One of the most gut wrenching parts of being a pet lover is the decision to let your pet go.  It can scar you for life, like it has me.

However, that scar, rubbed raw each time I had to make “the” decision for my next beloved animal, was actually pushing me to get better at using my gifts of intuitive insight.

This article could have been very useful to me back when I struggled with my first sweet boy who was struggling from age related breakdown.  Because of what I went through agonizing over when to call the Vet, I decided I was never going to have another pet again.

Well, the Universe had the last laugh, but really, it was all for my benefit, gifted to me by the teachings of some amazing pets who came afterwards.

I’m going to plug the book I’m writing.  This excerpt is a condensed version of one of the chapters.  The takeaway here is not to sell you a book but for you to grasp that what my Angel Team will teach you is how you can connect with any animal and learn how to communicate with them in a way that is clear and understandable from both sides.  In the full chapter, you will learn to know when they are ready to leave their physical body.  No more agonizing over when is the right time.  No more guilt over letting your pet go.  You will learn to be fully present and in tune with your pet as they transition to the other side.

We want you learn from my mistakes and slow comprehension of these gifts.  However, It is much more than that.  Imagine taking that skill and applying it to all aspects of your daily life.  That is our ultimate goal, to help you get to a place where you can begin to trust and know without doubt.  It is a magical journey.  With a pure intention you can do this.  I am not special.  We all have this ability.  I just happen to practice it a lot.

Once we learn how to hear our pets voice through the manner our new book will teach you, there should never be any hesitation on your part.  You will discover how to help them in the way they need during their last days.  You will be filled with love, appreciation, understanding and most of all, clarity of what your pet wants and needs.

In my mind and heart, there can be no greater gift we can give them.

It’s Scottie’s Fault

The dog that started it all for me was ten pounds of absolute love and 100% stubbornness.  He was a mixed breed of miniature poodle and anyone’s guess Terrier.  I named him Scottie when I picked him up for free as an 8 week old puppy.  He had an incredible life.  He lived on a boat for 5 years, then he full time RV’d with us for the next 4.  I could write a book just about his adventures!  He was sixteen years old when I had to decide when he’d suffered through enough pain and it took everything I could muster within me to let him go.

This little guy was instrumental in making my decision to get married to my husband.  Love me, love my dog was my mantra and I meant it.  If he didn’t like you, you didn’t come back.  Our connection was so strong.  I would move heaven and earth for him.  With the Angels help, I sometimes did.

He was also psychic.  He could read my mind, and knew what I was thinking before I knew it.  Towards the end, when old age and arthritis wracked his body, and he spent his days sleeping on the sofa, not moving and not wanting to be touched or held.  His suffering was breaking my heart but I was not ready to let him go and I sensed he was not ready either.  But as life will do, there were challenges coming requiring I travel and he would not be able to go with me.  I couldn’t bear the thought of him suffering and me not there to help him, or worse, dying without me there.  I loved him with all of my heart.  He saw me through some of the toughest times I had to go through.  Even as he pushed through each day with such courage to withstand his pain for me, I could see he was failing in his physical strength.  His determination to keep on gave me hope, we still had our deep loving connection no matter what.

Finally I had to make a decision for him.  I kept praying for him to just go to sleep but he wouldn’t.  I mustered the courage to call the Vet to the house and holding him in my arms as he took his last breath, I sang to him “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…..”  He has been gone since 1998 and I still can’t hear that song being played, I have to turn it off or walk away.   Just writing about it opens my brokenness over him to overflow through my tears once again.

I swore in that moment I would never put another animal through that and I would never feel that kind of pain again.  It was devastating.  But it was also what moved me into this direction with animal communication.  For that blessing alone, I will be forever grateful to him.  I keep him close, His ashes sit on top of the bookcase here in my office where he can always look out for me.  While he doesn’t come visit me in my dreams as much as he used to, he does pop in once in a while to let me know he is still with me.  Just in a different dimension.

