With Valentines Day around the corner, regardless if you have a sweetie to celebrate with or not, the joy of the Hallmark Holiday really centers around the heart. The physical areas of blood, circulation, the heart itself, the emotional need for giving, receiving and feeling loved and most importantly I believe, understanding that you are alone on this journey through life, no matter how many people surround you.  We are being reminded it is necessary for you to put the oxygen mask on first, so that means you must love yourself FIRST before anything else can come to you in that form and stick around, and most of us fail in understanding this important step.

In my group sessions, which clients receive healing frequencies from the angelic realm twice a month at a minimum, this time they chose to honor the heart energy, besides the usual pathogens, virus/fungus/bacteria and other unknown to science life forms the angelic realm guides me to see and help them with.  They added some extra support for helping remove some of the blockages and emotional traumas we all carry about the idea of love.

Romantic Love Is Not The Ultimate Goal

This is important, not because I’m trying to help you find more passion in your life, but because as we have entered into the Fifth Dimensional energy shifts, this puts us directly in the space of the angelic realm. Through them, if we ask, we can open ourselves up to become less emotionally triggered and more neutrally observant to the comings and goings on around us. When you can begin to do this, and I use the angelic processes from the Chapel daily, including Soul Repair, Subconscious Repair and Spirit Repair for this purpose, you will begin to notice what used to drive you nuts three months ago, no longer has an effect on you.

You will find yourself humming and singing more, break out into a dance while doing dishes, or just shaking your head at the medias fake news they try to shove down our throats left and right. You will begin to stop playing victim to their games and this is so empowering and so necessary if you want to stay in this higher dimension where an angel can pop right in and say “Hey! Whatcha doing?”

Not My Monkey, Not My Circus

A clear example of this in my life came last week.  I had made an innocent comment on a homesteaders group about using vinegar in my garden to kill weeds in answer to a question someone asked. Someone from the group became offended at my comment.

Apparently it violated his sense of gardening and he began to forcefully ‘inform’ me that vinegar was more toxic than Roundup. I sat with that for a few seconds before I answered, “Vinegar does not cause cancer.” Then I logged off.

I was unaware it had set off a firestorm of indignant responses on his end. Now, the old me would have taken that challenge and called him out on his ignorance. I found myself laughing as I checked into the energy of his response without reading it. I didn’t need to have a chemistry lesson to know I would never use Roundup in my garden. But he went through 3 long paragraphs, in 3 posts, telling me everything that is wrong with using vinegar and what is safe with Roundup.

Hmmm….what is his agenda? Was he a troll looking for someone to berate because he works for Bayer/Monsanto and needs to justify his job or education? Was he just a jerk looking for a fight? I could intuitively see him hunched over his computer spewing all the hate in his words as he ‘mansplained to me why I was wrong.

Ahhhh, ok. Without missing a step and without reading his posts, I simply said “I’m ok if you need to be right. I don’t care.” And with that, I was done. No drama, no arguing, just neutrally observing what he was doing and choosing not to engage. A friend later said I should have asked him if he’d pour Roundup over his salad, and that would have been a good comeback, but I really truly did not care.

Have I Found A New Method For Pet Training?

Another example closer to home, is my routine of doing my angel processes first thing in the morning before the day gets started. I let the dogs out to potty, then I come back to bed for an hour of working on my spiritual growth with the Master Angels. It is my absolute ‘me’ time I don’t negotiate over. Not even with a demanding dog or cat.

I had just begun my first process with Soul Repair and was only a few minutes into it when the cat jumped on the bed and began running circles over me, jumping, clawing at the bedspread. She had never done this before. I have enough practice to be able to stay in the blissful peace this work brings me, and still be able to speak to her to stop. It didn’t work.

I dug deeper into the core of my heart energy as I imagined it pouring out so much love to my cat as I mentally said “Raven, I love you.” Immediately she stopped, curled up into a ball and went to sleep and I continued on with my meditation time. The next day while I was at my Rolfing therapy, the dog there goes happy crazy when she sees me.  I tend to have that affect on animals.

She is training how to be in the therapy room without disturbing clients but that day the dog would not leave me alone.  She insisted on jumping on the table with me and licking me. 35 pounds of wiggling butt doesn’t make it easy to relax. So I repeated the same heart energy connection, touched her gently and sent her a message of my love for her and she too curled up and went right to sleep. In fact, she was snoring!

Drop Your Attention From Your Head To Your Heart

When we can be in our heart instead of our head, we can learn how to be neutral and live a calmer happier life. No matter if you are confronted with an anxious pet or an angry person. I’m not saying the work I did on my group clients today will bring a magical overnight shift, but over time, if they will practice the angelic processes I do, they could find themselves in a neutral, non-reactive state.   You can too!

I am living proof it can change your life! If you want to listen to Subconscious Repair every Sunday evening my friend Lynzie, who I shared her blog about the work we’d done together last week, she offers a free teleconference call so you can just listen in.  In case you missed it here is the link.

To get access to the log in just go to her website and sign up. She is a delightful soul and one of only two angel healers I entrust my own healing with besides going directly to God.

An Observation About The Corona Virus

One final final note – the Corona Virus – this is an old infection that has been around for years. It is part of the common cold. It’s why some people get a fever with the cold and some don’t. It depends how much of the virus is causing symptoms. It has many mutations and it is also a man made virus as big pharma was attempting to develop a vaccine for it in animals. How it mutated to transfer from animal to human is a question we’ll not get answered most likely but please consider this.

Corona means ‘crown’ and how we access our connection to God/All That Is/The Universe, however you address the energy of a higher being, is through our crown. Now, please ask yourselves, why would someone want to create a virus that blocks people’s access to God?

What is the benefit of having us dumbed down to the point we can’t feel God in our lives? This is why the angelic realm wants me to keep putting information out on the cold and flu/body/mold/food discs. If anyone is going to be able to fight the darkness that is trying to overtake the world, I want God’s messengers at my side, clearing the path to help me keep shining His light.

It is His light that caused that man to overreact on the FB post. Dark is attracted to Light. I will not be broken. My light will shine, and because you are readers of mine, and thereby the Master Healing Angels, you too have light to shine.

Please consider doing all that you can to keep your crown connection strong and clear. These processes are the fastest way to do it, but if you have a way to do so that serves you, please do that and don’t stop.

We all need to stand strong. This corona virus will not be the last thing that will mutate and harm us. Prepare your spiritual armor, we’re in this to win it.  Thank you for reading with me today.

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