Suzan Tyler, Intuitive, Angelic Realm Helper

When Angels Heal

There was a time in my life when I was completely oblivious to how much the Angelic Realm was trying to reach me.  They were always around me, trying to get my attention, guiding me, keeping me safe, but I was clueless.  I had long before shut out my connection to this source of grace and forgotten about it. 

Sadly, my life reflected that missing piece, as I struggled, got injured, lost my job and had to start over again from zero.

 My mother told me the story of how, when I was brought to her after I was born, I looked at her and laughed.  Not a laugh from being gassy, but a full blown howling laugh as I looked at her.  When I was three years old and started being visited by Spirit, she told me it was my imagination.  When I was five years old, my grandmother died, but she would come visit me and we’d talk. 

When my mother walked in while we were having one of our chats, she got angry, called me an idiot, and told me I was stupid.  So I turned it off.  Thankfully, they never left me, and I cannot count all the times they protected me.  Still, I had gotten into the habit of thinking my ego would always be my guiding light.  Ha!  I had, after all, become quite successful on my own.  I had friends, a good job, and I was convinced I knew right from wrong and lived my life reflecting that. 

When it was all taken away from me after an injury,  I was brought to my knees.  I had nowhere to turn.  My husband stood by me and a handful of friends, but I was completely adrift and alone.  All they could do was offer a shoulder to lean on or a temporary escape from the depression that enveloped me, but the truth was I was alone on a journey back to myself they could not participate in, nor understand. 

If I was to find my way back, it was up to me to figure out the path and take the journey, one painful step at a time.  Thankfully, Spirit never left me and they used this crack in my armor as an opportunity to nudge me back towards them.  This time, I grabbed on for my life and have not looked back.

 As you may surmise, I came out of it on the other side and in retrospect, I can honestly say it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  This journey back to my soul, the same one I veered away from as a five year old child, was now full frontal and pushing me to reconnect in order to fulfill my birth promise.

The promise to heal what was broken in me, and the promise to find my way back to and through Grace to be whole was there.  I just had to have faith and step into my life path agreement as a healer to be able to offer you their help.  That is what I am here to do.

Along the way I had to learn when the Angels heal as well as understand why they don’t always provide the healing so desperately requested.  There is a lot about healing that is never taught in medical schools, or understood by the person who is struggling.  Sadly, we all have to deal with a lot of misinformation, misunderstanding and missed opportunities about healing. 

This is especially apparent when someone who seemingly is doing all they can to get better, yet they can’t seem to heal.  Not even with angelic transformation.  How can that be?

In simple terms, it is your mind that is keeping you from healing.  You may pray, meditate, chant, perform ceremonies, or seek help from sources available to you but still you do not heal.  This causes so much frustration, anger and has caused many to turn away from their higher power.  It can be what drives people to believe Suicide is an answer.  That was me once upon a time.  

 The simple answer is “I do not know better than the Supreme God, or if you prefer, Source Energy or The Universe.  Please understand I am not using a religious tone, as God has no religion. I simply resonate with the term God, my power lies in that energy but you may call it whatever you wish, or you may deny the existence, it will be perfect for your divine evolution regardless.”  That doesn’t satisfy the ego does it?  The ego wants to know why.  The Soul simply already knows.  It is the separation of the two that conflicts with what our Creator knows and it is a large, if not the main reason, we suffer, become ill and struggle through life.

One thing I’m certain of, once clients experience this work and begin to allow for the possibility of a power outside of yourself, to allow for their miracles to come, they often begin to have faith in the unseen.  Over time, this faith grows, and before they realize it, they have an inner knowing of truth and carry an awareness of an energy that is powerful yet gentle, wise yet flexible, loving without judgement.  Many years ago, when I was relying more on technology while integrating my intuitive healing senses and working through the angelic realm in the background, one skeptical client said “I believe that you believe and that is good enough for me.”  