Never Say Never

The decision to never have another pet lasted about a year.  I happened upon a sweet girl we named Penny.  She was a german shepherd mix and an absolute delight.  She loved to lay across my legs and chest while I watched tv.

The Universe conspired to force me to get back into my skills with her.  I had to go away for two weeks, and she could not come with me.  I found a nice kennel for her at a facility that was clean and the staff was doting.  But she panicked when they lead her away, and I had second thoughts.

I could feel her fear and I was torn between keeping my commitment to my husband and the travel we committed to or nixing it to keep her happy.  We’d only had her for four months and I was torn in two.  The staff assured me she was in good hands and my husband lead me out the door before I could change my mind.  I was still learning how to trust my intuition at this time, and everything in my cells was screaming for me to go back for her and cancel this trip, but, I ignored it.  Instead, I focused on what I had to do on this trip we were taking and pushed it out of mind as much as I could.  I limited my phone calls to the kennel to once a day to check in on her.

Then the worst thing happened

While we were away, she suffered a stroke.  Thankfully, there was a wonderful vet next door she was rushed.  He tried to reverse the stroke but damage was significant.  She could not walk, nor hold her head up.  She would probably not last long enough for us to drive the 20 hours to get back to her in time to say goodbye.  As my husband drove, I prayed.  I sent her energy healing.  I kept talking to her, asking her to hold on, we were coming.

Every few hours we would call the vet for an update.  She was failing fast.  We drove hard to get there, barely stopping to pee and grab a snack.

We rushed in, they took us to her.  She tried to lift her head, I could see she was so happy to see me, she wagged her tail and I swear she smiled at me.  I knew as soon as I saw her how she had felt abandoned yet again and the stress was just too much for her.  My first words to her were “See, we didn’t leave you.  We’re here.”

I hugged her tight, I let the tears fall on her as I told her how sorry I was, how amazing she has been and thanking her for holding on for us.

As the vet administered the sedative, then the euthanasia drug, he too, was on the floor with me and Penny, crying.  She was out of her pain now.

This time, making the decision was not difficult, her body made it for me, but I could see how this was not by accident.  I had a huge learning curve ahead of me and she was the starting point back to center.

Letting Fear Go

After losing Penny, I knew I was not living without animals in my life ever again.  Within a few months, we adopted our first retired racing greyhound.  Then a cat claimed us as her own.  Soon, we had a second greyhound the rescue group begged us to take because he was being abused with the family that had him.  How could we say no?

Then, my cat hating husband decided he needed his own kitty.  Now we were a full house.  Oh, not so fast……a few years later, we adopted our third racing greyhound.  Hubby’s cat had a diseased bladder that ultimately took him from us.

Again, his health dictated the decision and made it for us but I had missed the signs and he suffered for a week without my sensing he needed help.

I knew it was time to get serious about using these intuitive insights I’ve been blessed with and I began to practice with them daily.  With 4 animals left in the house, the eventuality of having to know when for them, would come sooner than later.

Connecting and Hearing Brings Peace

As Buddy, our first greyhound began to struggle he had already passed the age most greyhounds live.  Buddy was 14 and was going strong until suddenly, he wasn’t.

I sat with him every morning before I would help him get up on his feet.  I would drop down into my heart as I showed you in the previous blog post, then I would connect with his heart and look through his eyes.  We’d stare at each other in the quiet and I’d ask him, in my mind, if he was ready to let go.  Every morning I would hear back, No.  Until one morning, he said Yes……I did not hesitate calling the Vet and helping him out of his pain.

It was night and day from the agony of trying to figure out what he needed.  This time, it was information, given to me with a quiet mind, an open heart and a willingness to do what he wanted.

However, please don’t mistake this for not grieving.

I sat on the floor at the vets office sobbing my heart out as I held his lifeless body.  Buddy had the sweetest soul, the kindest, most patient heart.  He was my best friend and buddy for real and it hurt to say goodbye.  But I was able to do it for him on his terms.  No guessing.  More importantly for me, no guilt like I had with Scottie.

