Ever since my husband became unable to care for himself due to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s my attention was taken from my work, understandably so.  He’d always been my biggest cheerleader, and was a supportive, encouraging advocate for who I am, as a healer, a wife and a friend.  

Since his passing, I’ve been working on finding my grounding, and reconnecting to my work in ways that support who I have become, what I have learned full time caregiving for the past many years, and what it is I want for myself moving forward.  

I was excited when I learned about a 20 year old technology that was new to me.  The Energy Enhancement System™ created by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.  Dr. Michaels genius and her gentle healing nature came through during an interview she did with Jason Shurka, of UNIFYD Healing Network in May 2022.  I knew I needed to be involved, someway, somehow.  

Best Laid Plans

My idea was to partner with a naturopath friend of mine in town and set up 8 or 12 units of this system and start a healing center with it.  However, word grew, others got involved, people I did not know nor have anything in common with.  We agreed to become business partners to order a 24 unit system.  I was happy to be the one who brought everyone together for a bigger goal, but it soon began to become one challenge after another.  

As the only actual certified and trained healer of the group after my ND friend dropped out, it became apparent we were not in this work for the same goal.  While I was happy to make a living off the work, I was always focused on the centers success first and foremost.  I worked tirelessly to bring the center up to a standard of function we could all be proud of.  

What was missing was the healers heart.  I loved interacting with our members, sometimes I would be called upon to do a spontaneous angel healing or energy work as needed.  Other times I was slammed keeping up with administrative operations, returning phone calls well into the evening, and scheduling appointments, answering questions and just being available as needed.  In between I was building our website, developing relationships with the community and providing all the support I could.  I was exhausted, but happy to do so because I saw the bigger picture.  

What Came First?  The Healer or the Hurt?

For me, the healing has always come first.  That meant to me I was focused on client needs first.  It was simply not built in to do so with a large center where 16 people at a time could come and settle in with the EESystem at a time.  

Then, my business partners tried to put me in a corner.  When I stood my ground, they came at me.  Now, I do not know who is running the center, but I was not about to be shoved aside.  Not when I’m the one who had the vision and created the opportunity for what became a very successful operation in a very short time.  

As I’ve said before on this page, everything is a choice. While some may have thought they were making a choice for me, they would be wrong.  To quote Patrick Swayze in the movie Dirty Dancing – Nobody puts Baby in a corner.  

What people who are using the light for their own purposes, do not understand, is that I am always divinely guided.  What happens when you are in the divine flow?  Magic!

The popularity of the EESystem exploded globally as soon as that May 2022 interview went live.  Just as I was able to sense the energy from the video and see the light grid activating globally with centers going online, I was guided to the next phase of my healing work.  Turns out, that simple system, with all the healing tools I use in my work, coupled with a few new technologies that will enhance the experience, is all I needed to move forward.

GG’s Retreat Is Born

I am excited to announce GG’s Retreat Center, a very exclusive, one on one healing space designed with you in mind.  I did it by designing it with me in mind first.  I looked at what I felt was missing in the large center, what people who are struggling to get well need, and what I could provide through my skills, abilities, education and experience.  

I don’t plan to open on a large scale.  My focus will be on those who have tried everything and not received the result they were hoping for.  I have no control over what the body will or will not do to heal, but I do know through the angelic realm, I can gain awareness into the truth of what someone may need to shift into healing mode instead of staying stuck in sick mode,  

The Retreat can assist up to 3 people at a time in the space.  I do require those 3 know each other and agree to be in the space together.  You also have the option of reserving your retreat space all to yourself.  Overnight options will be considered on a case by case basis.  

If the popularity of this type of work becomes mainstream, perhaps I can expand services and options.  If you are happy with the services being offered as is, and it remains a small, word of mouth operation, I’m perfectly ok with that as well.  I am in divine flow, so I trust it is all perfect.

Build It And They Will Come

When I knew I needed to start GG’s Retreat, I had decided to buy a system to be installed in my home for me, my pets and a few close friends and clients. However, the wait for a new system was 10-12 months out.  If I was meant to do this now, I needed a miracle.  

Of course, the Angelic Realm did not hesitate.  As soon as I put that word out to them, a 4 unit system became available.  Not only that, 15 people were ahead of me in the cue for wanting to purchase that system.  I didn’t expect to hear back from the seller that he was guided to wait before deciding who to sell it to.  He said as soon as he saw my name, he knew it was meant for me.  Divine timing.  I highly recommend it.  

With the EESystem in place, I began getting inquiries as to when others could come and spend time in it.  I was not certain I was ready to open my home to clients again.  For now, I will limit it to those I know, trust and have worked with before.  I’ll let myself be guided. lf I am meant to help someone, I trust I will get the message loud and clear.  Nothing is ever an accident, not even the distasteful experience I just went through that is still awaiting resolution.  

What Comes Next

Nobody puts this baby in a corner.  It is not where I am meant to be.  I will be true to myself, my souls guidance and my truth.  I expect nothing but amazing and great things to come of it. 

So, stay tuned, please stay connected with me as I take you on this healing journey.  If you’d like to learn how to get a system for your own retreat or if you wish to start your own larger center, please reach out.  If you are meant to have it sooner than later, I’ll be given the nudge.  Let us all gather in the wisdom of divinity and live a fuller, happier, more fulfilled life.  What others think of us is not our concern.  I’ve learned many are incapable to hearing any truths.  We have to be prepared to move forward, forging new trails, often alone. 

Please follow me on our new facebook page.   We’re also on Instagram (though I am still learning how navigate through that platform).  To our health!  May it be non-negotiable.