Medical Intuitive ~ Reader or Healer?

At the beginning of my healing journey in 1998, when I was learning to heal myself from Multiple Sclerosis and later, Cancer, I relied mostly on technology with some Reiki and Energy Medicine mixed in. As I grew into my experiences and awareness of the Angels, I began to incorporate them into the technological aspect of my energy healing work. Eventually, this morphed into a full acceptance of the Angelic Realm as the sole source of healing and transformation. I call what I do simply “Intuitive” and I facilitate any “Healing” you may receive from the Angelic Realm by acting as a conduit to both receive angelic realm energy and open your energy fields to receive the angelic realm energies for healing. Calling myself a Healer is not accurate, since I am not the one doing the healing. It becomes an energetic agreement between you and the Angelic world. I refer to it as the Trinity of Synergy, a term I coined many years ago when I was teaching energy medicine. The Trinity of Synergy encompasses the client, the facilitator and the source of the healing energy itself and holds no religious intent or action.