readers on my facebook page know that went over like a lead balloon and it pushed me to find answers to figure out how to reverse it.  As I learned how to manage it so I could live some semblance of life again, it was through energy work, nutritional support,  and sheer will, I got better.  I felt I had conquered most of the symptoms and was able to leave the depression, agoraphobia, anxiety and panic attacks and a lot of the Fibromyalgia Pain and Chronic Fatigue from EBV behind me. Though I could sense it was not completely gone, I knew how to control it.  I was ok with that.  It was better than what I had before.

As the Angelic Realm became a stronger force in my life and began guiding me deeper and deeper into my spiritual healing, I came to understand there was something more that needed healing.  The body/mind/spirit or the Trinity of Healing as I refer to it, needed balancing.  One cannot be fully healed if one is out of balance, or in my case, still infected.

After doing medical intuition work for a few years, then formally becoming trained by Tina Zion, the Angelic Realm got very excited.  They began pushing me harder and deeper, and I began to stop fighting them.  This is when a friend and client introduced me to the healing work of Master John Douglas and the Master Angels.  Through their work, after becoming initiated as an Elite Practitioner, we began killing the virus in all of its forms.

It sounds incredible, I know.  Had I not lived it myself, I too, would shake my head in disbelief.  I am humbled to see, hear, understand and know truth in all things through their eyes and guidance.  Spiritual healing is the most important thing any of us can do to heal our physical body.  Let that sink in.  It has been a common theme in my angelic work to NOT follow symptoms of a client when they hire me.  That is for a medical doctor to address and I am not interested in working there.

Instead, the Angelic Realm takes me to the ‘insertion point’ or the cause of the issue to begin with.  Physical symptoms often dissolve on their own once we are able to see what this insertion point is and it can take several sessions to get us there.  I liken it to driving down the freeway, getting stuck in traffic, and all most people will see is vehicles backed up for miles, no one going anywhere fast.  Sometimes you’ll see someone zipping around jumping lanes and trying to inch themselves ahead, all the while they go nowhere just as slow as everyone else.

But if you were to raise your view of the backup, and look at the cause from above ground level, which in this case is angelic level, you would be able to see a crash miles ahead with no way around it (the crash represents your physical concern if you continue on this path)…..unless you can take a certain exit (energy work, angelic healing with the Master Angels) that will get you out of the congestion (think of this as the physical, emotional or mental pain you are experiencing), and you inch yourself over to take the exit, your higher vision shows you the way out of the backup.  Once you are out of the congestion, you gain a clearer picture of how to move past the backup, which represents your concern, and you are able to shed the cause, heal the injury, etc. and move forward with living your life in a way that is more connected to the truth that nature has presented to you, or as I like to say, when you flow with the angels instead of fighting against them, magic can happen.

If you are ready to change the condition of your health, your mindset or your spiritual growth, I want to tell you there is no faster way to help yourself heal than by practicing the work with the Master Angels.

I want to share with you a free Angelic Blessing Event, next Saturday, September 28th Live, with the Master Angels and their human representative, Master John Douglas who has an amazing ability to heal through them.
As many of you know and have experienced many special healing miracles with the Angels during our sessions, still, some of you question if I am doing work with dark masquerading as light.  I have watched people who have so much dogma ingrained in them they reject their miracles.  That makes me sad that there are still so many people who deny Gods blessings through the Master Angels.  Doubt, instead of faith, will always block the light of God from entering and healing.
If that describes you, please, I urge you to set aside an hour to listen to Master John as he speaks of the Master Healing Angels and they bless you with as much healing as you allow.  The Angels do not require any religious commitment, there is no dogma, no rules, no special clothes or food you have to eat to be included in the healing work.  You simply have to be willing to set aside your mind that wants to tell you it can’t possibly be this easy, or that your way of connecting with God is the only way.  That is fear based and is not Gods or the Master Angels energy that I work with and who use me for their healing.
In my 20 plus years doing energy work I have encountered much darkness, I have been attacked by demons and have battled evil in ways I won’t recount for you here.  They are attracted to the light I carry from the Angels.  My Angel team however, wears combat boots, their swords of light will slay any thing not of God.  They are warriors for God’s love and light, and they fill me with their courage.  For some who are not able to discern this energy it can cause them to reject my energy as  too strong.  For some humans who are stuck in dogma and expectations, it causes them to go into fear.  God’s power is overwhelming bliss.  I am humbled to be used for this work.


