The Pet Spirit Release Ceremony should be created specific to your own pets needs, your beliefs and your intention for the quick transition of your pets soul over the Rainbow Bridge.  I’m not going to repeat what I’ve already shared about supporting your pet during their transition, instead, I’ll leave that to you to go back and review as you feel the need.  Instead, I am going to get right into it.  You might want to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it for ideas on how you want to create your own Spirit Release Ceremony.

Why I Hold A Spirit Release Ceremony

Funerals.  They are not for the one who has passed on, but for those who remain.  It is to help bring healing to the broken hearts and bring the memory of the loved one back with them one last time before saying goodbye.  Depending on the religious faith, spiritual beliefs, or cultural expectations, a funeral is the final goodbye that can take a few moments or weeks.  Sometimes it stands as a reunion for family that has scattered across the globe, often it brings up dynamics that need healing as well.  Whether the surviving family members take advantage of this time to be in the presence of grace or not is up to them.  Why would we not want to honor the love, loyalty and life of a beloved pet that has given us their devotion in a fashion that befits their memory?

There is no right or wrong way to say goodbye.  In todays world, as we have become more attached to our pets than ever before, the loss of a pet can be just as devastating as the loss of an important person in our lives. If we do not find a way to grieve that loss, we set ourselves up for sickness or depression as the unexpressed or unhealed grief eats at us. The stressors that destroy our peace of mind, can also slowly destroy our body, mind, and/or spirit.  There is truth that emotions buried alive never die.  

Because I have lost so many pets in the past, when it was time to say goodbye to my 19 year old cat, I knew, without a doubt, I needed to have a special ceremony for her.  One that would honor the special time she graced, and sometimes tortured me, with her presence.  She was a cat after all….but I loved her with all of my heart.  I had her in my life the longest of any animal, and I felt such a strong need to honor that before I let her go. 

In my new book, not as yet titled, I go into more detail about what her presence in my life meant and how she became a healing cat, helping me with clients.  She taught me how to communicate in a way that brought laughter with her antics, chuckles and skewed glances from visitors, and a loyal love and devotion that was at once maddening and heartwarming.

Create A Ceremony That Honors Your Relationship

With her life purpose in mind, the ceremony had to be special.  Something befitting the relationship she and I shared through all those years.  This is the Pet Spirit Release Ceremony that was organically developed, in the moment, but one I have since used with my other pets and my clients pets.  Feedback has been positive, and it has left both human and animal in a space of pure love and filled with grace.  Grace is simply the embrace from the Divine, a nod to your attempts and intentions to create a space that is of God, or if you prefer, the Universe, All That Is or whatever it is you feel puts you in a space of higher power.  

Using the communication tools I have shared with you in previous posts, when you get a “yes” from your pet indicating they are ready to cross over, or if you determine a veterinary visit is in order to help them, perform the ceremony before that time.  I have performed this spirit release ceremony as far out as five days before the pet was taken to the vet and they benefitted.  Time does not mean the same thing to your pet, your intention for them to have a peaceful and fast passing is more important than the actual date it is performed.  

With that in mind, when I received my yes response from my cat, I made arrangements immediately.  Once they are ready, it has been my experience it is important to make haste, they are ready right then, in that moment.  This is no longer about you and how hard it is for you to let them go.  When they give you the go signal you need to be ready.  You are doing this for them.  They are depending upon you to take the steps they need.  Do not let them down.

Choose A Special Location

For your ceremony, you should use a sacred location to you.  It could be a special spot in the garden, your prayer spot or your favorite hangout with your pet.  Ideally, it should be a place that is imprinted with their memory and energy.  If you have special items that are significant to you and your pet, place them in a circle around your pet.  

I laid a blanket in the center of a sacred space in my front yard where I do a lot of energy work with nature.  In this space it is easy for me to connect with the Angelic Realm at a deep level.  It is a space where I have witnessed magical experiences, so I knew it was filled with love, light and intention.  I brought out some of my favorite crystals, some that my cat loved to lay across or next to and I made a circle around both of us with them.  I brought White Sage to burn with a peacock feather to spread the smoke around to cleanse the air of any energy that might interfere with her spirit release.  You might light a white candle to represent purity of heart, love and peace if burning sage is not for you. 

Include Your Other Pets

Decide if your other pets want to be present to say their goodbyes.  Surviving pets do grieve the loss of a loved one, human or animal.  Include them in your ceremony if you feel it is appropriate.  I brought my female dog out with me, I knew she wanted to say goodbye, but I left my male inside as his sensitivities were too high and he would be less able to be calm during the release.  You know your pets and their needs, use the tools I’ve previously shared to ask them what they need from you during this sad time.  

Sound is a very powerful energy that will release their spirit.  I used a singing bowl but you might prefer some small chimes or a tibetan bell.  Something as simple as two metal utensils pounded together, or a chime tone on your cell phone settings can work.  Just make sure it is a sound you resonate with, you will know because it will make your body and mind say “Ahhhh” as if it is relaxing you deep down inside.  Certainly, you can sing a song that means something special to you or your pet, like I did with my dog Scottie.  I had one client choose to hum, or you can whistle or vibrate your lips together to make a sound.  There is no wrong way.  

In my ceremony, I recited an invocation I use in my healing practice to invite specific Archangels into my sacred space.  I will share the complete invocation in the book for you to refer to, modify or use as is.  The important thing is creating a ceremony your soul resonates with, something that you can feel the connection of you with your pet and release them out of pure love.  If that means you hold your pet in your arms while the vet does what they need to do and you let tears fall on them while you say “goodbye, I love you” that can be your release ceremony.  Or, you can do more elaborate steps such as I offer you here.  Their ceremony is for your healing, but it is also for helping them cross over quickly.

Each animal I have performed this animal spirit release ceremony with, I have always received confirmation they have crossed over, almost instantly.  Look for signs from your pet, or ask the angels to help you to know when it is done.  When my cat crossed over, a gentle breeze blew across my face from Archangel Ariel.  When one of my dogs crossed over, as soon as the veterinarian began to drive off with his body, I looked up to see a cloud in the shape of a dog with angel wings.  It was gone as fast as it formed.  When one of my other cats died, an orange dragonfly followed me around the yard all day long.  It kept flying up to me and hovering around my face.  He was an orange tabby.  When one of my clients lost two dogs within a short time of each other, I had two dragonflies appear in front of me as I was meditating in my outdoor spot.  They sat on the fence and stayed with me, letting me know who they were and with a message for their humans. 

If You Need Help

Some clients do not feel ready to do their own ceremony or worry they will do it wrong.  You have the option of ordering a custom Pet Spirit Release Session with me and your pet to assist you.  You don’t need me to do it for you, anything you do from your heart will be intention enough to guide them to the other side, but I understand the emotions might leave you feeling less able to proceed.  If you can gather friends and family to support you, do that.  If not, I am happy to help you and your pet.

Look for the signs.  You will find them.  Then let them fill your heart with love and gratitude.  Let your tears fall, let your heart heal so you can love another animal who needs you.  

Thank you for reading with me.