If you’d have told me one day I would be working for the Angelic Realm and loving it, I’d have laughed at you.  Me?  I’m nobody.  Sure I have an awareness of things most people don’t pay attention to, and that’s probably why I was so messed up.  Maybe it’s why I had a famous Irish temper and I didn’t find a lot about life funny.

In fact, I remember telling my mom at an early age that I didn’t know how to smile.  Perhaps I just never had anything to be really happy about.  So why would the Angelic Realm pick me to help them?

I have no idea why the Angels chose me to be a spokesperson for them.  I was a really bad student for them, they probably shook their head a lot and hoped I’d eventually figure it out.  One thing is certain, they never ever gave up on me.  For that I am ever so grateful.

They would sometimes gently nudge me and sometimes, when I was being totally obstinate or obtuse and not getting their messages, they’d have to give me the spiritual 2×4 over the head to make me stop and pay attention.

There are no accidents in life

I do know the Angelic Realm does not do anything haphazardly.  Everything is calculated, measured out and options considered in the Angelic Realm.  This is why I believe there are no accidents and how I’ve come to understand Divine Timing and Divine Grace.  When I was made aware I had a job to do with them, well, let’s just say I was not very elegant in how I responded.

I came into this kicking and screaming.  Not because I did not believe in Angels, I most definitely always have.  Instead, it was because I was afraid of what I was going to have to give up in order to do it.

I’d worked so hard to find balance and healing and now they wanted me to surrender all of that and let them take the lead.  I built up myself to be strong, courageous and independent.  Now I have to give it up?  I was not ready or willing.

Over time, I began to bargain with them.  I’ll do this if you do that.  I’ll learn how to read energy and work with you if you’ll be a partner and not make me give up control.  I’ll agree to learn this technique but don’t expect me to actually use it.  I was willing to take the information and maybe decide to act on it but I was not willing to give up anything I didn’t want to.

Well, ya’ll see how that has worked out.

While I was asking them what to write for this weeks blog, they pulled this out of the ethers and made it appear on my computer screen.  I don’t even remember channeling this from them.  Then again, that is the point, THEY are doing the talking, not me.  I guess I should have read this over many times back then, maybe it would have made my transition into being an Angelic Realm Helper a little bit smoother!

A Personal Angel Message For Me

This was during a time I was stepping fully into surrendering to them for guidance.  While I still had a stubborn streak and would argue with them on occasion, it was becoming less and less.  Here is what they said, edited for typos and personal information.

Angel healing session on self oct 4 2014

start typing this they say

you are the most brilliant of souls yet you do not trust that it is so
you hold fear in your heart because of past experiences that ended your life too soon when you stood up and spoke your truth
times are different now
you are very much needed to speak up
your soul is ready to be revealed to the new earth energies
you may feel fear but you are not alone
we are with you
we will guide you
we will hold you up
it will not always be easy for darkness does not want light
and you are a bright bright light sent here to shine on humanities shadows
to show there is another way
you have been doing this with your healing work and you are afraid of becoming too big
you fear that you are being a fraud in that you are not a doctor you have no degree in anything medical yet we chose you because of that very reason
it is that you are not educated and trained not to think beyond the veil that we want you to stand and be heard
it is because you are not afraid to fight for what is right that we choose you
it is because you are fearless as a warrior goddess earth angel that we chose you to be a grand leader of the white sisterhood of divine healers
this is a healing energy beyond what has ever been known seen or heard of
it has been kept secret for millennium
it is time to be revealed
over the next few days weeks and months we will reveal more as you become ready
you joke that you wish you could shoot fire out of your fingertips and we keep showing you Merlins Magic as you have that knowing within you
you joke that you want to be able to instantly manifest health, be free from ever having pain or disease and you have that knowledge this is why we tell you it is already within you yet you do not have the faith that it is so
you question
you fear
you run and hide
you make yourself busy doing things that are of no consequence to your growth as this position requires of you
it is time
stop, breathe, ground, focus
it will be shown
you will be given the truth the light and the life
Jesus is standing besides you
you do remember his visits when you were young and soon you will remember what he and the council gave you to do here
the time is near
fear has no place here now
this full moon and lunar eclipse will be a great opening for you
do not miss it, you must be present to be open
we are here, we are your angels, always by your side
we are metamichaargenone?

I’m not sure I’m hearing you correctly, it is like you are all saying your name together simultaneously.

yes, you say, you are. you are all here.

my reflections
as I was doing the healing session, using the wand to invoke the healing and awareness starting at the top of the head and working down, my body got very hot, it was as if a great flood of energy was releasing into my brain, my throat caught a few times and it feels swollen on right side right now, as I moved downwards, the heat didn’t feel as intense but was noticeable in places, now my left leg and both feet are throbbing with energies. they instructed me to write this. I feel them leaving now, it is not as intense, the energy in my cells are all vibrating in legs and feet, not feeling a lot of anything else new. I used the magnification wand to increase this knowledge 10x10x10 and felt that really helped accelerate knowingness. I am to start a gratitude journal again, this time, focus on one or 2 things that are what I think are wrong but find the right in them instead.

©2020 Suzan Tyler

Change Is Good

I’ve discovered that yes, I did need to change.  Holding onto emotional reactions constricts my ability to hear their guidance.  I had to stop drinking alcohol, because alcohol dulls my ability to hear them or do any work which I was suddenly being called to do as I was sitting with a glass of wine with dinner.  Remember that part about how it is all calculated out for us.  Yep.  I had to have enough faith in the Angelic Realm to fully trust they had my back.

The changes I had to make are nothing when you compare the benefits I have gained having the Angelic Realm surround and guide me.  To have an angelic being whisper information, or point out a truth that others are missing, or to simply enjoy the peace in knowing what the world is shoving down your throats is a false narrative and has nothing to do with why you are here on this earth right now, it will give you a peace you never thought you could enjoy.

Don’t fall for the noise.  It is a distraction by those orchestrating confusion and fear.

Time To Make Your Choice

I’ve always shared with you how everything you do is a choice.  The Angelic Realm wanted you to see this so you too can make a choice.  Choose to sit in a neutral response, to walk away from drama and hysterics.

A clear example of that happened today to me, in fact.  I was on a social media site for homesteaders.  It is set up for people to learn how to be self sufficient, and learn small garden and farming skills.  A post was made from someone asking what others use to keep weeds out in between raised beds.  I offered that I use a high % vinegar I buy from an organic garden store.

Someone took offense at that and said Roundup was safer.  Initially all I said was Vinegar does not cause cancer and I left it be.  He was riled up.  He proceeded to make multiple posts citing chemical composition of vinegar to prove his point.  But he failed to grasp that I did not care.  After 2 or 3 posts back to back without my response trying to prove his intellect, my old pre-angel worker self would have torn into him.  Instead, all I wrote was “It’s ok if you need to be right,   I don’t care.”

That is how you learn how to be neutral and allow others to live their own drama without dragging you into it.  A friend commented I should have asked him if he’d use Roundup on his salad if Vinegar is so toxic.  But I would have had to care, and truly, his need to be right was not important to me.  It has taken me a long time to get to this point.  But it is so empowering to do so.

I would urge you, dear reader, to strive to do the same.  Thanks for reading with me today.