Halloween is around the corner and with that, veils are lifted between worlds as we see and know it.  I LOVE this time of year, it is a time of change, riotous colors from earth’s beauty and fresh air that reminds me of magic.  I’ll be settling in for a night of my favorite movies for this time of year – Practical Magic complete with midnight margaritas and a lesser known but wonderful film called The Keepers.  You can find it on Amazon Prime. These movies remind me of the beauty of the energy of this time of year and how easy it is to fall into darkness until they find their way back to what is their true nature.

However, there are those who take this gift from nature and use it to create dark energies, who have souls that are so dark and miserable they can only be happy when they drag others down with them.  This is not a faery tale or a boogie man under the bed notion, but a very real threat to your existence and light. 

Some say Evil does not exist except in our own minds.  That is a simplistic way of putting you down for not having evolved enough yet to be able to see truth from a higher perspective.  If it holds any truth at all, then Evil is winning the minds and souls of more people every day.

I have had encounters with evil in people, demonic beings and plain nasty creatures that are pervading our world. The higher my vibration increases through the work of the Angelic Realm, the more I come to understand why this happens. FEAR.

Fear blocks Truth.  It also separates you.  Fear of being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, honest enough, hard working enough, friendly enough, kind enough, disciplined enough, and especially that you are enough just as you are. 

Be Fearless

Fear feeds evil. Evil grows stronger when the fear of living is traded for drugs, alcohol and destructive addictions. Evil grows stronger through people’s unwillingness to explore their own truth, to shine their light and be what they were born to be. Fear feeds the darkness.  Fear makes us sick. 

I think we can all agree right now there is a lot of fear permeating this planet and it’s inhabitants. But have you ever stopped to question the fear and its basis in truth or fact? Evil relies on fear being in control so that you do not start to question it.

If I find myself struggling or feeling fearful, that is always always always the sign that Evil is trying to weasel its way into my energy field.  It requires constant awareness and vigilance and I admit freely I am not always alert. 

I am still living in a human body and have to work through the same challenges you do.  I just have the blessings to see the truth a lot sooner than some and I’ve learned to always ask if that fear or that struggle actually belongs to me or is something attaching to me?  It is a good practice for you to get into as well. 

Trust That Bad Vibe

You’ve likely felt a ‘bad vibe’ from a person or a house or location.  You may have experienced being put under the spell of someone your heart knows is not good for you, but you allowed yourself to be swayed.  You are a good person who became weak from the energy sucking off you that Evil needs to grow. 

You find yourself doing things you would never do before.  You try drugs, you like alcohol too much that it got you fired from your job, your family turned you away because you were stealing and lying to get another fix.  You fall for the flattery only to end up abused and chained to the evil out of fear and threats. The weaker you become, the stronger Evil grows and takes over.  You can see it everywhere, if we only keep open our eyes to see and our heart to trust the bad vibe.  Trust any bad vibes over good looks, always. 

Religion teaches to cast out the demon.  The bible says “Devil, get thee behind me” to prove you are power over evil.  New Age practices send it to the light.  My warrior angels have had me physically grab it out of clients and send it to God’s holy light. 

The lesson is to trust that bad vibe and cast it to the light, return it to source, let God sort out the details.  It is not up to you or me. 


Let No One Be Your Guru But You

In truth, we can never be whole until we can accept both sides of our soul. We are all works in progress Every single one of us. We all have to learn how to make peace with our shadow side, that darker part of ourselves that is capable of terrible things.

Perhaps your favorite guru, sports star, teacher, religious leader, community leader, whomever it is that said all the right things and made you feel good about yourself, but just got arrested for sex trafficking, buying drugs, abusing their spouse or a child. 

You allow that news to destroy your sense of self worth because you tied it to another who should never have had control over you in the first place.  Be responsible for your own Truth.  If something doesn’t feel or sound right to you somewhere deep inside, trust that. 

We were given the sense of the ‘heeby jeebies’ for a reason.  Don’t be afraid to use it to keep you strong and safe.

Who Is In Charge Of Your Choices?

Does what you are considering cause harm to another? Does the choice give you feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness or servitude? Have you taken time to sit with their guidance to ask if it is for your highest good? Will it bring light into your life or more darkness, fear, anger, hate or cause you not to care about the consequences of your actions? That is evil in layer upon layer.

Regardless if it is a sense of superiority or a sense of justification at your rage, those are not the actions of someone living in grace and light, but of fear, shadow and evil. To what degree is up to you to discern.

Unless you are at a level of awareness where you have a complete oneness with everyone, good and bad and can do so without judgement, you will be challenged to pay attention to your dark/light balance.

You have to be willing to start asking yourself hard questions and sit with the answers. You have to be willing to look at your shadow self, to recognize it when it is taking over and learn how to make peace with the fact that you are a spirit having a physical experience.

An Imbalance Between Light/Dark Is Upon Us

Recently, Caroline Myss, Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher was interviewed on the topic The Courage To Confront Evil.  I found it both enlightening and truthful.  Caroline has a sometimes brash, no nonsense way of delivering the truth as she is guided to speak it.  Take a listen and take time to sit with her words.  I found them powerful and healing.

Evil is winning.  Are you playing a part in that or are you fighting with the light warriors who are doing what they can to wake you up.  That is part of my mission in this lifetime.

Don’t be afraid of your shadow side.  Sometimes we are meant to use it to bring balance.  I recently watched a news cast of a mom pushing her stroller through an intersection.  it was night time and she was walking against the signal, putting herself and her child in harms way.  Traffic with the light to turn left passed in front and behind her when a drunk driver ran a red light and was headed right at them.