This Is How You Know When It Is Time

You can do this too.  You can teach yourself how to talk with your pet.  They are trying to talk to you all the time.  You just have to develop the right set of hearing to realize it.

If you have a pet who is struggling, and you are not sure when to make the call I urge you to begin practicing this now.  Simply sit with your beloved pet, drop into your heart as previously taught, look into their eyes, and start by asking them for permission to speak with them.  If you sit quietly, and just feel the love flowing between you, imagining a light of energy connecting your hearts to each other, eventually you will begin to hear them.

You may think it is your imagination.  It is, sort of.  You have to begin to imagine this is possible for it to have the energy to manifest.  Each animal will communicate differently with you too.  While this post is specific to understanding how to ask your pet when they are ready to let go, you can apply the same method to begin learning how to ask your pet what they need from you and showing them what you need from them.

Remember my psychic dog Scottie?

We always spoke with each other through mind pictures.  It just happened and I never thought not to do so because the benefits were amazing and I trusted him implicitly as he trusted me.  We were partners, and that made our conversations that more clear.  But I was too emotional at the end to understand that he wanted to wait and die on his own terms.  That guilt will forever stay with me, and it has pushed me to be better at listening to all animals, pets, domestic and wild alike.

If you are emotional when you try to chat, it won’t work.  Emotions will always block information that is coming through and you will receive conflicting answers.  This is why it is always best to start now before the “day” arrives that they say yes.

Create A Spirit Release Ceremony

When you do hear a yes from your pet, thank them, and walk away.  Get yourself clear, and go back and ask again when you are certain you are calm.  Then assure them you will take care of it for them.  Then do it.  Call the Vet.  Believe me, once your pet says they are ready, they mean they are ready now.  They don’t experience time like humans do.

Learning to hear your pet and being willing to act for their benefit will make your relationship that much stronger.  When that first cat, Callie, told me she was ready, I knew I needed to hold a ceremony to release her spirit.  She was the one pet that challenged every cell in my being from the moment she came into our lives 19 years before.  She was also the pet that taught me how to TRUST that communication was really happening and it was truthful.

I knew I could not let her pass without honoring the special relationship we had, so I created a Spirit Release Ceremony for her.  This ceremony would morph into a release ceremony for all of my pets and now, for clients pets as well.

When the Vet arrived, she was willing to let me do what I needed first.  Outside, on one of Callie’s favorite sunny spots on the lawn, we gathered and I invited the Angelic Realm to join us and surround us as we said goodbye to Callie Cat.  It was at once sweet and painful.  I thanked her.  I held her.  I cried through my words of release and I lovingly let her go.

Through an invocation to the angelic realm, I felt their presence and I knew she was safely on the other side.

Moving Forward in Peace

In the next post I’ll share the actual spirit release ceremony the Angels created to help her transition quickly.  I’ll show you how I used her ceremony as the template for saying goodbye to our other pets, allowing all of us to receive blessings in their last moments.  In the book I will share some difficult moments when I let emotion get in the way of knowing when they needed my intervention.

In the interim, you may find this article useful on why it is important to take the grief for losing a pet seriously.  The love and loss of a beloved pet stays with us always, forever shaping how we approach their loss, or even if we will ever accept a new pet into our lives afterwards.

This process will accelerate your healing.  Your heart will still be broken, your grief, very real and painful, but there is peace that will come from knowing you were there for them in their moment of need.

You will be able to move forward knowing you heard them in a way that helped them beyond what this world can measure.  Hopefully, it will change the way you view your guardianship of future pets and give you that connection with them and all animals to know, with certainty, what they want and need from you.

When you learn to say goodbye in this way, you open the door to a future of pet guardianship you may have only dreamed possible.

I want to leave you with this wonderful news story out of Japan.  It proves what I am attempting to teach you through this series of posts.  When you learn how to speak with any animal, you will develop a connection that will bless you beyond measure.

Thanks for reading with me.