 Children often fall into this category.  Before they are molded by the beliefs of their parents, church and schools, they are born still connected to this source, this energy I call God.  If you watch an infant following with their eyes something that is not visible to you, you can glimpse their knowing of this energy of creation.  We are quick to dismiss it as simply the infant learning how to focus, when in truth, it is our lack of awareness of the unseen that is very visible to their, as yet, unchallenged knowing.  

 When someone does not heal with the Angelic Realm, it does not mean they are a bad person or have done anything wrong.  It is simply an awareness of something missing in their healing process.  The Angelic Realm work can be miraculous.  I’ve seen it happen time after time.    I’ve also seen people reject their miracle because it didn’t fit their idea of what healing should look like. 

Sadly, people reject their miracles more often than you’d think.  They do it by talking themselves out of how much pain they were actually in when they sought relief, or by rejecting the information that comes through during a session because it is not what they want to hear.  They reject a miracle when the answer scares them because they are stuck in their story of pain, illness or disease for whatever reason. 

They reject a miracle because it means they have to change something in their life.  They may need to alter lifestyle, stop eating sugar or drinking alcohol, give up bacon, or take specific supplements to help them get through the healing process, but they choose not to.  They blame me or the Angelic Realm for not working because they have rejected their miracle.

 Sometimes healing is easy or quick, sometimes it takes time or it is a bit of work, but it is always what you need in order to heal the core insertion point, the real cause of the issue in the first place.  It may not make sense to your mind, but to your body, it makes perfect sense.  In my book Be Your Own Healer in 5 E.Z. Steps, I share an example of a client I had years ago who was in constant chronic pain.  This pain lead to depression which lead to weight gain and a loss of her circle of friends. 

Every time she would make progress, she would revert back to her illness.  After some deep clearing work with her, we discovered she was stuck on her story because it is the first time in her life her husband paid any attention to her and she was able to collect disability so that gave her permission to stay home and stay sick.  She had no desire to accept responsibility and change in order to live a happier, healthier life.  It happens.  She rejected her miracle time after time and I had to let her go as a client. 

Compare that to a client who has full faith in the Angelic Realm to help her who had a full blown infection, requested a session and woke up the next day without any sign of problem.  Why did she heal quickly?  She simply allowed for and was grateful when she received her miracle.  Had she not woken the next morning not completely better, she would have asked what else needed to be done to get there.  Her acceptance of healing from the unseen, by having faith in something intangible from outside of herself gives her power to claim a miracle.

 When Angels Heal came about after years of my work in the natural health and wellness field.  In truth, it came about because I was born to do this for you.  I could say those lost years where I was oblivious to their grace were a waste of time, but in truth, it was all perfect.  Life is for us to live, to learn about ourselves and mostly, to learn how to love ourselves.  We can choose to learn quickly or we may need to learn some hard lessons in order to be able to come out the other side better prepared to help those we came here for. 

The Angels have told me that suffering is optional.  I would say Suffering doesn’t have to last long if we learn the lesson it is here to teach us.  Lessons repeat by bringing us patterns in our life through work, relationships, illness, trauma and other experiences.  We can choose to learn it and move on, or we can choose to stay stuck in our story and take longer to figure it out.  There is no right or wrong way, you will reach your final destination regardless.

 Do I wish I would have paid attention to the Angelic Realm and embraced their grace sooner?  Absolutely yes.  Does that mean they weren’t helping me regardless?  Absolutely not.  Lessons, Love and Healing all comes in the time we allow for it.  If the physical body is too far damaged by the disease or or has had medical procedures that it can’t bounce back, a miracle can still occur with the subconscious. 

A body may be done with on the earth plane, but the soul lives on.  A healed soul will advance further than a soul stuck in pain and suffering.  In that way, a miracle will still occur.  We always get to choose.  I’d urge you not to wait until you have to be at the end of this lifetime before you allow for grace.  God has no religion.  Choose Grace.  Allow for possibilities of an unseen force that can bring you a miracle.  Or don’t.  It is always up to you how you heal.