Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship in your life.  If this is true, when healing is not happening for you, is it necessary for you to understand where you have gone amiss?  If you wish to truly heal, the answer is unequivocally yes.

Perhaps, you are being used as a cosmic example for others to come, about what to avoid doing if healing is truly desired.  Or maybe, you’re just not in tune with your body enough to recognize what it is telling you it needs in order to be whole.

Your Call To Action Is Within You

In truth, if you find you are not healing, most likely it is a call to action.  To You.  From You.  Sounds simple.

I guarantee you, it is not.  If it were easy, everyone would be healthy, strong, vibrant and happy.  In fact, healing is so entirely illogical it can make absolutely no sense.

This is because people are addicted to their stories.  Some people will claim they want to be healed, but they really don’t.  To the cynical, one might respond with ridicule.  However, they will remain cynical because the challenge to change in order to heal.

Others will stay stuck in their stories because there is a benefit from not healing.  It can be financial, where they would lose a disability income and have to go back to work, which they no longer feel the desire to do.

The benefit to not heal can be emotional.  The payoff for staying ill is love and attention from family and friends that was missing before.  “Oh you poor thing!  Here, let me help you.” may be words and caring that was never before experienced.  It can be hard to let that go.

Not healing can be self induced when one does not feel worthy of being whole, perhaps they feel responsible for harm that happened to another.  This causes them to turn negativity inwards, breaking down their own immune system.

Sometimes We Don’t Want To Heal

Early in my energy healing work, an acquaintance lost his son to a bicycle accident.  Normally, he would drop his son off at school but he was called in early to work that day, so his son rode his bicycle.  He was hit by a car and died.

The father could not bear the guilt of not being there for his son and created suffering within his own body that three years later he was dead from stomach cancer.  The guilt literally ate him alive.  He would never heal because he would never forgive himself.

Two Steps To Healing You May Not Realize

Suffering is always optional, however, seeing our way through to a healthy choice is the challenge.  Even as someone is dying, they may be healed.  They heal because they forgive.  Whether it is forgiving themselves, others, traumatic events or God, forgiveness is part of healing.

The second part of healing is surrender.

When we can surrender the minds need to try everything, do all we can, use all the resources you have available, we can surrender to the process of the illness or disease.  Believe me when I tell you this is the absolute HARDEST thing to do.  Again, if it were easy, everyone would be healed.

Surrender does not mean give up.  Instead, surrender in healing means stop fighting against the illness or disease and instead, surrender to what it is trying to teach you.  Did that just give you chills like it did me?

Make Friends With The Three Parts Of You

Your body is so smart, wise and complicated.  Did you know there are really 3 of you in that body of yours?

There is the Physical You.  This is the part of you that reflects outwardly how you feel about yourself inwardly.  It reflects your Emotional You and your Spiritual You.

One does not exist without the other, yet traditional medicine has always ignored the Emotional and Spiritual sides of your whole.

This is where Wholistic first gained attention in alternative fields of healing, because it sought to incorporate body, mind and spirit as the whole source for healing.

In my experience as a Medical Intuitive, clients who have been stuck in their stories for so long are best helped when they surrender to the Emotional or Spiritual balance first.

You May Be Thinking About Healing All Wrong

If I were to ask you what healing means to you, how would you respond?

I surveyed some of my clients, they responded that healing to them meant:

  • Their pain is gone
  • Infection left quickly
  • They feel calmer, more at peace with a situation
  • The issue doesn’t bother them anymore
  • They can move better/easier now
  • Their concern (health complaint/life situation/emotional state) is resolved

At the definition of healing means to make whole.  I’d say that wholeness can only happen when the three parts of what makes you “you” are in balance.

Healing Is Not One Size Fits All

We are past the time of believing only one side to your story.  You are not the trauma, infection, illness, disease or life situation.  Your unique blend of body, mind and spirit issues are not the same as anyone else.  We have to stop trying to force us into a box that doesn’t work.

Instead, use that as the jumping board to surrender to the lesson it came to teach you.  Love yourself as much as you love others, and forgive yourself and others for any suffering they or you caused.

When you are not healing, adding these two steps and integrating the two other parts of the whole You can be the answer.

Healing Is More Than Physical

I’ll close this post with one point of awareness for you to consider,  Healing, in my experience working with energy and the angelic realm, is not only about physical wellness.

There are times where the physical body has been battered and beaten by the disease or illness for so long it may not be able to begin healing in the miraculous way one might hope for.  Yet, healing can still occur when the Spiritual You and the Emotional You is acknowledged, forgiven and surrendered to,

Can Dying Bring Healing?

To die a physical death when the body cannot fight for itself anymore can be just as gloriously amazing and miraculous when the spirit and emotions are healed.  I’ve witnessed people with terminal disease that has ravaged them leave their physical body with a smile on their face.

Some say it is making peace with death.  In my intuitive eyes, I see it as a surrender to the spiritual and emotional healing that needed to happen.  They finally allowed suffering to be an option that was no longer on the table.  This is healing just as much as it is healing the physical.

The more you begin to spend time balancing all three of you, the more healing you will bring to yourself.  The wonderful magic about that is your reflection of yourself now shines outwards and can help others heal as well.  Your inner light is what will be a beacon of love and hope for those around you. 

If you want a little more help with your self healer journey, consider ordering a download of my E-Book on 5 E-Z Steps To Healing .   Learn to let go of your stories.  That is my definition of a Healer.