Do not let fear keep you from ascending higher into a realm of love and truth that cannot be found in the 3D world of fear, greed and pain.  Gift yourself an hour to allow yourself the healing grace of the Master Angels with this free call next Saturday.  Free healing work with the Master Angels is a rare gift, I hope you will take advantage of it.

I freely admit the first time I saw Master John in person I was so much in my head that I did not allow my heart to guide me.  I kept looking for Angels around him and I saw none.  I was so wrong, there is more angelic presence in this humble, amazing human that I did not deserve to witness at the time.  I needed to clear myself first of human expectation and of my own ego.  After all, I worked with Angels already, surely I would see them if they were there!  At this level of angelic healing work, I first needed to be deserving of their gift.  I got there by attending events, listening to all of the angelic processes on the website and being humble enough to realize I did not know more than God.  At the time, I wanted to be right that this was too easy, and the words this man from Australia spoke was not meant for me.  Yet, when I walked out of that seminar, something was very clear.  I was supposed to be there, and I was guided through hurricane force winds and torrential rains on a 4 hour drive to get me there safely.  Let yourself be guided through your storm and sit with us for an hour to be healed in your heart, your spirit, perhaps even your soul.  I am very glad I didn’t let my mind stop me from paying attention to the multitude of signs the Angels were giving me to be elevated to this level of healing work.
I also want to take a moment and address the elephant in the room.  The term Master.  More specifically Supreme Grand Master which is John Douglas’ official title.  This was bestowed upon him by the Master Angels. If they wanted to call me Grand Poobah of the Umpqua River, I’d gladly wear that myself.  My point being if you find yourself being put off by his title, which I was at first too, stop and ask yourself why that is.  Why do you automatically reject someones title?  My reason was I was judgmental.  I was stuck in my head.  I had to let go of all of that before I was given the blessings to see the truth and stop fighting and making a mess of lifes greatest gifts.
There are Master Plumbers, Master Electricians, Master Gamers, Master Healers.  In order to gain the title of Master in these instances, one has to prove proficiency in their vocation or subject matter.  A Master Healer, who can see into the body, identify a pathogen, command the Master Healing Angels to kill it and restore you to health would be someone who would qualify as a Master, wouldn’t you agree?  Especially someone who can do it in less than 5 minutes and you experience a healing of a pain no medical doctor has been able to help you with, or a state of depression that has held you in the grips of despair for far too long?  Or, as in my instance, can kill a virus that has caused me so much pain, suffering, debilitation and hopelessness over the years which no doctor could cure?
I could write a book on how many times Master John and the Master Healings Angels have saved my life.  Literally.  Is it flights of fancy?  Am I delusional?  Some might want to think so.  But when you know the truth, there is nothing that can sway you.  This work has allowed me to get through the day to day challenges of being the sole caregiver to my husband with Alzheimer’s.  True, sometimes it is overwhelming and there are days I am reactive instead of neutral to his declining state, I know one thing for certain.  I positively would not be able to manage doing this alone.  Because, in truth, I am not.  Nor are you.  We are surrounded by so many angelic beings, and my work through the Elite Program with the Master Angels has opened an ability to work through difficulties because I am able to scan for the truth of all things and learn, even as I am a work in progress, what is important and what is not.  I still have to live in the world, but the Angels help me become free of having to stay stuck in that.  They can help you too, if you will invite them in.
When you flow with the Angelic Realm, you discover a lot of your stress is your own doing.  That is powerful.  You also learn to trust their guidance to make your life better.  Supreme Grand Master John Douglas has given me that blessing by allowing me to work with the Master Angels.  I am but a spec on the light the Master Angels shine through me to help in my healing work, but I am so humbled, grateful and dedicated to being the best spec of light I can be to support Master Johns mission on Earth.  Physical healing is only one part of the whole.  The Master Angels want you to invest in yourself to be the best person you can be, body, mind and spirit.
I hope you will join us.    Saturday Sept 28, 2019. (980) 265-0687. Code 720230  6 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 9 PM Easter Daylight Time, 1 AM GMT Sunday Morning
Disclaimer:  The statements and advice offered in this correspondence are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition and are not substitutdtes for prudent medical care offered by a licensed medical professional.  References to healing or treatments in this correspondence  are describing faith based blessings perfromed by God and the Master Healing Angels.  They are not performed by any individual or affiliate of th CMA International Foundation or the Church of the Master Angels.  Neither CMA International Foundation, the Church of the Master Angels nor anyu of the affiliates, speakers or representattives offer medical advice and they are not medical organizations or doctors.
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