Out of the darkness came a car that slammed into the drunk driver, pushing it away from the pedestrians, giving them time to run out of harms way.  That person may not realize it in the moment, but they were being used to protect 2 innocent lives.  That driver suffered minor injuries, as did the drunk driver.

Was the driver used to protect the mom and baby from the evil that overtook the impaired driver?  I don’t know the rest of the story after the video aired.  The second driver could have also been impaired, driving too fast, missed seeing the light change, I don’t know.  But in that moment, there was light used to stop evil.

Do You Hate Trump?

Forgive the political question, I have a good reason to ask.  I asked for divine guidance in sharing this next segment because it is so divisive a topic, but that is exactly how Evil continues to feed itself and grow stronger.

I was made aware that this past Friday at midnight, Evil took steps to grow stronger once more.  It matters not if you love or hate U.S. President Donald Trump.  What matters is that you love yourself enough to realize when you are being lied to and manipulated by Evil and Dark Forces.

If your fear is so overpowering that you cannot check yourself for truth, evil likely has a stronghold on you.  It doesn’t matter how Godly you are, how spiritual you think you are or how pure your upbringing.  If you have fear, you do not have all the information you need to make a clear and honest choice. 

The harder you dig in to prove yourself right, the further away from truth and light you become.  This growing hatred is evil incarnate.  It serves no one.  Those caught in the web of force fed hate will continue to find more reasons to hate more and more. 

It will, in the end, destroy you.  Is that really why you are on this earth this lifetime?   

Is Fear More Important To You Than Truth?

This virus of the mind Evil has spread can cause you to stay stuck in Fear.  Light cannot enter.  Truth cannot prevail.  You find yourself denying the very truth that will send fear back to the darkness.  I try to stay a fascinated observer.  I sit and watch the hatred and fear growing and being fed by politicians and activists who are misled for a dark purpose. 

I liken it to being a drone. 

When the drone is on the ground, or hovering just above it, it sees the messiness of life.  It records the heaps of junk piled in corners, perhaps tries to maneuver around it but can’t.  It bumps up against it but it can’t get through to pass.  As the drone is flown higher, it can see the pile is wedged against a solid object.  No amount of pushing is going to change it.  This is what hatred does to you. 

The piles are Evil, blocking you from seeing the truth. 

From the higher viewpoint, the drone operator sees it can fly over it to land on the other side, in a clearing.  From this clearing the drone lifts up easily, flying higher, seeing the landscape beyond what blocked it on the ground and lower levels.  It sees beautiful skies, people and noise fall away, becoming dots on the landscape.  From here, the drone can fly freely and see the beauty of life. 

This fear is spread and affects your karma in ways you can’t even imagine.  I don’t want any of my readers to be caught up in a fear filled evil masquerading as social justice.  Be the drone that lifts up over the noise to see what is real and true. 

How True Is Your Belief When Fear Is Removed?

From my vantage point it will only bring very negative karmic justice to the perpetrators.  This is not something I would ever knowingly bring upon myself, nor wish for any of my readers.

If you have fallen for the fear mongering, regardless if it is about Climate Change, Politics, Work, Relationships, Gossip, Dogmatic Beliefs, or that every black cat is evil, I urge you to step outside of the fear and ask your self in stillness how true that belief would be if fear were not a part of it.

I guarantee you will always come to a different choice when fear is removed.  With Fear out of the picture, you gain a clearer perspective and take the first steps towards finding the truth that nature always provides.  Nature, God, All That Is, The Universe, whatever you are comfortable calling this force of light that when allowed in, always brings you peace and joy, even in the imperfections.

Practicing What I Preach

Where I live, there was recently a recall effort for a government official.  The slogan this grassroots effort took on carried very bad negative karmic consequences and I was unwilling to support it.

I knew the truth in that effort was coming from hatred that was fueling the fear.  Since fear invites evil, I was not going there.  There would be another opportunity so  I was looking for another way to win with light. 

As I expected, the effort failed to bring in enough signatures to get on the ballot.  What makes me sad is over 200k people signed the petition linking their karma to that of the main petitioner.  However right the effort was to attempt justice against this political official, the level of honor and integrity in the process was violated from the start.

To my local readers, if you were a party to this effort, do some prayer and meditation work asking your karmic agreement with the petitioner be severed and your light field sealed and healed from further negative influence.

Embracing Your Shadow Side

It is a scary thing sometimes to acknowledge how much darkness we are capable of.  It is doubtful there is anyone reading this who does not have a visceral reaction to a child abuser, a sex trafficker, a wife beater, a bully, an animal torturer.

Somewhere at some point in your life, you became so angry that you lashed out, said something you regret, struck a child or pet, or drove too fast and caused an accident out of fear, anger or the evil that took over through drugs, alcohol or addiction.

As long as we choose not to wallow in it and live there, it helps fuel your change, your courage, your strength and your power.

The Warrior Angels who chose me to help them are not the kind to baby you.  These warriors of the light are here to help all of us learn to call on their strengths when we need them.  Sometimes exploding in Anger will stop a situation from becoming worse.  Perhaps we need to think like an evil one in order to figure out how to stop them, something we can’t do if we aren’t willing to connect to our shadow side.

Light will always win, but sometimes we can’t forget our shadow side, that part of us that says we’d do ‘this’ if we ever encountered ‘that’ is what makes us shine brighter.  There is no fear when we have those thoughts.  Without fear, there is no evil clouding our judgements.

Be fearless.